17:01:41 <hartsocks> #startmeeting VMwareAPI
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17:01:59 <hartsocks> #topic salutations
17:02:06 <hartsocks> Greetings programmers!
17:02:13 <danwent> :)
17:02:20 <ssshi> hi
17:02:25 <hartsocks> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/VMwareAPI#Agenda
17:02:30 <hartsocks> Our agenda today.
17:02:50 <hartsocks> Since this is only our second meeting I don't think it would be amiss to go around and do a quick introduction.
17:03:13 <hartsocks> I'm Shawn Hartsock from VMware and I'm working on VMwareAPI in Nova full time. Who else is here?
17:03:24 <danwent> hi, its dan wendlandt, also from vmware
17:03:43 <woodspa> I'm Patrick Woods from IBM.
17:03:49 <ssshi> Shanshi Shi here from ctrip.com
17:04:12 <danwent> is eustace not here?
17:04:13 <kirankv> Hi, kiran from HP
17:04:22 <hartsocks> Are the HP guys in the house? Ah hi!
17:04:24 <Eustace> Eustace from HP
17:04:40 <rsacharya> Srinivas from HP
17:04:59 <danwent> i know a few others are lurking, but perhaps they are shy :)
17:05:13 <Daviey> o/ hola
17:05:15 <hartsocks> They can just say hey if they like… or don't
17:05:25 <danwent> ok, let's dive in :)
17:05:26 <Daviey> I'm loud and proud to be here. o/
17:05:31 <hartsocks> *lol*
17:05:53 <danwent> yes Daviey, no one would confuse you as being shy
17:06:05 <hartsocks> In case it gets dropped off due to time again… I've opened #openstack-vmware and I hang out there a bit.
17:06:17 <hartsocks> You can have general discussion there.
17:06:18 <danwent> all the cool kids are doing it :P
17:07:08 <hartsocks> If that's everyone, we have some unfinished discussion from last time...
17:07:23 <hartsocks> #topic continued Havana Blueprint discussion
17:07:42 <hartsocks> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/multiple-clusters-managed-by-one-service
17:07:52 <hartsocks> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/accurate-capacity-of-clusters-for-scheduler
17:08:39 <hartsocks> Eustace, did you get back with legal on those copyright notices? Who can help with that?
17:08:43 <danwent> we need to get those blueprints assigned to the "havana" series
17:08:49 <danwent> and targeted to a specific milestone
17:08:54 <danwent> either h-1 or h-2
17:09:00 <danwent> its getting quite late for h-1
17:09:11 <Eustace> Discussions still in progress with Legal
17:09:24 <danwent> if we want to shoot for h-1, i'd suggest we get the code posted for a Work-in-progress review ASAP
17:09:33 <danwent> or actually, may be too late already
17:09:59 <hartsocks> I'm thinking it's already too close a deadline unless the code can be posted *right now*
17:10:00 <danwent> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Havana_Release_Schedule
17:10:24 <danwent> hartsocks: yeah, i agree.  if HP is still dealing with legal stuff.
17:10:25 <kirankv> I dont  think the copyright text is preventing from them getting tagged to a specific milestone
17:10:51 <danwent> kirankv: ah, i misunderstood what Eustace was talking about
17:10:58 <danwent> do you have permission to post the code for review publicly?
17:11:09 <danwent> or do you need legal approval for that as well?
17:11:27 <kirankv> ok, the code in work in progress state will be sent for review before the cutoff
17:11:47 <danwent> kirankv: what cutoff are you referring to?
17:11:48 <Eustace> We can post the code publically
17:12:02 <kirankv> h-1
17:12:31 <danwent> kirankv: i expect a lot of review comments, so we likely need it posted for feedback more than a week before it would need to merge.
17:13:07 <danwent> and the merge cutoff for H-1 is likely next tuesday
17:13:08 <kirankv> from merge perpective h-2 seems realistic
17:13:16 <danwent> kirankv: i agree.
17:13:27 <danwent> I would still encourage for us to start getting feedback as soon as possible though.
