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20:01:02 <ekhugen_alt> hi, who's here for the women of openstack mentoring meeting?
20:01:37 <CarolBarrett> Hi Emily
20:01:42 <CarolBarrett> Happy New Year!
20:01:46 <ekhugen_alt> Hi CarolBarrett!
20:01:58 <ekhugen_alt> Thanks! Happy New Year to you too!
20:02:11 <ekhugen_alt> I know Megan sent me a note she couldn't be here
20:03:03 <diablo_rojo> Hello :)
20:03:10 <ekhugen_alt> Hi Kendall!
20:03:34 <ekhugen_alt> oh CarolBarrett was Nicole from Intel going to come?  She sent me an email about getting an invite
20:03:53 <CarolBarrett> ekhugen_alt: Good question, I'll ping her!
20:04:01 <ekhugen_alt> thanks!
20:04:55 <CarolBarrett> she's on her way
20:05:08 <spotz> I'm here in a normal distractedly way if needed:)
20:05:18 <ekhugen_alt> Hi Amy!
20:05:33 * ekhugen_alt wishes everyone a Happy New Year and hopes their holidays were nice
20:05:34 <diablo_rojo> spotz, you and me both :)
20:06:16 <ekhugen_alt> #topic matches
20:06:17 <spotz> Happy New Years all
20:06:36 <ekhugen_alt> so first topic is matches (I think we can catch Nicole up when she comes)
20:07:19 <ekhugen_alt> right now according to spreadsheet we have 10 mentor/mentee pairs  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r2ZZNq7MBNJNKr0g_QlnQvhmkTSC8pf1x4DC-_NMfhA/edit#gid=0
20:08:07 <ekhugen_alt> which is I think half of all people signed up are currently matched (it sounds kind of low when I say 10 pairs for some reason
20:08:50 <ekhugen_alt> we were going to check in with them after 1 month (it's been slightly more than that)
20:08:58 <ekhugen_alt> any suggestions on what the checkup note should say?
20:10:05 * ekhugen_alt waves hi to Nicole_
20:10:21 <Nicole_> hi there!
20:10:43 <CarolBarrett> Hi Nicole_
20:11:08 <diablo_rojo> If they feel like they are a good fit mentor/mentee wise? What is the best bit of advice they have gotten so far? How often do they connect?
20:11:14 <CarolBarrett> ekhugen_alt: Can we adapt what we wrote for the previous checkin email?
20:11:19 <diablo_rojo> I'd keep it pretty short
20:11:31 <spotz> ekhugen_alt: I know Shilla and I are going to try to start next week. But maybe just mention breaks are over?
20:13:02 <ekhugen_alt> yeah, I guess the question is kind of, should we try to get some information out of this note, or just treat it as a reminder/is the mentoring relationship still breathing note?
20:14:37 <spotz> I'd go with still breathing. At least with the timing of my match we didn't have a chance to do anything before breaks
20:14:53 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_alt, ha ha good question. I suppose info gathering isn't really necessary.
20:15:32 <diablo_rojo> Still breathing sounds good to me.
20:15:52 <ekhugen_alt> and CarolBarrett I think the only previous checkup note we did was when we sent out the survey, for the first round of matches
20:15:57 <CarolBarrett> ekhugen_alt: It might be good to see if anyone of the Matches are interested in participating in a session in Boston to talk about their experience
20:16:27 <Nicole_> perhaps see if the mentor/mentee relationships are still breathing, although it'd be nice to build these out into a collage of mini-stories in the long term.
20:17:04 <Nicole_> emily, carol -- love your idea!
20:17:31 <Nicole_> about considering some of these as stories/sessions in boston.
20:17:44 <ekhugen_alt> so I think a Happy New Year, we're just checking in on you to see how your mentoring relationship is going/if you have any questions.  Also we're trying to get a panel session together for the Boston summit, reply if you're interested
20:17:50 <ekhugen_alt> type of note?
20:18:23 <CarolBarrett> Yes
20:18:39 <Nicole_> double yes.
20:18:40 <spotz> ekhugen_alt: Sounds good, only issue might be that call for presentations are out. Might need to get that in before you might get responses
20:19:23 <Nicole_> i'm writing a session submission for another diversity-related session. i'd be happy to write one for a mentor-related session.
20:19:26 <ekhugen_alt> spotz: are you suggesting delaying asking about this until we're sure the presentation is accepted?
20:19:31 <Nicole_> have we done something like this before?
20:19:37 <spotz> nope opposite:)
20:19:53 <ekhugen_alt> I think actually Anne mccormick put a note out to the listserv looking for people
20:19:53 <spotz> ekhugen_alt: Apply now because you may not hear back in time
20:20:04 <ekhugen_alt> so she's putting the session together, I believe
20:20:12 <Nicole_> ah, ok
20:21:22 <CarolBarrett> Yup - Anne McCormick is leading this.
20:21:40 <Nicole_> sounds great
20:21:58 <ekhugen_alt> so maybe instead of "reply if you're interested" "reply to Anne <email> if you're interested"?
