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20:00:48 <ekhugen-> Hi All, who's here for wos-mentoring?
20:02:06 <aimeeu> greetings ekhugen
20:02:06 <CarolBarrett> hi
20:02:12 <ekhugen-> Hi Aimeeu
20:02:17 <ekhugen-> hi CarolBarrett
20:02:37 <ekhugen-> we'll give peeps a few more minutes to wander in
20:02:56 <aimeeu> sounds good - multitasking as usual
20:04:18 <ekhugen-> #topic update on matches
20:04:23 * ildikov is lurking :)
20:04:30 <MeganR> Hi
20:04:34 * ekhugen- waves to MeganR and ildikov
20:04:44 <Nicole_> hi!
20:04:53 <ildikov> ekhugen-: hi :)
20:04:53 <ekhugen-> Hi Nicole_
20:05:30 <ekhugen-> so before we get into the matches update, I think CarolBarrett has some news?
20:06:26 <CarolBarrett> I do - Thanks ekhugen!
20:06:59 <CarolBarrett> After 35 years in the High Tech industry, I will be retiring from Intel on February 2nd.
20:07:07 <ekhugen-> #topic Congratulations Carol!
20:07:25 <aimeeu> +1 ^
20:07:57 <ekhugen-> we will miss you on IRC and in person, but we're very happy for (and Jealous of) you!
20:08:21 <CarolBarrett> Thanks!! I've been working towards this for a while...I will miss all of the People the most!
20:08:44 <MeganR> we are sooooo going to miss you!
20:11:05 <Nicole_> echo-ing everyone's sentiments. speaking of mentoring, carol has certainly been a mentor for me as i've become more deeply involved in the openstack community. i will certainly miss you, carol!
20:11:19 <ekhugen-> +1 Nicole_
20:11:28 <CarolBarrett> Thanks you guys!
20:12:11 <ildikov> CarolBarrett: I'm so happy for you! And hereby I would like to join to the "We will miss you much!" team! :)
20:12:31 <CarolBarrett> Thanks Ildikov!
20:14:48 <ekhugen-> #topic update on current matches
20:15:27 <ekhugen-> I hope I didn't cut the previous topic off too soon, but I want to make sure we have time to talk about Boston
20:16:40 <ekhugen-> I think nearly all our current matches are going strong still, several of them replied to the update note
20:16:54 <ekhugen-> in one case a mentee had changed direction, so the mentoring relationship was on hold
20:17:17 <ekhugen-> any questions or comments on current matches?
20:18:02 <Nicole_> no questions on current matches, but another part of the conversation (and outgoing message) was about interest in a session at the summit.
20:18:31 <Nicole_> a session in which mentors/mentees share their experiences. led by anne mccormick. do we know how that is coming along?
20:18:32 <ekhugen-> Nicole_ yes, good point, let's switch to talking about Boston
20:18:39 <ekhugen-> #topic Boston planning
20:19:19 <ekhugen-> Anne got several people for her panel (I'm on it, Anne's mentee is on it, there were 2 other mentors(
20:19:28 <ekhugen-> I think she submitted that today to the call for presentations
20:19:40 <Nicole_> ok, that's great news!
20:20:00 <ekhugen-> if anyone else wanted to be the rep from the mentoring committee, I'm happy to give up my spot too
20:20:03 <CarolBarrett> Good stuff!
20:21:23 <MeganR> That is great - looking forward to the talk!
20:21:46 <ekhugen-> now about Speed Mentoring for Boston
20:22:11 <Nicole_> i would be interested in seeing how we can tell more of these mentee/mentor stories, perhaps through short (say, 30 sec) video clips. just a thought.
20:22:12 <ekhugen-> first of all, we'll miss Carol as our timer and organizer!
20:22:30 <ekhugen-> oh Nicole that's a great idea, have you asked the foundation about that?
20:22:49 <Nicole_> i haven't yet, but i'll plan to do that!
