17:00:20 <tjones> #startmeeting VMwareAPI
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17:00:30 <tjones> hi folks - who
17:00:34 <tjones> is here today?
17:00:49 <arnaud> o/
17:02:00 <tjones> anyone else?  *arnaud this may be a short meeting ;-)*
17:02:09 <arnaud> yeah apparently :)
17:02:54 <tjones> well lets get started anyway
17:03:17 <tjones> #topic juno priorities
17:03:36 <tjones> I've updated #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/vmware-subteam-juno
17:04:06 <tjones> going down to the bottom in the section "Strategy" i've listed what i think our priorities are in terms of BP
17:04:27 <tjones> i ordered it by spawn refactor, BP that missed icehouse and the rest
17:04:40 <tjones> lets go through status on those.
17:04:51 <arnaud> sure
17:05:27 <tjones> for spawn refactor i have been rebasing and addressing constantly.  i have +2 from dansmith on all but 2 of them and matt said he will do a review this afternoon.  So i am pleased right now with where we are (though i wish this was last week not this week)
17:05:44 <tjones> we don't have vui for the next 2 - vsan, and ova support
17:06:02 <tjones> arnaud: how is your clone image handler coming?
17:06:27 <arnaud> this is a third bp in a dependency chain
17:06:42 <tjones> what are the dependencies?
17:06:50 <arnaud> a se
17:06:51 <arnaud> c
17:07:10 <arnaud> 1. https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/use-glance-v2-api
17:08:28 <arnaud> 2. https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/image-multiple-location
17:08:56 <arnaud> 3. the clone bp
17:09:05 <tjones> ok i see
17:09:07 <arnaud> I am working on the nova-specs of 1.
17:09:14 <arnaud> the code is ready
17:09:21 <arnaud> sort of
17:09:46 <arnaud> 2. the code is also ready (since it has been merged/backed out in Icehouse), zhiyan is working on the spec
17:10:09 <arnaud> 3. code also more or less ready, but need to get the other specs approved
17:10:10 <arnaud> :)
17:10:49 <arnaud> I will focus on having the 1. approved or at least discussed in the coming week
17:10:55 <tjones> trying to look through all this stuff.  do you have the spec links handy?
17:11:08 <arnaud> yeah
17:11:16 <arnaud> 1. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/84887/
17:11:31 <arnaud> 2. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86583/
17:12:00 <arnaud> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/84281/
17:12:26 <arnaud> and 3. should happen after the refactor of course
17:12:29 <tjones> ok thanks - i have updated the etherpad
17:12:53 <arnaud> cool thks!
17:12:59 <tjones> ok so basically we need to get those 3 specs approved within the next week or so
17:13:25 <arnaud> it would be nice yes
17:13:36 <tjones> im assuming you are updating, etc.  are there specific core reviewers who are interested and reviewing these periodically?
17:13:47 <arnaud> but I would say more next week"s"
17:13:56 <arnaud> yep
17:14:00 <arnaud> for the first one
17:14:08 <arnaud> I got comments from john garbutt
17:14:14 <arnaud> will address them today
17:14:37 <tjones> ok i've added the cores who are helping to the etherpad too
17:14:47 <tjones> just so we know who to ping if needed
17:14:54 <arnaud> sure ok
17:14:58 <tjones> anything else on those BP?
17:15:12 <arnaud> no that's it
17:15:31 <tjones> look like we don't have garyk or sabari here today either :-(
17:15:53 <tjones> hartsocks: last week you said you wanted to finish up https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/improve-vmware-disk-usage
17:16:03 <tjones> do you happen to have the spec review link for that one?
17:16:07 <tjones> or i can dig it up
17:17:04 <tjones> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86074/
17:17:16 <tjones> hartsocks: you here?
17:17:34 <tjones> wow - i am really not feeling the love today
17:17:43 <arnaud> :)
17:17:51 <vuil> sorry just joined.
17:17:51 <arnaud> is this coming from icehouse?
17:17:53 <vuil> hi
17:17:57 <arnaud> hi vuil
17:18:01 <tjones> hurrah!  vuil
17:18:10 <vuil> yep. from like grizzly
17:18:11 <tjones> arnaud: that one is coming from havana
17:18:14 <tjones> yeah
17:18:15 <arnaud> I see
17:18:21 <tjones> ok lets leave that one and go back to vuil
17:18:40 <tjones> vuil: we are reviewing the prio and status of our Juno BP work
17:18:44 <tjones> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/vmware-subteam-juno
17:19:01 <tjones> you have some refactor (waiting on me i know), vsan and ova support.
17:19:17 <vuil> yep. you looking for the priority order?
17:19:19 <tjones> what's the status on the BP reviews for vsan and ova and do you have the spec links handy?
17:19:36 <vuil> a sec
17:19:44 <tjones> yes - starting with the bottom section marked "Strategy for Juno"
17:20:10 <vuil> ova: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86395/
17:20:45 <vuil> that's approved.
