17:02:12 <tjones1> #startmeeting vmwareapi
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17:02:22 <tjones1> hi anyone around today?
17:03:21 <thangp> o/
17:03:54 <tjones1> hi thangp - gonna be another short meeting if just you and me :-)
17:04:05 <thangp> :)
17:04:11 <thangp> last one before summit
17:04:15 <tjones1> going to vancouver next week?
17:04:20 <thangp> yes
17:04:24 <tjones1> me too
17:04:36 <thangp> will see you there :)
17:04:47 <thangp> is there a vmware nova session?
17:05:06 <tjones1> yes that will be nice.  i don't think they are doing driver specific sessions any more
17:05:19 <tjones1> just unconferences for BP that need discussion
17:06:07 <thangp> ok :/
17:06:17 <tjones1> did you have any topics you wanted to discuss today?
17:06:36 <thangp> not from me
17:07:48 <tjones1> do you have any things that you want to get into the vmwareapi driver for liberty?
17:08:05 <thangp> just my swap feature (which i need to rebase)
17:08:25 <tjones1> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/142174/
17:08:28 <thangp> i have a bunch of cinder work to do for liberty, so i wont be much help with vmware in liberty
17:08:44 <thangp> tjones1: correct
17:09:27 <tjones1> ok well lets take back the rest of our hour then.  thanks and see you next week
17:09:42 <tjones1> #endmeeting