13:34:18 <melsakhawy> #startmeeting uc
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13:34:37 <melsakhawy> Hi jayahn
13:34:41 <jayahn> hi
13:35:08 <melsakhawy> sorry for being a bit late, technical issues :)
13:35:23 <jayahn> no problem. :)
13:35:26 <melsakhawy> I just saw your replies on the two items
13:35:51 <melsakhawy> I will let them know that we plan to retire openstack-uc maillist after the merger
13:36:04 <jayahn> that would be good. thanks :)
13:36:43 <melsakhawy> yeah and regardnig the UC meeting , the ones during the PTG are video based. I'll forward the information shortly
13:37:02 <melsakhawy> I can attend for us in TC, I know it's very late for you
13:37:29 <jayahn> most of PTG sessions are between 10pm - 2am, for four days. :)
13:37:39 <jayahn> I will try to attend.
13:37:42 <melsakhawy> oh yeah , that's tough
13:38:08 <melsakhawy> there's likely a limited number of items , if any, to discuss w.r.t the merger
13:38:32 <melsakhawy> one thing I noticed though is that TC has multiple meeting slots
13:38:50 <melsakhawy> so I need to track down when the merger will be discussed
13:39:38 <melsakhawy> I will keep you posted by email
13:39:57 <jayahn> I see they have two slots
13:40:04 <jayahn> thanks!
13:40:40 <melsakhawy> but other than this, the next UC meeting will likely be the last if all goes well with the merger
13:41:29 <jayahn> ah..
13:41:42 <melsakhawy> at least it will be video :)
13:41:44 <jayahn> that is right. last one.
13:42:30 <melsakhawy> I don't have any other items to discuss. I will track down which time-slot will be used to discuss the merger and keep you posted
13:42:37 <melsakhawy> do you have any items you want to discuss ?
13:42:47 <jayahn> nope.
13:42:50 <jayahn> :)
13:43:09 <melsakhawy> sounds good , have a good night !
13:43:14 <melsakhawy> #endmeeting