17:04:51 <vuil> #startmeeting vmwareapi
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17:04:59 <vuil> :-)
17:05:02 <browne> :)
17:05:28 <vuil> *bringing up tracy's notes*
17:06:34 <vuil> We did minesweeper runs on the refactoring and oslo.vmware integration patches.
17:07:12 <vuil> They should all be done or close to, so the reviews should not be blocked on CI.
17:08:04 <vuil> We need to ping dansmith to take off the −2 put there for that reason
17:09:11 <vuil> That's about it from her.
17:10:30 <vuil> I wished I paid attention before on how to work the boards.
17:10:39 <openstack> arnaud: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.  Use #endmeeting first.
17:10:52 <arnaud> there is a meeting is progress
17:10:53 <vuil> arnaud: that we at least did :-)
17:11:11 <arnaud> #endmeeting
17:11:13 <vuil> I am going to just post updates on existing BP patches in the works
17:11:19 <vuil> no!
17:11:29 <arnaud> oh you started the meeting?
17:11:31 <vuil> arnaud we are already in the vmwreapi meeting
17:11:35 <arnaud> oh sorry
17:11:42 <arnaud> kk
17:11:43 <arnaud> :)
17:11:53 <vuil> do we need to restart?
17:11:57 <arnaud> no
17:12:20 <vuil> endmeeting didn't take it out?
17:13:15 <rgerganov> vuil: you are the chairman and only you can end it up
17:13:26 <vuil> ah, good :-)
17:13:37 <vuil> okay, back to what I was saying.
17:14:06 <vuil> I am seeing some reviews on the refactoring patches, which is great.
17:14:23 <vuil> Hopefully we can see the whose set of patches through.
17:15:13 <vuil> The last item in the phase 3 refactoring, I am going to post an update to address Matt's comments and further simplify it some
17:15:58 <vuil> oslo.vmware integration patch has been rebased and need to core reviews
17:16:16 <vuil> (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/70175/)
17:16:39 <rgerganov> I have rebased all SPBM patches on top of the oslo integration
17:16:47 <rgerganov> they are also ready for review
17:16:52 <vuil> cool!
17:17:47 <vuil> the set of patches for the vsan bp requires oslo.vmware and the refactoring work...
17:18:23 <vuil> I am in the midst of updating a chain that will include both ahead of the feature freeze
17:19:09 <vuil> these patches have been posted a looong time ago and waiting for either one of oslo.vmware integration or the refactoring work to land, but alas
17:22:04 <vuil> does anyone have anything else they want to discuss?
17:22:15 <vuil> if not this will be a short one.
17:23:10 <vuil> A reminder feature proposal freeze is midnight Aug 21 UTC
17:23:34 <rgerganov> I posted an implementation for get_console_output()
17:23:39 <rgerganov> it will be nice if we can get it in
17:23:55 <vuil> you have the link?
17:24:10 <rgerganov> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/115239/
17:24:33 <rgerganov> it is based on another one which already has +2
17:25:48 <vuil> cool. looks like a fairly isolated change that does not affect the above-mentioned work.
17:26:55 <vuil> anyone else has anything to add?
17:27:55 <vuil> one final thing from Tracy is that the irc meeting next week will be cancelled as quite a number of us including Tracy will not be available.
17:28:52 <vuil> okay we will end the meeting early today.
17:28:58 <vuil> thanks all
17:29:15 <tjones> hi
17:29:31 <vuil> hi
17:29:43 <tjones> sorry i was so late
17:29:43 <vuil> I was 2 seconds from ending the meeting
17:29:54 <tjones> anyone else here?
17:30:06 <vuil> it's cool. I relayed your notes to the meeting
17:30:11 <tjones> thanks
17:30:13 <vuil> rado, eric, arnaud and myself
17:30:34 <tjones> ok so lets cancel next weeks meeting - any objections?
17:30:43 <vuil> I relayed that too
17:31:02 <vuil> I didn't hear any objections, so cancelled it is.
17:31:04 <tjones> im going to check the minesweeper run on oslo and refactor and if it is all done will send mention it to the core guys on irc
17:31:11 <tjones> thats all i have
17:31:32 <vuil> cool, ending meeting now...
17:31:41 <vuil> #endmeeting