17:00:07 <tjones1> #startmeeting vmwareapi
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17:00:19 <tjones1> hi folks - anyone here for vmwareapi?
17:00:26 <rgerganov> hi
17:00:28 <sabari> hi
17:00:30 <tjones1> hi rado
17:00:44 <tjones1> hi sabari
17:01:04 <tjones1> lets get started and maybe others will join
17:01:09 <tjones1> #topic unapproved BP
17:01:33 <tjones1> rgerganov: did you get any comments on your request for FFE on https://review.openstack.org/127283
17:01:37 <rgerganov> I have requested exception for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/127283/
17:01:47 <tjones1> saw that
17:02:06 <tjones1> i see it is not -2ed so maybe that is a good thing
17:02:12 <rgerganov> joe gordon wanted to post implementation for the dependent spec
17:02:22 <tjones1> saw you updated it with that
17:02:27 <rgerganov> and I did: https://review.openstack.org/148509
17:02:45 <rgerganov> yeah, so I hope we still have chances
17:03:09 <tjones1> yeah could be - please keep plugging at it. this will make life much easier for vnc
17:03:19 <tjones1> we can talk to the cores tomorrow
17:03:27 <tjones1> and by tomorrow - i mean next week
17:03:33 <rgerganov> sure :)
17:03:44 <tjones1> that seems like the only unapproved one that has a shot
17:04:05 <tjones1> looks like people lost momentum about multi disk ova support
17:04:27 <tjones1> any other unapproved BP for discussion?
17:04:49 <rgerganov> sabari: what about the multi-datastore in glance
17:05:08 <sabari> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/glance/+spec/vmware-store-multiple-datastores
17:05:11 <sabari> There is one in glance
17:05:21 <sabari> thanks rado :)
17:05:41 <sabari> I posted the spec and first draft last week
17:05:56 <sabari> Hopefully, it will make it.
17:06:01 <tjones1> sabari: you may want to change the BP status from not started
17:06:02 <rgerganov> I hope I will find time to review tomorrow
17:06:18 <tjones1> not sure if glance folks are like nova but that seems to get peoples attention
17:06:22 <sabari> rgerganov: Thanks, I appreciate it.
17:06:33 <sabari> Would be nice to get some feedback.
17:07:05 <tjones1> ok lets move on
17:07:12 <tjones1> #topic kilo priorities
17:07:14 <tjones1> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/VMwareapi-kilo
17:07:47 <faan-pg> Good morning
17:07:49 <tjones1> we have ephemeral disk, spbm, vsan, consolidated api, and ova
17:08:04 <tjones1> i don't think we have garyk today?
17:08:13 <rgerganov> i will ping him on skype
17:08:19 <tjones1> oops spbm is merged
17:08:23 <faan-pg> Faan from PLUMgrid here and my first time attending :-)
17:08:32 <tjones1> welcome faan-pg
17:08:42 <tjones1> rgerganov: how's vsan?
17:08:47 <faan-pg> Thanks!
17:08:52 <rgerganov> tjones1: one of the patches get in
17:08:56 <rgerganov> only one left
17:09:12 <tjones1> yeah - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/78488/
17:09:16 <rgerganov> I will ping danpb to re-approve
17:09:22 <rgerganov> it was approved but I had to rebase
17:09:28 <tjones1> awesome!
17:09:53 <tjones1> ova?  or was that gary?
17:10:03 <rgerganov> the ova patch has +2
17:10:06 <rgerganov> need another one
17:10:26 <tjones1> and a -1 from sean.  ok just stuff about tests
17:10:31 <tjones1> so this one looks ok
17:10:46 <rgerganov> yeah ... I had to update tests
17:10:59 <tjones1> how's consolidate api work going?
17:11:04 <rgerganov> pretty good
17:11:15 <rgerganov> the implementation is completed and ready for review
17:11:30 <rgerganov> on the upside I have learned a lot about the REST API
17:11:35 <tjones1> do you have a link i can put on our wiki?
17:11:36 <rgerganov> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/148509/
17:11:41 <tjones1> lol - good stuff :-)
17:12:37 <tjones1> ok any other discsussion on new features before we talk about bugs?
17:13:32 <tjones1> #topic bugs
17:13:45 <tjones1> https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bugs?field.tag=vmware
17:13:48 <tjones1> we've got a ton
17:14:08 <garyk> tjones1: rgerganov: sorry i have a conflicting meeting
17:14:28 <tjones1> i wonder if we could start having a bug day in a couple of weeks were we spend time working on bugs and reviewing bugs?  our backlog simply is not going down at all.
17:14:28 <rgerganov> garyk: no worries, you'll buy us a beer
17:14:35 <tjones1> no worries garyk
17:14:58 <tjones1> what do you guys think?
17:15:09 <tjones1> or maybe we can discuss next week at the mid-cycle?
17:15:45 <rgerganov> tjones1: yeah, we should come up with a plan for the backlog
17:16:01 <tjones1> lets talk next week about it when we are face to face
17:16:07 <rgerganov> cool
17:16:08 <tjones1> im all for a short meeting today :-)
17:16:20 <tjones1> garyk how's the ephemeral patch going?
17:16:43 <garyk> tjones1: stuck in the review queue. hoping it will get some eyes, but it has been months...
17:16:53 <tjones1> wow
17:16:57 <tjones1> i see you have rebased
17:17:22 <tjones1> over and over
17:17:34 <garyk> yup. i am trying to hit 100 rebases
17:17:38 <tjones1> ugh
17:18:15 <tjones1> can this group please do a review on this patch - it could use some more +1 before we beg for core reviewers
17:18:25 <tjones1> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/121409/
17:18:37 <tjones1> that would relaly help
17:18:40 <tjones1> #open discussion
17:18:47 <tjones1> anyone have anything to discuss?
17:19:57 <tjones1> looks like we are done to me
17:20:00 <tjones1> thanks folks
17:20:04 <rgerganov> tjones1: thanks
17:20:12 <tjones1> #endmeeting