17:13:37 <kirankv> agree that there will be lot of comments and posting it earlier would help
17:13:52 <danwent> hartsocks: can you work with russellb to make sure these blueprints get assigned to the 'havana' series and the 'h-2' milestone?
17:14:05 <hartsocks> Okee dokee…
17:14:13 <russellb> goes into my review gueue when it's assigned, milestone is set, and then proposed to havana release series
17:14:14 <danwent> if kirankv thinks they can get code posted for WIP in a week, h-2 should be a good target.
17:14:26 <hartsocks> #action hartsocks to work with russellb to tag blueprints to H-2
17:14:27 <kirankv> we had done our dev using G3 rc1 and its taking some time to get it on h
17:15:28 <danwent> russellb: there's already an 'assignee' in lp, if that is what you mean, or are you talking about somethign else?
17:15:50 <russellb> just need to set havana-2, and then set the series goal to havana
17:15:56 <danwent> got it.
17:16:00 <russellb> then it goes into my list of stuff proposed for havana that i need to review/approve
17:16:08 <danwent> no one on our side has the permissions, so hopefully you can do that.
17:16:12 <danwent> ok, got it.
17:16:25 <russellb> once you're the assignee, you should be able to set the milestone and series
17:16:38 <Daviey> russellb: are you sure?
17:16:48 <danwent> ok, so kirankv, can you se the milestone on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/accurate-capacity-of-clusters-for-scheduler ?
17:16:50 <russellb> 99.8% sure of that :-)
17:16:51 <danwent> to h-2?
17:16:59 <danwent> we can test it live :)
17:17:10 <Daviey> oh sorry, thought we were talking about a bug.
17:18:06 <kirankv> milestone and series gone have been set
17:18:11 <hartsocks> #undo
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17:18:27 <hartsocks> awesome.
17:18:37 <kirankv> will do the same for other blueprint as well
17:18:52 <danwent> ok, great
17:18:58 <hartsocks> #action kirankv will set milestones on blueprints assigned
17:19:28 <danwent> ok, in terms of other blueprints, I think we'll be putting one in for being able to do volumes based on vSphere datastores
17:19:42 <danwent> this is something we talked about at the summit, but I don't think there is a BP for yet
17:20:20 <hartsocks> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova?searchtext=vmware
17:21:02 <danwent> hartsocks: yeah, i haven't seen one for it.
17:21:22 <danwent> but this would likely be a blueprint first for cinder
17:21:38 <danwent> and then a bug or blueprint to add 'attach' support for this type of datastore in nova.
17:21:43 <danwent> or rather, this type of volume
17:21:52 <Daviey> danwent: Is there planed to be a Quantum integration one?  I understood that is a current area of weakness ?
17:22:12 <danwent> Daviey:  there is the existing NVP integration that will work.
17:22:37 <danwent> Daviey: we're also looking at doing a quantum integration with the non-NVP vwmare networking, for existing deployments.
17:22:50 <Daviey> danwent: Ah cool, there is interest in that aswell.
17:22:53 <danwent> if there's anyone interested in working on that, please let me know, as I'm trying to find resources for it.
17:23:17 <danwent> i have some people within vmware that can likely help, but may not be the full owner.
17:23:57 <danwent> ok, shall we move on to bugs?
17:24:00 <hartsocks> Anything else on blueprints?
17:24:02 <ssshi> there's also a glance bp https://blueprints.launchpad.net/glance/+spec/hypervisor-templates-as-glance-images
17:24:31 <Daviey> danwent: I think we can offer some help, but probably not own
17:24:44 <Daviey> I can't speak on behalf of who would be driving it.
17:24:46 <Eustace> We are working on a solution for that BP
17:24:52 <Eustace> nearly done
17:25:02 <danwent> Daviey: ok, let's sync on that offline.
17:25:25 <danwent> Eustace: ok, looks already targeted for h-2
17:25:57 <Eustace> we'll be able to get that code for review within a few days
17:26:04 <hartsocks> great.
17:26:05 <danwent> ok, great.
