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  1. Roll Call (csatari, 06:59:42)
    1. Gergely Csatari (csatari, 07:00:02)
    2. Ildiko Vancsa (ildikov, 07:00:14)

  2. Berlin recap (csatari, 07:05:47)
    1. ildikov sent out a summary of the Berlin Summit from ECG point of view (csatari, 07:06:08)
    2. StarlingX TSC had a face-to-face meeting (csatari, 07:06:23)
    3. There are more and more edge related projects. At the moment there are 26 groups focusing on different parts of edge computing (both open source and ISG-s). It is not easy to coodrinate between these or not even possible. We participate in other projects also and so cross community collaboration where it is making sense. (csatari, 07:10:44)
    4. Related open source projects are listed in the wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Edge_Computing_Group#Related_OSF_Projects (csatari, 07:12:58)
    5. And https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Edge_Computing_Group#Adjacent_communities (csatari, 07:13:33)
    6. Akraino Upstream Sub-Commitee paper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gEJPyLl_3xvvWT0J-312AflGs6Gk05gqjJ_h7FSDqyM/edit (csatari, 07:14:16)
    7. Would be nice to know if someone from ECG is there? (csatari, 07:23:20)
    8. Javier Rojas Balderrama (jrbalderrama, 07:25:26)
    9. It is not the full list of all open source projects and the lides only indicate the activities, but here I tried to summarize the most important open source projects: https://schd.ws/hosted_files/onseu18/3f/Open%20Source%20at%20the%20Edge%20of%20Networks.pdf from slide 13 (csatari, 07:26:57)
    10. Info about ECG Use cases meetings: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Edge_Computing_Group#Use_cases (csatari, 07:27:31)
    11. Next Use Cases meeting: Monday (December 10) at 5pm PT / Tuesday 0100 UTC (csatari, 07:28:10)
    12. Use Cases wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Edge_Computing_Group/Use_Cases (csatari, 07:30:15)
    13. How to manufacture several tons of plastic fiber per day with the help of edge computing keynote video: https://www.openstack.org/videos/berlin-2018/creating-the-textile-factory-of-the-future-running-on-openstack (csatari, 07:40:02)
    14. Our storyboard: https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project/1094 (csatari, 07:50:09)
    15. Edge Glossary: https://github.com/State-of-the-Edge/glossary/blob/master/edge-glossary.md (csatari, 07:57:14)

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