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20:01:49 <ekhugen_> hi, who all's here for women of openstack mentoring?
20:01:55 * diablo_rojo raises hand
20:02:05 <ekhugen_> fabulous!
20:02:22 <ekhugen_> It seems like there's been really good feedback so far on the matches you made, I've been watching the emails come in
20:03:14 <diablo_rojo> Yeah so far so good. I think we have 15 more mentors that don't have mentees.
20:03:28 <diablo_rojo> Was going to work on matching them up at some point this week.
20:03:31 <ekhugen_> that's a very cool problem to have
20:03:45 * diablo_rojo just needs to take the time to buckle down and do it
20:03:55 <spotz> *peeks just to peek*:)
20:04:12 <ekhugen_> if you need help, let me know, I'm in a bit of a downtime after being somewhat crazy at work all summer
20:04:37 <diablo_rojo> I think we have 15 mentees without mentors
20:05:31 <ekhugen_> is the list out in google docs?
20:05:36 <diablo_rojo> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jsS3HJgwWU8K28i3QwDIghaaLM2v5mbCXV8A5WlhZDE/edit?usp=sharing
20:05:47 <diablo_rojo> sheet one is all the signups
20:06:25 <amrith> ./
20:06:28 <diablo_rojo> then I filtered out the mentees and mentors into the next two sheets
20:06:44 <diablo_rojo> And the the fourth sheet is where I was putting the matches
20:06:52 <diablo_rojo> I can give edit rights to whoever wants them
20:06:59 <ekhugen_> word, I'll check it out tonight/tomorrow and send you some suggestions
20:07:02 <diablo_rojo> just ping me with an email :)
20:07:08 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_, sounds good
20:07:30 <ekhugen_> stacky mcstackface doesn't have a mentee yet!
20:07:56 <spotz> ekhugen_: Well if she'd used the right email that's me!:)
20:08:28 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_, that was my test submisson when I made the form lol
20:08:31 <spotz> Stacky was created for upstream institute in Boston
20:08:53 <ekhugen_> I figured, I was just missing my sarcasm tags there :-)
20:09:52 <ekhugen_> for the mentoring doc and wiki https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Mentors
20:10:26 <ekhugen_> do we want to move the info about the lightweight mentoring to be further down, with the mentor signups?
20:11:49 <diablo_rojo> Yes?
20:11:55 <spotz> ekhugen_: Yeah I think I'd group them
20:11:57 <diablo_rojo> We should also probably rename to longterm
20:12:11 <diablo_rojo> since we are starting to use that terminology instead of lightweight
20:12:13 <NicoleH> Hi there!
20:12:14 <ekhugen_> +1 diablo_rojo
20:12:22 * ekhugen_ waves hi to Nicole
20:12:26 <spotz> and maybe move the mentoring sponsored by header down?
20:12:40 <spotz> hey
20:13:35 <amrith> hi all, I may have missed a sign up deadline but I'd still like to sign up. I'll do that right now ... sorry for the delay
20:13:37 <diablo_rojo> spotz, works for me
20:13:52 <amrith> thx diablo_rojo for the link
20:14:08 <diablo_rojo> amrith, np
20:16:01 <diablo_rojo> So, spotz you gonna make those changes? :)
20:16:29 <ekhugen_> oh sorry, I was just making some changes
20:16:37 <spotz> I can do that. But you gotta remember to put me on the spreadsheet:)
20:17:15 <ekhugen_> spotz I think if you fill out the form, you'll be on the spreadsheet automagically
20:17:27 <spotz> ekhugen_: I did it monday during the meeting:(
20:17:51 <spotz> Oh and someone started editing but I think we need to move contents up
20:18:19 <spotz> I don't have an edit for that though
20:18:29 <spotz> NM I do
20:18:50 <ekhugen_> better now?
20:19:33 <diablo_rojo> spotz, as permission to edit?
20:19:43 <spotz> ekhugen_: Yeah:)
20:20:07 <spotz> diablo_rojo: didn't realize I needed to hit the edit button on top but ekhugen_ was in there same time
20:20:34 <spotz> We're all good:)
20:20:41 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_, spotz shared with you
20:21:02 <ekhugen_> thanks diablo_rojo
20:21:25 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_, np
20:22:22 <spotz> thanks diablo_rojo
20:23:07 <ekhugen_> I was thinking on our various guides, maybe we should send them out to past mentors and mentees and ask if they have any updates?
20:23:50 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_, that would be good. I always like feedback wherever I can get it
20:23:58 <spotz> +1
20:24:21 <ekhugen_> I think I have the list from the previous, so I'll just send it everyone en masse?
20:24:48 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_, yeah that should work
20:25:13 <ekhugen_> cool
20:25:20 <ekhugen_> any other wiki/doc updates?
20:25:42 <diablo_rojo> ekhugen_, don't think so
20:26:28 <ekhugen_> cool, I think our other topic was sydney summit planning for Speed Mentoring
20:26:51 <ekhugen_> this came up on the women of openstack call on Monday, talking again about combining it with the women of openstack lunch
20:27:16 <diablo_rojo> Yeah, what do we want that to look like?