20:23:04 <CarolBarrett> If we do that we should check with her first. If we ask for responses to our email, then we can pass the contacts to Anne. 6 of one; half-dozen of another...
20:23:48 <ekhugen_alt> I can send her an email and ask her preference
20:24:23 <ekhugen_alt> anything else for the follow up emails?  or matches in general?
20:24:41 <diablo_rojo> DOnt think so :)
20:24:57 <CarolBarrett> nope
20:25:06 <ekhugen_alt> okay #topic openstack project
20:25:28 <ekhugen_alt> I don't have much to report here, I put it on the agenda to shame myself into action
20:25:51 <ekhugen_alt> I think last year I left it as I was partway through the project creator's guide and needed something from the infra team
20:26:38 <ekhugen_alt> I think they might've added me to the projects (so I can start adding others) but I need to go back and check that
20:26:49 <ekhugen_alt> <- bad emily
20:27:09 <ekhugen_alt> any questions or comments on this?
20:27:50 <spotz> not I
20:27:54 <CarolBarrett> nope
20:28:34 <ekhugen_alt> #topic Boston planning
20:28:58 <ekhugen_alt> anyone have any updates on Boston planning for a speed mentoring session?
20:29:20 <Nicole_> intel is sponsoring the speed mentoring session in boston
20:29:26 <spotz> Nice
20:29:27 <ekhugen_alt> yay! thank you!
20:29:38 <Nicole_> i'm exited about it!
20:29:52 <Nicole_> i'd like to get team input as we plan for it.
20:30:05 <Nicole_> what worked/what didn't work.
20:30:20 <ekhugen_alt> Nicole_ +1
20:30:51 <spotz> It's moving to a lunch right?
20:31:02 <ekhugen_alt> is it going to be a breakfast session again, or is there the chance to switch to later in the day?
20:31:15 <Nicole_> am checking on that.
20:31:24 <Nicole_> would like to move it later in the day, if we can.
20:31:24 <CarolBarrett> ekhugen_alt: Did we capture improvements for the next round in Barcelona?
20:31:41 * ekhugen_alt looks back through chatlogs
20:31:49 <CarolBarrett> I know they were looking at Lunch, but I haven't seen that confirmed by anyone from the Foundation yet
20:32:08 <Nicole_> am checking on the time in parallel.
20:32:11 <CarolBarrett> ekhugen_alt: I thought we had an etherpad...? but I could be imagining things
20:32:12 <spotz> I'm gonna end up with Breakfast and Learns:)
20:33:01 <ekhugen_alt> carolbarrett we did, I don't think we had much in there (no mentors replied in it) https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/speed-mentoring-barcelona
20:34:20 <Nicole_> from memory, i can remember 2 of the highlights, but am trying to think of areas for improvement.
20:34:56 <ekhugen_alt> oh here, I think we had some suggestions at this wos meeting https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/WOS_11_14_16
20:34:57 <spotz> I wasn't there, only feedback I really heard was that one of the mentors wasn't prepared but that's kind of vague
20:34:58 <Nicole_> at this point, i've confirmed that it's still during breakfast.
20:36:10 <ekhugen_alt> so I think we liked the idea of having separate career and technical mentoring
20:36:30 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_alt, +1
20:36:46 <ekhugen_alt> but we wanted to have like ushers to seat mentors and mentees
20:36:46 <CarolBarrett> I think a couple of things we talked about changing for next time are: Having the greeters usher people to seats to get the table distribution we want
20:36:57 <ekhugen_alt> carolbarrett +1
20:37:09 <CarolBarrett> Also, having  a sign that indicates which tables are for Technical and which are for Career mentoring
20:37:46 <CarolBarrett> There's a comment in one of the other etherpads about having 2 mentors per table - might be a good idea, esp if we seat ~8 people at a table...
20:37:48 <spotz> +1
20:38:27 <ekhugen_alt> Did people like having 2 mentors per table?  I thought that people actually didn't like that
20:38:36 <ekhugen_alt> because one mentor would tend to talk more than the other
20:38:50 <CarolBarrett> It seems like we have a challenge getting both our mentors and mentees there on time - if this moves to lunch that might solve the early morning part of this issue, but could introduce others (like people getting from Point A to Point B)
20:38:52 <diablo_rojo> I think it depended on the table and pair of mentors- some talked more than others.
20:39:10 <diablo_rojo> That was my take anyway.
20:39:17 <CarolBarrett> ekhugen_alt: You may be right. I don't have any 1st hand feedback on this
20:39:37 <ekhugen_alt> I'm just going by what's in that etherpad from Nov. 14
20:39:46 <Nicole_> in looking at the etherpad from the wos 11/14 meeting, it looks like timing comes up quite a bit.
20:40:29 <Nicole_> both, timing of the wos/diversity/mentor sessions overall (sequence of sessions), and the specific time of the mentor session.
20:40:35 <ekhugen_alt> yes, it was a real issue at both events that people did not come even remotely on time
20:41:02 <ekhugen_alt> I wish I had a better solution for that
20:41:34 <Nicole_> the boston prospectus & schedule hasn't been printed yet. we may still have time to influence the timing of sessions overall, and the time of the mentor session specifically.
