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Meeting started by csatari at 14:36:54 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Action items (csatari, 14:37:28)
    1. The list should be clarified before we handle it (csatari, 14:37:48)

  2. Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai CFP closing soon (July 2) (csatari, 14:38:30)
    1. https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/2019-shanghai-summit-talk-proposals (csatari, 14:38:42)
    2. Proposals will be added to the etherpad (csatari, 14:38:52)
    3. Demos can be also proposed as abstracts. (Just add to the abstract, that you plan to do a demo) (csatari, 14:39:03)

  3. Work items for testing / Lab requirements / Configuration of the minimal reference architectures (csatari, 14:39:35)
    1. StarlingX got some resources from Packet (csatari, 14:39:47)
    2. Greg is setting up StarlingX (1.0) based on the reference architectures (there are some issues about the bootstrapping the subclouds) (csatari, 14:39:56)
    3. We will get some more resources from Packet for single node deployments (C1XL nodes) - If anyone wants to work on these just speak up (csatari, 14:40:16)

  4. Involving more projects - Ironic (csatari, 14:40:49)
    1. There are OPNFV contributors and other vendor contributors who are willing to contribute to this (csatari, 14:41:02)

  5. StarlingX / Synchronization framework (csatari, 14:41:43)
    1. Core Keystone db style synch was commited (integration to containerised OpenStack is ongoing) (csatari, 14:42:06)
    2. Glance work was deferred to StarlingX 3.0 (csatari, 14:42:18)

Meeting ended at 14:01:38 UTC (full logs).

Action items

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  1. csatari (17)
  2. openstack (3)

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