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20:00:30 <knangia> o/
20:00:42 <knangia> Hi, how you doing ?
20:00:52 <ekhugen_alt> Hi Khanak! how are you?
20:00:54 <diablo_rojo_phon> Hello :)
20:00:58 <MeganR> Hi
20:01:03 <ekhugen_alt> Hi Kendall, Hi Megan!
20:01:15 <knangia> very well...thank you :)
20:02:29 <ekhugen_alt> I don't see Nicole online yet
20:02:48 <ekhugen_alt> maybe we'll give her a few minutes
20:03:08 <knangia> sure
20:04:28 <ekhugen_alt> Hi Nicole!
20:04:33 <NicoleH> Hi Emily!
20:04:44 <ekhugen_alt> #topic Boston planning
20:05:10 <ekhugen_alt> so Nicole do you want to give an update on Boston from your end?
20:05:22 <NicoleH> sure!
20:05:33 <NicoleH> here's what i have ...
20:06:03 <NicoleH> 1. we've signed off on the abstract for the session, and it is in the process of being posted.
20:06:27 <NicoleH> 2. the time has changed to lunch on Monday, rather than the early morning time, i think?
20:06:38 <diablo_rojo> That is correct!
20:06:44 <NicoleH> cool!
20:06:47 <ekhugen_alt> *YAY* for not having to get up early
20:06:47 <diablo_rojo> Yay for not getting up BEFORE the keynotes!!
20:06:57 <NicoleH> i know -- that's so awesome!
20:07:00 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_alt, great minds think alike
20:07:12 <NicoleH> and i think it may mean that more people show up on time! woo hoo!
20:07:23 <NicoleH> i guess we'll test that theory, huh?!
20:07:28 <ekhugen_alt> yes, hopefully it shouldn't be so hard to get mentors to show up 15 minutes ahead of time!
20:07:45 <knangia> yes
20:07:46 <NicoleH> 3. we're in the process of signing off on the baseball cards & caps. i can send samples to the team via email.
20:08:01 <diablo_rojo> NicoleH, can't wait to see :)
20:08:03 <knangia> +1
20:08:14 <NicoleH> cool!
20:08:18 <knangia> so, who all are joining the boston summit here ?
20:08:19 <NicoleH> i think you'll really like them!
20:08:32 <knangia> just curious to see you guys ;)
20:08:50 <NicoleH> i'll be there!
20:08:57 <diablo_rojo> Needless to say, I will be :)
20:09:01 <knangia> i'll be there too
20:09:02 * ekhugen_alt is so excited for the baseball cards and caps
20:09:12 <ekhugen_alt> I'll be there
20:09:27 * knangia excited to see baseball cards
20:09:39 <NicoleH> awesome!
20:09:43 <MeganR> Unfortunately, I won't be there, but I know you will knock this out of the park (Fenway)!!
20:09:44 <knangia> great !!
20:09:53 <ekhugen_alt> aww, we will miss you MeganR
20:09:54 <diablo_rojo> MeganR, clever :)
20:10:02 <NicoleH> thanks, megan! i'm so sorry -- we'll miss you.
20:10:08 <knangia> ohh MeganR  , we will miss you
20:11:11 <ekhugen_alt> so it sounds like things are really moving along NicoleH, is there anything you need help with on your end?
20:11:30 <knangia> so, we all are meeting Moday lunch in Bosotn ? have we decided the exact venue yet....like where will be the mentoring sessions
20:11:41 <NicoleH> yes, things are moving along! i think we're good for now.
20:11:54 <knangia> awesome NicoleH
20:12:06 <ekhugen_alt> knangia I don't think the foundation has released that info yet, the RSVP link I don't think is out
20:12:09 <NicoleH> ultimately, we'll need to confirm our team of helpers/facilitators, and schedule the prep meeting with the mentors, but i think those things are a little further out.
20:12:29 <spotz> I like getting up early... runs and hides:)
20:12:33 <knangia> yes...we need to do the above things
20:12:59 <diablo_rojo> Updates from me before I gotta run- I talked to Erin today, the registration should go out in the next few days- she will send something out to the ML when its ready to get the ball rolling. As for number of Mentors, we have 16 people signed up
20:13:17 <ekhugen_alt> I think we were talking the week of April 17 for the prep meeing
20:13:38 <ekhugen_alt> and cool, thanks diablo_rojo
20:13:44 <NicoleH> cool, diablo_rojo, about the sign-ups!
20:13:53 <knangia> +1 diablo_rojo
20:13:59 <NicoleH> yes, emily, i think we were talking the week of apr 17.
20:14:12 <ekhugen_alt> I think 16 mentors is pretty good, do we want to put another call for mentors out when the registration goes out?
20:14:29 <NicoleH> yes, i think so ...
20:14:40 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_alt, I think the tweet is scheduled to go out again at some point, but another email wouldn't be a bad thing
20:14:44 <NicoleH> what number are we targeting? i was thinking between 20 & 25?
20:14:49 <ekhugen_alt> just basically the same email as last time + time and date and place?
20:14:53 <knangia> yup ekhugen_alt
20:15:02 <diablo_rojo> Sounds good to me
20:15:14 <knangia> but, how many menses are we thinking will sign up ?
