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20:00:34 <ekhugen_alt> Hi who's here for WOS mentoring?
20:01:53 <MeganR> Hi
20:01:59 <ekhugen_alt> Hi Megan!
20:03:43 <ekhugen_alt> gosh is it just the two of us this week?
20:03:58 <ekhugen_alt> Hi Nicole!
20:04:04 <nicoleh> Hi Emily!
20:04:52 <nicoleh> i'm getting excited for boston ... this is gonna be fun!
20:04:57 <ekhugen_alt> yes, definitely
20:05:09 <ekhugen_alt> I think we'll talk first about your list of mentors?
20:05:15 <ekhugen_alt> #topic mentors list
20:07:47 <nicoleh> yep, sounds good!
20:08:15 <ekhugen_alt> so did you have any more questions about the mentors list?
20:08:17 <nicoleh> so far, i have a list of the long term mentors & am looking for a list of the upstream & outreachy mentors.
20:09:00 <nicoleh> provided that our plan is to give a baseball cap to all of these mentors, i'm trying to come up with a final count.
20:09:01 <ekhugen_alt> ildikov did you see the email from nicoleh?
20:09:03 <ildikov> nicoleh: for the upstream training we're still finalizing the list
20:09:31 <ildikov> ekhugen_alt: yep, I have it, couldn't get there yet, sorry :(
20:09:36 <nicoleh> ildikov: does the list of upstream mentors change each summit?
20:09:44 <ildikov> nicoleh: yes
20:09:54 <nicoleh> ah, ok
20:10:09 <nicoleh> perhaps we can do this a different way then ...
20:10:15 <nicoleh> how many do you usually have per summit?
20:10:16 <ildikov> nicoleh: people need to get travel approvals, not everyone is sticking around, etc
20:10:30 <ildikov> nicoleh: 10-15 total I think
20:10:41 <nicoleh> ok, great!
20:10:43 <ildikov> nicoleh: some of them can join only one day, etc
20:11:05 <nicoleh> we'll add 10-15 to the our total list, and give you the caps so that you can give them to the upstream mentors -- sound good?
20:11:27 <ildikov> nicoleh: sounds great, thank you!
20:11:34 <nicoleh> cool!
20:12:03 <nicoleh> ildikov, would the upstream mentors also be interested in the baseball cards?
20:12:21 <ildikov> nicoleh: hmm, good question
20:12:33 <nicoleh> i'm not sure how the upstream mentor program works ...
20:12:58 <nicoleh> say, if it's similar to the speed mentoring session where they might use the cards to give to mentees?
20:13:15 <ildikov> we are putting more emphasis on the on-site event currently and need to figure out whether we will have follow-ups, etc.
20:13:49 <ildikov> our mentors/trainers are presenting and we have hands on sessions where mentors are sitting together with a group of people
20:13:57 <ildikov> we are planning to pair mentors to groups
20:14:23 <nicoleh> ok, no worries, if they won't use the cards during the event, then we'll only give them the caps. :)
20:14:43 <ildikov> I'm certainly more sure about the caps :)
20:14:55 <nicoleh> cool!
20:15:27 <ildikov> what's your deadline on the cards?
20:15:44 <nicoleh> the week of apr 17
20:15:53 <ildikov> ok, great
20:16:09 <nicoleh> but i need a near-final count for budgeting purposes
20:16:10 <ildikov> will give it a second thought when Kendall is back and will let you know if we changed our minds
20:16:17 <ildikov> let's stick with the caps for now
20:16:32 <nicoleh> ok, sounds good! so, we've got the upstream mentors covered then! what about the outreachy mentors?
20:16:41 <ildikov> Kendall is back next week, so we will not be last minute
20:17:02 <ekhugen_alt> I don't see vmkc online, and I guess she didn't respond to the email?
20:17:03 <ildikov> nicoleh: thanks for doing/organizing this!
20:17:21 <nicoleh> absolutely, ildikov!
20:18:03 <nicoleh> emily, i haven't heard back from vmkc yet.