17:26:09 <ssshi> that's great
17:26:28 <hartsocks> anything else else on blueprints?
17:27:00 <hartsocks> #topic high priority bugs
17:27:19 <danwent> #link all bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bugs?field.tag=vmware
17:27:29 <danwent> https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1180897
17:27:31 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1180897 in nova "nova compute fails when vmware cluster has more than one ESXi Host" [Critical,Confirmed]
17:27:49 <danwent> seems like this should be a very high priority…
17:27:56 <hartsocks> I'm working on https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1178369 which was identified as a blocker… I am planning to move to 1180897
17:27:58 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1178369 in nova "VNC console does not work with VCDriver" [Medium,In progress]
17:28:09 <hartsocks> I was on 1180897  but the VNC thing was raised as a blocker.
17:28:40 <hartsocks> I have a work in progress patch on the VNC issue … still diagnosing the cluster issue.
17:28:55 <danwent> yup, i think that makes sense.  if there's someone else with available cycles though, perhaps they could jump on the cluster issues as well.
17:29:00 <Daviey> Personally, i'm not sure how significant lack of VNC is as a blocker.
17:29:23 <hartsocks> Daviey: IKR? That's why I was ignoring it. Turns out it's a huge issue.
17:29:42 <Daviey> I mean, if that is users primary interface into instances.. then they are doing it wrong™
17:29:56 <danwent> Daviey: its certainly a blocker in our internal cloud deployments, which use Horizon
17:30:13 <hartsocks> and there you go…
17:30:22 <hartsocks> So let's not beat a dead horse.
17:30:23 <danwent> its just an ease of use thing.
17:30:29 <Daviey> ok
17:30:36 <hartsocks> We're working on these two big issues.
17:30:39 <danwent> espeically if you are using private networks, and don't want everything to have a floating ip
17:30:48 <hartsocks> What else is out there?
17:30:54 <danwent> https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1180779
17:30:56 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1180779 in nova "VMwareESXDriver and VMwareVCDriver report incorrect stat" [Undecided,In progress]
17:31:04 <danwent> two things here
17:31:20 <danwent> there is a patch referenced in this bug that actually tries to address two things.  I think it should be split, one patch per bug
17:31:26 <danwent> https://review.openstack.org/29552
17:31:59 <danwent> kirankv: this is your patch, correct?
17:32:22 <danwent> the second point on this bug is about how the "Multiple datastores" issue is resolved.
17:32:29 <Eustace> yes, it's Kirankv's patch
17:32:52 <kirankv> yes, but its a little effort to get them seperated since needs changes in the unit tests as well
17:32:54 <danwent> i think different people have different thoughts on how the datastore issue should be addressed.
17:33:22 <danwent> kirankv: i'm pretty sure once a nova core dev looks at it, there advice would be to split it
17:33:29 <kirankv> well since its a cluster driver, IMHO only shared datastore must be used
17:33:31 <hartsocks> We had another developer at vmware who has a patch for https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1171930 but is holding on to it because it's obvious HP is working here.
17:33:32 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1171930 in nova "vsphere driver hardcoded to only use first datastore in cluster" [Wishlist,In progress]
17:33:48 <danwent> hartsocks: yeah, that is why i think we need a discussion on the right way to solve the problem.
17:34:17 <danwent> it seems like the currently proposed patch will not allow the use of local disks ever?
17:34:27 <danwent> or am i misreading that?
17:34:45 <kirankv> yes shared datastores for cluster driver, and all datastores for ESX driver
17:35:07 <hartsocks> is the VCDriver to be interpreted as "the cluster driver" ?
17:35:52 <danwent> i think cluster will be common, but I wasn't seeing it as required
17:36:11 <danwent> i know of customers talking about using it in a non-clustered (i.e., one cluster per ESX) model.
17:36:19 <danwent> not sure if there are other issues with that model though.
17:36:20 <kirankv> yes, if its acceptable to add another driver called cluster driver and more all cluster specific changes to this driver, i'd like to go with that approach
17:36:35 <hartsocks> Hmm...
