17:00:33 <tjones1> #startmeeting vmwareapi
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17:00:41 <tjones1> hi folks
17:00:45 <rgerganov__> hello
17:00:45 <thangp> o/
17:02:16 <tjones1> hi thangp and rgerganov__
17:02:28 <tjones1> going to be a short meeting i suspect
17:02:50 <tjones1> #topic BP and specs
17:03:14 <tjones1> so we got a FFE on ephemeral and gary said it merged
17:03:24 <rgerganov__> I don't have any updates from my side
17:03:26 <thangp> what about bugs?
17:03:28 <tjones1> rgerganov__: it looks like the vsan patches merged?
17:03:35 <rgerganov__> tjones1: yes
17:03:36 <tjones1> bugs is next
17:03:47 <thangp> ok
17:04:06 <tjones1> great - so the 4 features we hoped to get in actually got in - except for html console.  that's better than past releases
17:04:11 <tjones1> pat ourselves on the back!
17:04:30 <tjones1> so what's left for kilo??
17:04:32 <tjones1> #topic bugs
17:04:35 <tjones1> go thangp
17:04:36 <thangp> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128508/
17:04:46 <thangp> that's been sitting there and rebased quite a few times
17:05:05 <thangp> it's a medium/high bug, but nova-core is not reviewing it
17:05:13 <tjones1> looks like rado and gary are happy with it
17:05:28 <thangp> no cores though :(
17:05:33 <rgerganov__> yup, the patch looks good to me
17:05:33 <tjones1> yeah i see that
17:05:51 <thangp> i'm not sure if there is a code freeze
17:05:55 <rgerganov__> just +1ed the last PS
17:06:04 <thangp> which will stop this bug from landing in kilo
17:06:07 <tjones1> bugs are still ok
17:06:14 <tjones1> let me look for the schedule real quick
17:06:37 <thangp> ok thx
17:06:41 <tjones1> we have time
17:06:55 <tjones1> freeze is 3/19
17:06:56 <thangp> who usually does the approval for vmware?
17:07:03 <tjones1> it depends on the area
17:07:05 <thangp> i usually see jogo
17:07:07 <rgerganov__> danpb and jaypipes
17:07:09 <thangp> or danpb
17:07:16 <thangp> i'll add them to the review list
17:07:22 <tjones1> yeah good idea
17:07:24 <thangp> i like to get it in
17:07:31 <tjones1> me too
17:07:34 <thangp> rgerganov__: thx
17:08:01 <tjones1> we need a minesweeper run
17:08:22 <rgerganov__> thangp: let me see if it is in the MS queue
17:08:30 <thangp> rgerganov__: cool, thx
17:08:36 <tjones1> MS is coming back from an illness
17:08:57 <thangp> :D must be the winter storms we been having in the east coast
17:09:17 <tjones1> lol
17:09:25 <thangp> 6+ ft and counting
17:09:29 <tjones1> wow
17:09:30 <rgerganov__> :)
17:09:38 <thangp> i hate snow
17:09:43 <tjones1> was about  75 farenheit here this weekend
17:09:58 <thangp> very jealous
17:10:03 <tjones1> any other bugs to discuss?
17:10:12 <thangp> not from me, thx
17:10:17 <tjones1> #topic open discussion
17:10:24 <tjones1> did you guys see gary
17:10:47 <rgerganov__> I guess he is on a conf call or something
17:10:52 <thangp> will neutron support standard and distributed vswitch?
17:10:52 <tjones1> email about swithcing the time of this meeting to this time one week and a time better for EMEA the next week
17:10:54 <rgerganov__> we talked during the day
17:11:05 <tjones1> no i hit return too fast
17:11:37 <tjones1> i guess this time is ok for you - but there will be an alternate time.  we also will talk about cinder, glance, etc - not just nova
17:11:53 <rgerganov__> I am +1 for this
17:12:14 <tjones1> i think this will be good to consolidate the projects working on vmwareapi
17:12:28 <thangp> cool, +1 from me
17:12:38 <tjones1> that's all i wanted to mention
17:12:42 <tjones1> quit early then?
17:12:52 <thangp> sure :)
17:13:01 <rgerganov__> sure
17:13:03 <tjones1> ok thanks guys.  talk next week
17:13:05 <tjones1> #endmeeting