20:24:53 <ekhugen-> I think if we had a way to tell the stories, like asking people to record their videos and send it in somewhere, we'd probably get good responses
20:25:15 <Nicole_> i love that idea!
20:25:36 <MeganR> Possibly at OpenStack days
20:25:51 <ekhugen-> +1 MeganR
20:26:17 <Nicole_> oh, that'd be great! and then we can work with the foundation to find a place to post & promote them online.
20:26:39 <MeganR> HeidiJoy is a great person to ask - she worked on the PTL interviews, and can give some guidance on moving forward
20:26:46 <Nicole_> i'm in touch with heidi joy, allison & nicole there ... i'll start with heidi joy ...
20:27:13 <Nicole_> oh, excellent megan!
20:27:35 <Nicole_> i'll talk to heidi joy!
20:28:33 <Nicole_> about boston planning, have we confirmed a day/time for the speed mentoring session? we talked about moving it later in the day.
20:28:37 <ekhugen-> cool
20:28:59 <ekhugen-> so I think diablo_rojo left a message in openstack-women last week that it has to stay at breakfast for Boston
20:29:17 <Nicole_> oh, ok -- we'll plan on that then!
20:29:31 <ekhugen-> but that hopefully we can start pushing on changes for Sydney
20:30:22 * diablo_rojo creeps in late
20:30:27 * ekhugen- gets a little sad thinking about getting up that early
20:30:47 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen-, that's correct. Can't get it switched for Boston, but we should be able to for Sydney
20:31:19 <MeganR> *sorry, need to drop for a conflicting meeting
20:31:29 <ekhugen-> diablo_rojo do you know were they going to give us the Monday first thing session for Boston?
20:31:36 <ekhugen-> thanks MeganR!
20:31:50 <diablo_rojo> I think the details are in the prospectus. Let me go see.
20:32:14 <diablo_rojo> Its Monday mornring
20:32:25 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen-, you were correct :)
20:32:34 <diablo_rojo> https://www.openstack.org/assets/boston-summit/Boston-Sponsorship-Prospectus.pdf
20:33:49 <ekhugen-> So, I know it's maybe a bit far off, but does anyone know for certain yet that they'll be coming to Boston?
20:34:54 <aimeeu> 90% certainty as of this moment
20:35:23 <ekhugen-> Nicole_I know that time isn't quite what we had hoped, but will it work for you?
20:37:59 <Nicole_> yes, we'll make it work!
20:39:02 <ekhugen-> awesome
20:39:28 <ekhugen-> Does anyone else want to run the Speed Mentoring session this time?  Announce how it's going to go, etc?
20:40:20 <Nicole_> i'd be happy to "co-host", similar to what you & carol did the last time around.
20:40:37 <ekhugen-> awesome!
20:41:02 <CarolBarrett> +1
20:41:12 <diablo_rojo> I'll be around to help like I was last time, but I imagine I will get pulled away to be at the Keynotes early again.
20:41:16 <ekhugen-> I think last time we talked about: 1 mentor per table, clearer delineation of technical/career tables, and asking people for their questions and mentoring preference when they sign up
20:41:34 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen-, Yep that sounds right.
20:41:48 <ekhugen-> oh and ushers to make sure people spread out evenly
20:41:55 <Nicole_> yep, emily ... i was just looking through my notes as well, and that's what i came up with too!
20:42:00 <ekhugen-> so we'll probably need more volunteers this time around
20:42:22 <Nicole_> there was some talk about whether or not we wanted to use the rotation style too
20:43:21 <diablo_rojo> I say make the mentors move so there are less people moving around and we save time.
20:43:29 <Nicole_> but i think we decided to retain the rotations
20:43:32 <Nicole_> yes, sounds good
20:43:37 <ekhugen-> yep
20:43:52 <Nicole_> and we'll do the baseball cards again for the mentors ... that seemed to work well ...