17:20:58 <tjones> hurray!
17:21:12 <vuil> vsan: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/85635/
17:21:15 <vuil> approved too
17:21:47 <tjones> awesome.  so you are just waiting for the refactor to finish so you can rebase and start the review process on these?
17:21:48 <vuil> Thanks to the reviewers, esp John.
17:21:56 <vuil> yep.
17:21:59 <arnaud> nice
17:22:05 <tjones> is there significant changes to the design/code from icehouse?
17:22:28 <vuil> other than reacting to the refactor work, no.
17:22:32 <tjones> awesome!
17:22:52 <vuil> (but that's a fair amount of reacting to :-))
17:22:54 <tjones> in terms of prio do you think this list is correct?
17:23:39 <tjones> you meaning everyone here - not just vuil
17:23:42 <vuil> *looking*
17:24:00 <tjones> and also have i missed anything?
17:24:26 <arnaud> this look correct
17:24:35 <vuil> oslo integration?
17:24:52 <vuil> the 1.0001?
17:25:25 <tjones> added it to the end
17:25:42 <vuil> that needs to come right after spawn refactor
17:25:47 <tjones> there
17:25:48 <vuil> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/85469/, it is approved
17:25:51 <vuil> as well
17:26:02 <vuil> vsan/ova needs it
17:26:07 <tjones> vuil:  are you doing that one too?
17:26:18 <vuil> yep
17:26:52 <tjones> ok - so with spawn refactor - the issues i am addressing now are all test related, so you probably can pull down those patches and start working
17:27:08 <tjones> i have +2 on all except for 2 and the comments are test comments
17:27:21 <tjones> and have been for the last week or so
17:27:23 <vuil> I have done that, and updated the phase 2 patch that shawn posted.
17:27:59 <tjones> ok good.  im working as fast/hard as possible on those.  im hoping its close
17:28:06 <tjones> anything else on BP?
17:28:09 <vuil> thanks.
17:29:05 <tjones> #topic juno summit
17:29:46 <tjones> anything new to discuss here?
17:30:16 <dims> main thing i see is the "Clustered hypervisor support in Nova" design session
17:30:35 <tjones> yes that's an important one
17:31:20 <tjones> that is wednesday the 14th at 9:50 am BTW
17:31:33 <tjones> lets all make sure to attend and participate in that one
17:32:11 <tjones> anything else for the summit?
17:32:12 <dims> we will have to find time to talk about oslo.vmware future
17:32:35 <dims> could not get a session allocated in the oslo slots
17:32:37 <arnaud> +1 dims
17:32:38 <tjones> should we just meet for lunch or do you want to have an uncondference or ??
17:32:50 <dims> either would be fine
17:33:05 <tjones> #action meet at the summit to discuss oslo.vmware futures
17:33:23 <dims> those were my top 2 TODO's :)
17:33:34 <tjones> dims: you got it
17:33:40 <tjones> #topic bugs
17:34:01 <tjones> i just took a peek and didn't see anything needing discussion.  does anyone have a bug they want to talk about?
17:34:27 <tjones> we  have a lot of bugs - 61
17:34:50 <tjones> ok lets move on
17:34:58 <tjones> #topic open discussion
17:35:13 <tjones> anyone want to talk about anything?
17:35:19 <tjones> vmwareapi related ;-)
17:35:50 <dims> :)
17:36:25 <tjones> ok sounds like we can have a short meeting today
17:36:36 <tjones> i can get back to fixing my spawn refactor tests :0
17:36:39 <tjones> :-D
17:36:42 <dims> so we may have to cut oslo.vmware before the oslo integration review can be worked on again i think
17:36:57 <tjones> ah ok
17:37:14 <dims> there were fixes to exceptions.py in oslo.vmware that were needed by vui's patch
17:37:22 <dims> for oslo integration
17:37:23 <arnaud> I still have this one https://review.openstack.org/#/c/80120/ to fix
17:37:25 <vuil> agreed dims.
17:37:29 <arnaud> glance needs 0.3
17:37:33 <arnaud> for SPBM
17:37:42 <vuil> thanks for the oslo.vmwarwe update btw, much needed
17:37:44 <dims> arnaud, can you please ping dhellmann and work it out please?
17:37:54 <arnaud> yep I was planning to do that today
17:38:03 <dims> nice
17:38:06 <tjones> i have to admit i don't know the process for cutting a new oslo.vmware
17:38:06 <arnaud> I have been busy last days
17:38:20 <tjones> can someone explain?
17:39:32 <tjones> hmmm maybe offline then
17:40:31 <tjones> anything else?
17:40:42 <tjones> *listening for slow typers*
17:41:18 <tjones> ok thanks all.  have a good week
17:41:22 <tjones> #endmeeting