17:02:01 <tjones1> #startmeeting vmwareapi
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17:02:08 <tjones1> hi folks and happy new year
17:02:21 <rgerganov> happy new year!
17:02:37 <tjones1> i'd like this to be a short meeting today (as i have a conflict).  so lets get going
17:02:49 <tjones1> #topic approved BP discussion
17:02:51 <garyk> i am here (or i think so)
17:02:57 <tjones1> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack?searchtext=vmware
17:04:05 <tjones1> we've got a bunch of approved BP (suddenly).  some not on my radar even.  the ones on my radar are https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/VMwareapi-kilo
17:04:22 <tjones1> those are the ones i consider critical from our customer perspective
17:04:46 <tjones1> anyone want to discuss ?
17:04:58 <garyk> ephemerals is still in flight - dealing with resing issues
17:05:04 <garyk> resizing issues
17:05:18 <tjones1> yeah - but moving at least.
17:05:29 <tjones1> how about vsan and ova?
17:05:43 <rgerganov> the second vsan patch is approved
17:05:54 <rgerganov> but depends on the first one which is not approved
17:06:07 <rgerganov> the OVA patch has +2 and I need to address some comments
17:06:26 <tjones1> hurrah!  do you guys think we can make k-2 with these?
17:06:31 <tjones1> these 3?
17:06:55 <rgerganov> we have our chances
17:06:58 <tjones1> :-)
17:07:20 <rgerganov> unfortunately my spec for new console api didn't meet the deadline
17:07:33 <rgerganov> only the consolidation spec was approved on time
17:07:56 <tjones1> do you have a link?
17:08:29 <tjones1> rado  - i see this console log approved https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/vmware-console-log
17:08:29 <rgerganov> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/141065
17:08:42 <rgerganov> tjones1: this is for the serial log
17:08:49 <tjones1> sorry
17:09:02 <rgerganov> and this is the html5 console: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/127283/
17:09:09 <tjones1> is this a general BP (not vmware specific)?
17:09:17 <tjones1> ah yes - this is the change to the api
17:09:21 <tjones1> a little slow this am
17:10:09 <tjones1> ok lets go to BP in review then
17:10:16 <tjones1> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova-specs+message:vmware,n,z
17:11:07 <tjones1> rgerganov: now that the api spec is approved, you have 2 +1 on the html5 console.  it looks like we are close in getting this one in?
17:11:26 <rgerganov> tjones1: the deadline for specs was Dec 18th
17:11:37 <rgerganov> we need to ask for exception
17:11:46 <rgerganov> not sure what the process is
17:12:18 <tjones1> ugh - sorry i was out and dropped the ball here.  the process is to send an email out to the ML asking for exception
17:12:35 <garyk> sorry guys, i need to cut off.
17:12:48 <tjones1> gary - anything you need to discuss real quick?
17:12:48 <rgerganov> tjones1: ok, will try that
17:13:01 <tjones1> thanks rgerganov i'd love to get this in (as you know)
17:13:02 <tjones1> :-)
17:13:10 <garyk> tjones1: not really.
17:13:19 <tjones1> next one is dropped #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128697/
17:13:32 <tjones1> Using cinder volumes backed by VMware raw devices
17:14:00 <tjones1> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128691/
17:14:10 <tjones1> next one is mutliple disks in an ova
17:14:33 <tjones1> dims__:  are you guys still pushing this?
17:15:16 <dims__> tjones1: will have to ping radu mateescu, not sure
17:15:35 <tjones1> we would need to ask for an exception since it's past the deadline
17:15:51 <dims__> tjones1: ack
17:16:05 <tjones1> dims__: i was talking about https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128691/
17:16:14 <tjones1> the one tflower was driving
17:17:21 <tjones1> any other BP that we *should* have asked for an exception on??
17:17:42 <dims__> tjones1: no
17:17:52 <tjones1> ok lets move on
17:17:56 <tjones1> #topic bugs
17:17:59 <tjones1> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bugs?field.tag=vmware
17:18:13 <tjones1> anyone blocked by any of these bugs
17:18:55 <tjones1> silence means no ;-)
17:19:03 <tjones1> #topic open discussion
17:19:24 <rgerganov> Vipin has posted a patch which integrate oslo.vmware into Cinder
17:19:27 <rgerganov> which is great
17:19:38 <rgerganov> I still need to go over it
17:20:22 <tjones1> before the hoilday we decided to have this meeting alternating between times good for PST and times good for china/india.  gary is going to lead that meeting and i will continue with this TZ.  I'll try to set that up this week and send email to the ML about it.
17:21:00 <tjones1> im hoping that will allow more folks to participate.
17:21:25 <rgerganov> sounds good
17:21:33 <tjones1> in addition we are going to open it to all projects which have an interest in the vmware driver - such as glance and cinder.  I'll send that to the ML as well.
17:21:55 <tjones1> that's all i wanted to tell you guys.  anyone have anything else?
17:22:34 <tjones1> *listens*
17:22:58 <tjones1> rgerganov: great news about cinder too.  thanks for mentioning it
17:23:11 <tjones1> ok think we are done.  thanks guys for joining today.
17:23:34 <rgerganov> thanks, bye
17:23:38 <tjones1> #endmeeting