16:02:20 <pc_m> #startmeeting vpnaas
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16:02:34 <pc_m> #topic Announcements
16:02:47 <xgerman> o/
16:02:57 <pc_m> The devstack plugin for VPN has been renamed to neutron-vpnaas  (death to q-* :)
16:03:37 <pc_m> The DB models have been separated from DBase logic
16:04:14 <pc_m> Coverage tests have been broken for a while - pushed out commit to fix #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/217847
16:04:34 <pc_m> Any other announcements, before we hit the agenda items?
16:04:44 <ajmiller> Hi
16:04:48 <pc_m> xgerman: ajmiller: hi
16:05:07 <pc_m> #topic Endpoint Groups
16:05:28 <pc_m> So, this is a pre-requisite for the multiple local subnet feature.
16:05:53 <pc_m> Code is out for review, please review it as soon aas possible. Would like to get this in. #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/212692/
16:06:08 <pc_m> I'll be working on neutron-client support for this next.
16:06:36 <pc_m> #topic VPN Functional  Testing for Neutron Commits
16:06:51 <pc_m> Wish we had this to prevent breakages :(
16:07:13 <pc_m> I talked to Doug, and he suggested I try something, but as of this morning, it failed too.
16:07:30 <pc_m> The tests are not using the neutron patchset that is being tested.
16:07:43 <pc_m> Will circle back with dougwig on this.
16:07:52 <madhu_ak> just to understand, do we want seperate api job for testing them?
16:08:49 <pc_m> madhu_ak: This is an effort to add a pair of neutron jobs that will run the VPN functional (scenario) tests on any Neutron commit.
16:09:02 <pc_m> Goal is to prevent VPN breakage by Neutron code changes.
16:09:14 <madhu_ak> gotcha, thanks
16:09:38 <pc_m> The VPN API tests are being moved to neutron-vpnaas as a separate effort (I forget who is on that)
16:09:58 <madhu_ak> its me ;)
16:10:24 <madhu_ak> need to circle back with dougwig again
16:10:40 <pc_m> madhu_ak: So this job takes a neutron commit, runs VPN test, stacking and verifies the scenario tests run. Currently, it is doing that, but using the latest from master for neutron change set
16:10:46 <pc_m> madhu_ak: Nice.
16:11:02 <pc_m> #topic Neutron client and VPN devstack plugin
16:11:45 <pc_m> At the Neutron IRC we discussed. Will have two jobs. One that runs the core tests for neutron client, and one that runs tests for advanced services and enables VPN plugin (for now).
16:11:59 <pc_m> I have the project-config and neutronclient code up for review.
16:12:12 <pc_m> Cannot test neutronclient changes, until the job is upstreamed.
16:12:38 <pc_m> #topic Bugs
16:12:47 <pc_m> https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bugs?field.searchtext=vpnaas&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_patch=&field.has_no_package=&orderby=
16:12:47 <pc_m> status&start=0
16:12:58 <pc_m> #link https://goo.gl/XNtnLX
16:13:09 <vichoward> nice
16:13:21 <pc_m> These are the bugs we have. All but 2-3 have assignees.
16:13:50 <pc_m> Here are the open reviews #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/neutron-vpnaas,n,z
16:14:14 <pc_m> Please help out reviewing. The more +1s we get, the more confidence cores will have to +2/+A these.
16:14:24 <ajmiller> We would really like to get  reviews on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/216812/.
16:14:46 <xgerman> +1
16:14:53 <ajmiller> That fix is destined for stable/kilo, so it needs to get merged into master, then I will be cherry-picking it
16:15:04 <pc_m> ajmiller: Yeah, looks like you mostly need another core.
16:15:44 <pc_m> Plug for my commit... #link https://review.openstack.org/212692
16:16:18 <pc_m> The corresponding dev ref doc review is #link https://review.openstack.org/191944
16:16:44 <pc_m> Anyone have any other bugs they want to bring up to the group?
16:17:54 <pc_m> #topic Open Discussion
16:18:19 <pc_m> Anyone have anything else to discuss?
16:18:33 <Aish> Just an update..
16:18:36 * pc_m this will be a short meeting...
16:18:41 <pc_m> Aish: sure
16:19:05 <Aish> I am about to complete the basic functionalities in teh rally scenario tests..
16:19:17 <Aish> Will be addressing your comments in my next patch.
16:19:29 <pc_m> Aish: OK great
16:19:41 <xgerman> pc_m do you think those tests can land in Liberty?
16:20:23 <pc_m> xgerman: good question... I guess they don't have strict deadlines anymore, so maybe it's just a matter of it getting upstreamed in time.
16:20:41 <xgerman> yeah, that’s what I am thinking as well
16:20:46 <pc_m> xgerman: I think the biggest issue is getting core reviewer attention on all things VPN/
16:21:04 <xgerman> yeah, dougwig...
16:21:48 <pc_m> Which is why I'm pleading with people to review so that cores have a warm fuzzy that the team feels the commits are ready.
16:22:13 <pc_m> Especially as they may not be domain experts.
16:22:31 <xgerman> agreed - on the other had we can ask for more core reviewers ;-)
16:22:47 <pc_m> xgerman: good luck
16:23:23 <pc_m> They are watching the review stats...so if people consistently review VPN code, they could become core reviewers...
16:23:32 <xgerman> exactly!!
16:23:52 <pc_m> Historically, that has been a problem in VPN land.
16:24:13 <xgerman> well, we had an influx of new people so maybe that will get better ;-)
16:24:23 * pc_m fingers crossed
16:24:34 * pc_m and toes
16:25:02 <pc_m> Anyone have any other questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding VPNaaS?
16:25:23 <dougwig> I would love to add cores. :)
16:25:47 <pc_m> dougwig: yeah! Just mentioned we need people to review.
16:25:59 <xgerman> guess we are running through an open door :-)
16:26:44 <pc_m> dougwig: BTW, disabling q-lbaas didn't seem to solve the issue with VPN functional tests running on neutron commits.
16:27:24 <pc_m> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/196149/
16:27:46 <pc_m> dougwig: Let me know when you have some time to discuss. OK?
16:29:09 <pc_m> OK. I guess we can wrap up the meeting. I'll try to work with dougwig on the functional test issue.
16:29:24 <pc_m> Thanks for joining in everyone!
16:29:29 <pc_m> #endmeeting