20:15:16 <ekhugen_alt> I think we were thinking 20-25 yes, so we had some extras, because there are always last minute conflicts/cancellations
20:15:21 <knangia> *mentees
20:15:44 <ekhugen_alt> so if it's like austin (which I think will be a better comparison than barcelona) we had like 70 mentees
20:16:13 <knangia> ok, then we need 20-25 mentors atleast
20:16:21 <NicoleH> ok, cool on the target number of mentors. there are folks that i can reach out to across the community that i didn't yet see on the list of mentors who have signed up. am thinking maybe a personal touch might be a good follow-up after the next email goes out?
20:16:38 <knangia> sure NicoleH
20:16:45 <ekhugen_alt> sure, that's a good idea NicoleH
20:16:51 <NicoleH> cool!
20:17:02 <knangia> I am also trying to get people in OSIC sign up by talking to them or reaching out
20:17:17 <NicoleH> yes, knangia, i was thinking of that too!
20:17:22 <ekhugen_alt> I think we could make do with 16, even if we lost people last minute and were down to 10, that's still probably only 7 mentees per table
20:18:02 <NicoleH> sounds good!
20:18:15 <diablo_rojo> Its just a slightly different dynamic, but it will all work out one way or another :)
20:18:22 <knangia> +1 NicoleH
20:19:49 <ekhugen_alt> okay, I was just realizing that April 17 is closer than I thought, do we just want to use this timeslot for the mentor prep call?
20:20:02 <diablo_rojo> Works for me
20:20:16 <MeganR> Good idea
20:20:16 <knangia> works for me as well
20:21:08 <ekhugen_alt> okay, I can go ahead and schedule that now so it's on people's calendars
20:21:27 <NicoleH> +1 great idea!
20:21:58 <ekhugen_alt> and I think the slides are pretty much updated (thanks, Nicole), maybe our next meeting we can go over those?
20:22:01 <diablo_rojo> I'll be headed to DockerCon that day, but I will try to make it.
20:22:11 <diablo_rojo> the 17th that is
20:23:11 <knangia> also, for next monday's (April 3rd) WoO meeting, I have 2-3 speakers to share their experiences about past OpenStack summits...they have either been to summit or presented a talk
20:23:59 <ekhugen_alt> +1 knangia
20:24:05 <NicoleH> if we're using this meeting during the week of apr 17 to prep the mentors, then we're talking specifically about apr 19, right?
20:24:36 <ekhugen_alt> yes, thanks for clarifying NicoleH
20:24:43 <knangia> yup, april 19
20:24:48 <NicoleH> cool!
20:25:57 <knangia> also, NicoleH  do you want me to email the whole OSIC group for mentor sign up, till now I have announcing and reaching out on slack...
20:26:00 <diablo_rojo> Ah yes, Monday and Wednesday are different days lol
20:26:21 <NicoleH> yes, knangia, that'd be great! thanks!
20:26:38 <knangia> i'll do...thanks :)
20:26:48 <NicoleH> knangia, i'd like to see folks like kenny participate.
20:27:10 <knangia> ahh...will try my best !!!!!!!
20:27:30 <NicoleH> i can send a personal note to kenny as well. :)
20:27:44 <knangia> sure...it will be good
20:27:47 <NicoleH> if denise & val will be at the summit, they'd be great as mentors!
20:28:17 <NicoleH> and walter bentley, too!
20:29:24 <diablo_rojo> Before I gotta run, anything else you need from me?
20:29:48 <ekhugen_alt> I can't think of anything, diablo_rojo, NicoleH did you have any more questions?
20:29:49 <knangia> so, now we meet april 19 to discuss mentor prep
20:29:58 <NicoleH> nope, i think we're good for now!
20:30:08 <NicoleH> thanks everyone!
20:30:20 <diablo_rojo> Thanks! Talk to you all later :)
20:30:24 <ekhugen_alt> thanks!
20:30:24 <knangia> thank you
20:30:37 <ekhugen_alt> any other topics or can we end early?
20:30:40 <knangia> just confirming : next irc meeting : april 19 ?
20:31:22 <knangia> ekhugen_alt: ^^
20:31:34 <ekhugen_alt> oh sorry, next meeting would be april 12, unless someone else wants to hold the one on april 5?
20:31:46 <ekhugen_alt> and then the meeting with mentors would be april 19
20:32:10 <knangia> cool
20:32:22 <knangia> if we want meeting on april 5, then i can hold one
20:32:25 <knangia> else we can skip
20:32:56 <ekhugen_alt> I'm out on the 5th, so I'll let others weigh in
20:33:48 <knangia> cool...let me know
20:34:06 <NicoleH> i don't think we need a meeting next week, from my end. but i do think we need a quick sync to prep for the mentor prep meeting -- or at least, a sync on what we've received from mentees, since we'll use their responses to guide part of the prep meeting.
20:34:30 <ekhugen_alt> NicoleH are you okay with doing that sync on the 12th or do you think it needs to be sooner?
20:34:39 <knangia> so, when do we want to do that  ?
20:34:47 <NicoleH> actually, apr 12 would be ideal.
20:34:57 <NicoleH> it'd give us more time to get the responses from the mentees.
20:35:24 <ekhugen_alt> okay, so we'll plan that to be our main topic for the april 12 irc meeting, along with going over the slides for the mentor prep meeting?
20:35:39 <NicoleH> perfect!
20:35:42 <knangia> perfect
20:35:55 <knangia> april 12th next meeting to prep
20:36:37 <ekhugen_alt> cool, any other questions/topics?
20:37:30 <MeganR> I'm good
20:38:12 <ekhugen_alt> okay, thanks everyone, we'll give you 22 minutes back!
20:38:43 <MeganR> sounds great - bye!
20:38:47 <ekhugen_alt> #endmeeting