08:03:44 <eyalb> #startmeeting vitrage
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08:03:52 <eyalb> hi
08:04:16 <e0ne> hi
08:04:39 <eyalb> so i have nothing to update
08:04:56 <e0ne> do we have somebody from vitrage team on the Summit?
08:05:04 <eyalb> no
08:05:06 <e0ne> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/meet-the-project-leaders
08:05:17 <e0ne> :(
08:05:21 <eyalb> there will be a session about vitrage and monasca
08:05:54 <e0ne> interesting... I need to add it to the my calendar
08:06:03 <eyalb> i was suppose to speak there but I can't participate this year
08:06:50 <e0ne> it's a pretty sad news
08:07:10 <eyalb> yes i agree
08:07:42 <e0ne> I'll be there, so I'm going to add my name into that etherpad if somebody would like to talk about vitgare
08:07:48 <e0ne> *vitrage
08:07:54 <eyalb> that will be great +2
08:09:14 <e0ne> one more question from the horizon side
08:09:56 <e0ne> we'll discuss plugins during the PTG https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/horizon-u-ptg (line #39)
08:10:25 <e0ne> I'll sent a mail to openstack-discuss a bit later today
08:11:04 <e0ne> the idea is to give +2 horizon-core team for all plugins
08:11:33 <e0ne> so horizon team will be able to fix some cross-project issues with plugins or a critical gate-blockers
08:11:52 <eyalb> this is a good idea
08:12:00 <e0ne> eyalb: what is your opinion on it from the vitrage perspective?
08:12:14 <eyalb> i have no problem with that ?
08:12:26 <e0ne> we did this for heat-dashboard last release it works well
08:12:26 <eyalb> how core reviewers are there for horizon ?
08:12:30 <eyalb> how many ?
08:13:19 <e0ne> https://review.opendev.org/#/admin/groups/43,members
08:13:28 <e0ne> we have only 5 core reviewers at the moment
08:13:47 <eyalb> and they are all active ones ?
08:14:07 <e0ne> more or less
08:14:35 <eyalb> so +2 for me
08:14:48 <e0ne> you can see our stats here: https://www.stackalytics.com/?release=train&module=horizon-group
08:14:58 <e0ne> thanks, eyalb!
08:15:00 <e0ne> we can just add horizon-core team to the vitrage-dashboard-core
08:15:18 <e0ne> you can do it yourself or I can do it on my own with your approval
08:15:41 <eyalb> BTW I saw there is a new Ussuri community goal for dropping the legacy jobs in zuul
08:15:57 <eyalb> you can do it if you want to
08:16:04 <e0ne> oh.. yes.. there is a lot of work for vitrage
08:16:25 <e0ne> I can't promise anything at the moment
08:16:44 <eyalb> its going to be a headache :-)
08:16:51 <e0ne> I need  to take a look on if first to understand how much effort is needed
08:17:00 <e0ne> +1
08:18:28 <eyalb> anything else ?
08:18:41 <e0ne> nothing from me
08:18:50 <eyalb> ok then bye for now
08:19:11 <e0ne> see you next week
08:19:20 <eyalb> #endmeeting vitrage