20:18:46 <ekhugen_alt> I think I saw that outreachy applications are due soon, so they must have a list of possible mentors/projects
20:18:53 <ekhugen_alt> maybe she hasn't had a chance to respond yet?
20:19:16 <nicoleh> very possible.
20:19:50 <ekhugen_alt> oh actually, they have a list of mentors on their wiki page
20:19:52 <ekhugen_alt> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Outreachy
20:20:00 <nicoleh> does outreachy happen similar to the speed mentoring session & the upstream mentor group ... meaning, we could get a guesstimate count & give them out during the onsite event?
20:22:09 <nicoleh> emily, just looked at the outreachy wiki page. this is perfect -- it gives us the rough count i was referring to!
20:22:31 <ekhugen_alt> great, sorry I didn't think of that earlier!
20:22:44 <nicoleh> no worries! i didn't either!
20:23:51 <nicoleh> remaining question: do we know what the current mentor count is, and who they are? i'd like to see if we need to start personal outreach.
20:24:18 <ekhugen_alt> sorry, from all three sources, or are you just talking about the list I sent, Nicoleh?
20:24:37 <nicoleh> oops -- sorry!
20:24:50 <nicoleh> i meant, who has specifically signed up as a mentor for the speed mentoring session in boston.
20:25:04 <nicoleh> was that the list you sent in email, emily?
20:25:44 <ekhugen_alt> I think that Kendall shared the list with me of who signed up for Speed Mentoring in Boston
20:25:51 <ekhugen_alt> sorry I should've included that with the other list
20:26:48 <nicoleh> no worries! do you mind passing it along?
20:26:51 <ekhugen_alt> there are 15 people on the list, but there's a fair amount of overlap with the other mentor list
20:26:56 <ekhugen_alt> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c_TXXQnITg4VqixppmxZAaJB2QnJOxbso_Kv5Y1C2Us/edit#gid=0
20:27:07 <ekhugen_alt> can you see that spreadsheet?  if not I'll just send the list in an email
20:27:51 <MeganR> it says that I need permission, don't know if I need to be added
20:28:42 <nicoleh> it is giving me the same message -- that i need permission.
20:28:44 <ekhugen_alt> I just added you meganr
20:28:50 <ekhugen_alt> nicoleh, do you have a gmail address?
20:29:04 <MeganR> thank you, I can see it now
20:29:06 <nicoleh> ah, yes ... uoduckswtd@gmail.com
20:29:29 <ekhugen_alt> okay, nicoleh, you should have it now
20:29:40 <nicoleh> i can see it now, thanks!
20:30:53 <nicoleh> this is perfect! i'll reach out to a few colleagues to enlist them as mentors!
20:31:06 <ekhugen_alt> cool, thanks!
20:31:29 <ekhugen_alt> I think it's great we already have 15 signups
20:32:30 <MeganR> that is a good number
20:33:43 <ekhugen_alt> so anything else on the mentor list or on Boston while we're at it?
20:33:57 <nicoleh> i don't think so, not from my end.
20:34:34 <ekhugen_alt> #topic long term mentoring
20:34:58 <ekhugen_alt> I put this on the agenda just because we haven't talked about it in awhile
20:35:16 <ekhugen_alt> I think end of January we checked in with mentors and mentees (we had 10 matches then)
20:35:40 <ekhugen_alt> I don't think there have been many new signups, but I wondered if it was worth doing a signup push and another round of matching before Boston?
20:39:36 <ekhugen_alt> hm yeah, maybe we'll just not do another round of matching, unless we have a sudden surge in interest
20:40:57 <ekhugen_alt> #topic open
20:41:05 <ekhugen_alt> anything else anyone has to discuss?
20:41:13 <MeganR> I think after Boston would be good - feed off of the enthusiasm after the summit
20:41:22 <MeganR> I don't have anything for open
20:41:29 <ekhugen_alt> that's a good idea MeganR
20:44:13 <ekhugen_alt> okay, I think we can end early then, thanks everyone!
20:44:21 <ekhugen_alt> #endmeeting