20:44:04 <ekhugen-> yes, those looked awesome, Nicole_!
20:44:09 <Nicole_> cool!
20:44:22 <ekhugen-> I'm thinking we should ask for mentors earlier, maybe right after the PTG?
20:44:42 <ekhugen-> or possibly even at the PTG?
20:44:56 <Nicole_> yes, that would be great ... certainly helps with the logistics around creating the baseball cards
20:46:12 <ekhugen-> so plan maybe March 1 to send out an email to the dev listserv asking for volunteers for speed mentoring?
20:46:22 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen-, Yes it would be good to do that early, though people may not be sure they are going to be at the summit yet
20:46:45 <ekhugen-> and maybe we should do a signup form with the baseball card questions, the problem wasn't really getting mentors, it was getting their info, iirc
20:47:09 <Nicole_> yes, that'd be great
20:48:03 <ekhugen-> good point diablo_rojo, maybe plan for like one March 1, one at the beginning of April?
20:48:11 <ekhugen-> calls for mentors, I mean
20:49:59 <Nicole_> who should we work with to solicit info (e.g. top 3 interests/questions) from those who register?
20:50:22 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen-, Yeah that sounds good.
20:50:31 <ekhugen-> diablo_rojo maybe someone from the foundation is setting up the RSVP and could ask the extra questions?
20:50:44 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen-, Yeah I can talk to Erin about that
20:50:59 <ekhugen-> thanks!
20:51:00 <Nicole_> awesome
20:51:08 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen-, Also we can maybe talk to the mentors that sign up to help with the upstream training for boston
20:51:29 <ekhugen-> good idea, ildikov are you coordinating upstream for Boston?
20:51:45 <ildikov> ekhugen-: yes
20:52:25 <ekhugen-> do we want to send out a joint call for mentors? or have you already started planning?
20:52:49 <ildikov> ekhugen-: I started to ask for help for the upstream training things in general
20:53:57 <ildikov> ekhugen-: I think we can do a joint call still, should still be beneficial, like emphasizing that we have a long term mentoring offering along with the quick start that the training provides
20:54:36 <ildikov> ekhugen-: so I can mention that to people who're volunteering as training mentors if they haven't considered it yet
20:54:37 <ekhugen-> yeah, maybe asking for mentors for speed mentoring, upstream, and long term mentoring all at the same time
20:54:46 <ildikov> ekhugen-: speed mentoring also of course
20:55:03 <ildikov> yeah, I think that makes sense
20:55:14 <ekhugen-> cool
20:55:29 <ildikov> I think if we have one sheet where people can sign up for either or all will make it easier to track on both sides
20:55:45 <ildikov> and people will not get confused regarding what they signed up for and what not
20:55:46 <ekhugen-> ildikov +1
20:56:22 <spotz> diablo_rojo: Will most likely be in touch about training mentors
20:56:54 <spotz> and a late CarolBarrett we'll miss you:(
20:56:56 <ekhugen-> the current mentoring form asks if you want to help with other events, so we can just ask them to click yes and put in "speed mentoring" or "upstream" in the comment box
20:57:10 <diablo_rojo> spotz, youre interested in helping?
20:57:21 <CarolBarrett> Thanks spotz!
20:57:39 <spotz> diablo_rojo: Yeah and might have some others so will drop you an email when I have more details for you
20:58:33 * ekhugen- thinks that spotz is awesome
20:58:45 <ekhugen-> in our last two minutes, any other topics?
20:59:05 <CarolBarrett> I've got to drop - It's been a pleasure working with this team - best wishes for your continued success, within OpenStack, your careers and your lives!
20:59:06 <Nicole_> none at this point
20:59:19 <Nicole_> you too, carol!
20:59:26 <ekhugen-> Thanks CarolBarrett!  Best wishes to you too!
20:59:36 <ekhugen-> talk to everyone in 2 weeks!
20:59:41 <ekhugen-> #endmeeting