20:27:19 * amrith perks up ... sydney
20:27:22 <ekhugen_> amrith, what do you think of that idea?  it would probably mean only having half an hour for it
20:27:35 <diablo_rojo> Just like two rounds and then regular working lunch activities?
20:27:44 <amrith> half hour isnt worth it, i think
20:28:02 <amrith> why not make it an informal thing
20:28:20 <amrith> find your mentor and connect and chat
20:28:27 <ekhugen_> I mean, what we could do is instead of planning out tables of mentors and mentees, make it more like speed networking
20:28:48 <amrith> say, set aside some tables in marketplace area
20:29:15 <ekhugen_> that's an interesting idea, diablo_rojo do you think that it would be possible to set aside a mentor/mentee area?
20:29:19 <amrith> and ppl can meet there
20:29:20 <amrith> at their convenience
20:29:24 <spotz> Oh just a point Jessica said she'd take charge of the working lunch again
20:29:44 <amrith> and / or get mentors to agree to 'staff' that area
20:30:04 <spotz> I met with my mentee outside a room and just checked in
20:30:07 <diablo_rojo> I think it would just be banquet style for the room
20:30:31 <diablo_rojo> Oh I get it now.
20:30:39 <diablo_rojo> Slow on the uptake- too many things going on.
20:30:57 <ekhugen_> yeah, sorry I think we have a couple different convos going on here
20:31:03 <diablo_rojo> I can see if thats something we can do. Or if there is a woo lounge we can say that is also a good place to meet with mentor/mentees?
20:31:09 <ekhugen_> and that's cool spotz that Jessica is doing the wos lunch
20:31:51 <amrith> diablo_rojo +1
20:32:02 <diablo_rojo> speed networking while people gather might be a good way to do it and then once enough people are there the regular working lunch could kickoff.
20:32:13 <diablo_rojo> Kind of like meet and mingle before the main event?
20:32:17 <amrith> pt a coffee machine there and it'll be flooded
20:32:28 <diablo_rojo> amrith, lol
20:32:29 <ekhugen_> lol
20:32:37 <spotz> diablo_rojo: ANy chance of getting the room a little early to do it that way?
20:33:10 <ekhugen_> I mean, it's lunch, so people will probably have sessions up until it starts, right?
20:34:19 <spotz> ekhugen_: depends on their schedule etc.
20:34:30 <diablo_rojo> spotz, possibly, depends on the room but we can ask Erin
20:34:50 <spotz> Was just thinking oming for lunch if we had access to the room and people were freebefore everyone starts cftarted olks could get s
20:35:09 <spotz> ugh retyping don't read that!!!
20:35:27 <diablo_rojo> spotz, lol
20:36:10 <spotz> Was just thinking if we had access to the room and people were free they could start before everyone starts coming for lunch
20:36:37 <spotz> I don't know how I do that but I end up typing not where I am in a line and it's not just IRC:(
20:37:58 <ekhugen_> that's fair, so we have 2 possibilities (which are not incompatible): do a speed networking before/during the first part of the women of openstack working lunch and offering a place where mentors and mentees can meet up
20:38:32 <spotz> which covers both type of mentoring we do
20:38:47 <diablo_rojo> Sounds like we should do both if it works out
20:39:12 <ekhugen_> is it worth putting these suggestions out to the women of openstack listserv for more discussion?
20:39:23 <spotz> Yes!!!!
20:39:26 <spotz> :)
20:40:06 <diablo_rojo_phon> Why not :)
20:40:14 <ekhugen_> were there other topics from Monday's meeting that we were going to discuss on the listserv?  could it all get bundled in one email?
20:40:58 <spotz> ekhugen_: Jessica will hopefully reach out for the working lunch. I am going to mail out for anyone going to open source summit who wants to meet up
20:41:28 <spotz> Oh and diablo_rojo I think is going to poke Anne about the videos. So nonthing really related to this
20:41:54 <spotz> I'd say let's keep the mails targeted to topic
20:42:05 <diablo_rojo_phon> spotz: +1
20:42:40 <ekhugen_> okay fair enough, anyone want to volunteer to send the proposals out to the listserv?
20:43:08 <diablo_rojo_phon> I think amrith should since he's kind of taking the lead here?
20:43:15 <spotz> I would saw Amrith as he's leading the speed mentoring
20:43:34 <spotz> not that we're volunteering him or anything....
20:43:43 <diablo_rojo_phon> Lol
20:43:56 <ekhugen_> lol
20:44:35 <spotz> And he owes us tie dye t-shirts....
20:47:12 <ekhugen_> amrith, are you okay with taking point on the email to the listserv, please?
20:50:29 <ekhugen_> okay, well any other topics?
20:50:38 <ekhugen_> we'll check back in next week with sydney planning maybe
20:51:02 <diablo_rojo_phon> Nothing else for now
20:51:23 <ekhugen_> cool, thanks everyone!  have a good week!
20:51:49 <spotz> laters!:)
20:51:55 <ekhugen_> #endmeeting