17:00:21 <tjones1> #startmeeting vmwareapi
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17:00:30 <tjones1> hi folks
17:00:53 * thangp waves
17:01:02 <tjones1> *waves back* :-)
17:01:09 <NarenNarendra> Hi Cinder team! I am working with the OpenStack Product WorkGroup. We had a Kilo midcycle meetup back in January. One of the immediate tasks that we have picked is to speak with each of the project teams/PTLs on data gathering
17:01:32 <tjones1> hi - sorry you missed the cinder meeting.  It is at 8amPST.  this is the vmwreapi meeting
17:01:41 <NarenNarendra> Do any of the Cinder folks have a few mins to chat here or 1-1 regarding these questions:
17:01:59 <bswartz> NarenNarendra: you're in the wrong meeting, go to #openstack-cinder for help
17:01:59 <thangp> NarenNarendra: go to #openstack-cinder
17:02:20 <tjones1> ok anyone besides thangp here for vmwareapi?
17:02:55 <tjones1> oh well - it's going to be a quick one :-)
17:02:59 <NarenNarendra> 1. What are you delivering for Kilo?
17:02:59 <NarenNarendra> 2. What do you plan on delivering for Liberty cycle? (we understand confidence is lower with time).
17:03:00 <NarenNarendra> 3. What do you plan on delivering for M cycle? (we understand confidence is lower with time).
17:03:00 <NarenNarendra> 4. How can the product WG help?
17:03:10 <tjones1> NarenNarendra: you are in the wrong meeting
17:03:22 <thangp> tjones1: i guess it would be quick :)
17:03:23 <garyk> i am here (i think)
17:03:41 <thangp> tjones1: just had a question on when standard vswitch will be supported in neutron
17:04:03 <tjones1> garyk: do you know?
17:04:05 <thangp> tjones1: not sure I see anything proposed for it
17:04:21 <tjones1> thangp: i have not heard anything around that
17:04:58 <tjones1> i can ask
17:05:08 <thangp> tjones1: np, just worried some of the basic stuff we have will no longer work once nova-network is deprecated
17:05:14 <tjones1> yeah good point
17:05:28 <tjones1> i'll get back to you (maybe during this meeting)
17:05:36 <thangp> tjones1: ok thx
17:05:36 <tjones1> #topic bugs for kilo
17:05:40 <garyk> thangp: for neutron in the vmware_nsx repo we have a patch for simple dvs support with neutron
17:05:45 <garyk> this has limitations
17:06:05 <tjones1> #undo
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17:06:08 <thangp> garyk: ok, do you have a link for the repo?
17:07:15 <garyk> thangp: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/154771/
17:07:44 <thangp> garyk: thx
17:07:53 <tjones1> ok lets quickly go over the kilo bugs
17:07:59 <tjones1> #topic bugs for kilo
17:08:08 <tjones1> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/142174/
17:08:39 <thangp> tjones1: so garyk wanted a bp for it
17:08:44 <tjones1> yes i see that
17:09:00 <thangp> does the bp require a nova-spec?
17:09:10 <thangp> the spec would be quite small
17:09:18 <thangp> is just a bp ok?
17:09:29 <thangp> swap disk is by itself a small patch
17:09:35 <thangp> minus the tests
17:10:07 <tjones1> im looking at the change now
17:10:20 <tjones1> a bp would miss kilo for sure
17:10:37 <thangp> if it requires a nova-spec, it's not going to make it until liberty
17:11:03 <tjones1> im even confused when a bp needs a spec and when it just can be a bp…..
17:11:16 <thangp> :) too much paperwork
17:11:47 <tjones1> i think it needs a spec if it is a large change - this is adding a feature (feature parity really).  so perhaps just a bp
17:12:00 <tjones1> agreed on the paperwork :-(
17:12:15 <thangp> tjones1: ok...we'll find out once a core reviews it
17:12:29 <thangp> i just don't think a nova-spec is required until necessary
17:12:38 <tjones1> we need a minesweeper run for sure
17:12:44 <thangp> yup
17:12:46 <tjones1> can you recheck minwseeper?
17:12:53 <thangp> sure, will do it now
17:13:13 <tjones1> next one is your too #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/128508/
17:13:17 <tjones1> looks like this is ready for core
17:13:48 <thangp> tjones1: yeah...i'll try to ping someone on #openstack-nova after this mtg about it
17:14:08 <tjones1> yeah it has plently of +1 and minesweeper too
17:14:24 <tjones1> next is #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/158269/
17:14:29 <tjones1> mdbooth: you here?
17:14:40 <mdbooth> tjones1: Sorta
17:14:59 <tjones1> want to update us on your patch ^^?
17:15:48 <mdbooth> tjones1: I have little confidence of it landing. It has irritated dansmith, which is something of a poison pill for any patch.
17:16:17 <tjones1> :-(
17:16:44 <thangp> mdbooth: lol
17:16:53 <thangp> mdbooth: that is unfortunate
17:16:57 <mdbooth> There is no substantive objection to the contents of the patch that I'm aware of
17:17:07 <mdbooth> However, that doesn't seem to be terribly important
17:17:59 <tjones1> bummer
17:18:04 <tjones1> not sure what to say
17:18:04 <mdbooth> Indeed
17:18:24 <tjones1> ok well lets move on
17:18:31 <tjones1> #topic meeting times
17:18:49 <tjones1> so next week the US has daylight savings time.  so this meeting will move up 1 hour for those of you in the US.
17:19:32 <tjones1> garyk: what time is your meeting going to be?  can't recall
17:20:14 <garyk> tjones1: tbd. i will send a mail to the list
17:20:40 <tjones1> next week gary is going to chair the meeting starting at ?? and then the next week i will chair at 1700 UTC etc.  so we will cycle times like other meetings do
17:21:09 <tjones1> also we are going to open it up to glance, neutron, cinder, etc.  anyone who has an interest in the vmware driver.  not just nova
17:21:20 <tjones1> make sense?
17:21:33 <thangp> sounds good to me
17:21:35 <garyk> yeah
17:21:54 <tjones1> ok so that is all i had.
17:21:58 <tjones1> anything else?
17:22:10 <garyk> not on my side
17:22:17 <thangp> me either
17:22:21 <tjones1> ok short meeting
17:22:23 <tjones1> thanks guys!
17:22:26 <tjones1> see you later
17:22:29 <thangp> have a good week
17:22:30 <tjones1> #endmeeting