20:42:16 <CarolBarrett> I find it hard to imagine they will move both the Speed Mentoring and WOO Networking Session to lunch
20:42:24 <ekhugen_alt> I think we only ended up with 2 15 minute sessions at Barcelona, because of how late we started
20:42:24 <diablo_rojo> What is the normal time block we have to work with?
20:42:51 <spotz> From doing the lunch and learns we still have stragglers, you also have an issue of folks not there for the session just in the room for lunch
20:42:55 <Nicole_> i think the time block was 50 min.
20:42:56 <ekhugen_alt> diablo_rojo well the past two times we got like 7:30-8:45
20:43:26 <spotz> yeah have to be over by 8:45 so people can get to keynotes
20:43:47 <diablo_rojo> Maybe we just start rotations sooner and as stragglers come it we can catch them at the door with the lowdown rather than waiting for more people
20:43:59 <spotz> +1
20:43:59 <diablo_rojo> IF we wait too long we dont get as many rotations in
20:44:20 <ekhugen_alt> right, but then we also don't have many people to start the first rotation
20:44:36 <ekhugen_alt> crazy idea, but what if we threw out the idea of rotations?
20:44:57 <spotz> So just 1 mentor per table and folks stay put?
20:45:13 <spotz> definitely helps with the rotation chaos
20:45:16 <ekhugen_alt> right, but then maybe we could have a list of questions to go through and call time on each question
20:45:58 <ekhugen_alt> to help make sure it moves along and doesn't get caught up in one person talking the whole time?  Maybe that makes it not really speed mentoring
20:46:10 <Nicole_> timing was 7:30-8:35 am in barcelona. but it didn't feel like it was that long, given the issues that folks have already mentioned above.
20:46:16 <diablo_rojo> Rotating mentors instead of mentees helps clear up the chaos
20:46:21 <diablo_rojo> some of it anyway
20:46:47 <Nicole_> agree with the idea of 1 mentor per table, based on the earlier feedback
20:47:27 <Nicole_> i think we need clearer delineation of technical vs career tables
20:48:04 <CarolBarrett> Nicole_: +1
20:48:11 <ekhugen_alt> Nicole_ +1
20:48:14 <diablo_rojo> Nicole_, +1
20:48:30 <spotz> what about asking for questions in advance?
20:48:44 <diablo_rojo> Discussion questions in advance is a good idea too.
20:49:01 <Nicole_> maybe there's a way to ask them what their top 3 questions are at the time that they register?
20:49:09 <spotz> That way if someone asks something really good it can be asked at all the related tables
20:49:17 <ekhugen_alt> ooh, that's a good idea
20:49:22 <diablo_rojo> Nicole_, +1
20:49:55 <Nicole_> this will also tell us how many are interested in which track (e.g. technical vs career)
20:50:12 <CarolBarrett> +1
20:50:29 <Nicole_> we'll also be able to see what interests are, and if they're in the same areas, different areas, etc.
20:51:18 <Nicole_> what's the consensus on time of day? breakfast? lunch? evening?
20:51:19 <ekhugen_alt> +1
20:51:49 <Nicole_> and the consensus on sequencing of the networking session & mentor session?
20:51:50 <ekhugen_alt> I like evening, personally
20:52:07 <diablo_rojo> While I hate waking up early, I have the least conflicts before the keynotes.
20:52:24 <CarolBarrett> I agree with Evening...esp now that there are fewer evening parties
20:52:31 <Nicole_> am thinking the sponsors of the mentor & networking sessions can work together with the foundation to see if we can influence the time of day.
20:52:35 <spotz> evening will get you the most turn out potentially or at least the most sign ups
20:53:24 <ekhugen_alt> I don't have a strong feeling on the sequencing?
20:53:53 <diablo_rojo> If you decide evening  would be better I can talk to the people who will be doing the scheduling at the foundation for the Summit/Forum.
20:53:54 <CarolBarrett> No request on sequencing either
20:55:02 <ekhugen_alt> instead of truly evening, maybe last session of the day could be a compromise? although then we're competing with other sessions potentially
20:56:33 <CarolBarrett> That could work
20:56:50 <ekhugen_alt> okay we only have 4 minutes left, do we have any thing else we want to be sure to discuss today?
20:56:56 <Nicole_> from the feedback at the 11/14 wos meeting, it looks like there's some input to host a meetup or the networking session prior to the mentor session so that folks have an intro to wos
20:58:01 <Nicole_> does someone have the action item to work with the foundation on timing? it would be great to close on that before we close this meeting.
20:58:31 <ekhugen_alt> Nicole_ by timing do you mean breakfast/lunch/evening?  or the sequencing?
20:58:55 <Nicole_> breakfast/lunch/evening ... that seems to be the priority
20:59:20 <ekhugen_alt> it sounds like most people like evening, and diablo_rojo offered to talk with the schedulers?
20:59:38 <ekhugen_alt> we can continue talking on openstack-women
20:59:44 <Nicole_> excellent!
20:59:50 <ekhugen_alt> #endmeeting