17:36:39 <ssshi> i'm also working on that. when the scheduler received a dict capabalities, it simply make a copy. so i replaced the copy function with a customizable function to process the capabilities.
17:37:12 <danwent> anyway, we don't need to have the design discussion in this meeting, but my point is that i think there are still design discussions to be had here, and so I think we need to talk about that before this portion of the patch can merge.
17:37:35 <hartsocks> Shall we set up a separate discussion for this design talk?
17:37:53 <danwent> i'd suggest splitting the two bug fixes, merging the first one, and discussing how to address the datastore issue.
17:38:08 <danwent> hartsocks: we can do it right after this meeting in openstack-vmware if people like.
17:38:43 <ssshi> agree with danwent
17:38:47 <hartsocks> #action separate discussion in #openstack-vmware on datastore design issue
17:39:09 <hartsocks> Any other high-priority bugs?
17:39:42 <danwent> I need to file a bug on this, but the new vif-plugging changes broken quantum integration in nova when the vcdriver is used.
17:39:54 <danwent> fix should be relatively simple though.
17:40:10 <danwent> we REALLY need to be moving toward an automated CI infrastructure to get this working
17:40:14 <danwent> and keep it working :)
17:40:17 <hartsocks> danwent: great! I need a simple bug to onboard some new developers we just hired
17:40:41 <danwent> hartsocks: ok, sounds good.  will send you a link.
17:41:02 <hartsocks> #topic bug etiquette
17:41:24 <hartsocks> Not on the official agenda… but… I'd like to just stress that if someone's marked that they are working on a bug….
17:41:52 <hartsocks> please don't just take the bug away from them. Perhaps send them an email or make a comment on the bug as to why you are taking the bug from them.
17:41:55 <Daviey> (danwent: We should talk about CI soonly.)
17:42:06 <danwent> Daviey: happily!
17:42:27 <hartsocks> we have some time now.
17:43:24 <danwent> Daviey: i know some HP folks are looking into CI as well, and hopefully mtaylor can help us on that front.
17:43:35 <hartsocks> #topic CI discussion
17:43:53 <Daviey> danwent: How happy have openstack-ci been to introduce real vmware testing?
17:43:56 <danwent> anyone from the HP team able to talk about the status there?  I think the ball was in your court.
17:44:31 <Eustace> We are not in the loop on that topic
17:44:33 <Daviey> I, probably incorrectly, assumed they'd not want to touch non-free components.
17:45:10 <danwent> Daviey: well, openstack on vSphere is priority for HP, and HP contributes a lot of resources to openstack-ci, including developers, so I think there's plenty of opportunity here.
17:45:49 <danwent> especially given that the majority of existing nova devs don't dev-test on vSphere, automated CI tests are all that much more important :)
17:45:55 <Daviey> I think that is the best direction :)
17:46:11 <danwent> #action #danwent contact HP contact for CI work again.
17:46:39 <hartsocks> okay...
17:46:51 <hartsocks> Last topic on my agenda...
17:46:58 <hartsocks> #topic group meeting time
17:47:12 <hartsocks> I held a vote on the meeting time...
17:47:22 <hartsocks> #link http://i.imgur.com/u4XyLLL.png
17:47:33 <hartsocks> here's a screenshot of the votes.
17:48:03 * Daviey has to leave now.  Thanks o/
17:48:06 <hartsocks> It's pretty clear that this is a good meeting time for most people willing to vote on a survey monkey survey about meeting times.
17:48:42 <hartsocks> I'll hold the voting open one more week
17:48:45 <hartsocks> #link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DN8YFSL
17:49:06 <hartsocks> Barring any sudden rush of votes I think this is our regular meeting time.
17:49:26 <danwent> agreed
17:49:59 <hartsocks> Okay then
17:50:07 <hartsocks> #topic open discussion
17:50:22 <hartsocks> Anything else folks need to chat about?
17:51:24 <hartsocks> alright, see you next week
17:51:35 <hartsocks> #endmeeting