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20:00:38 <ekhugen_alt_> Hi!  Who’s here for WOO Mentoring?
20:06:40 <Erindisney_> Hey everyone! Kendall Nelson is midflight right now so joining on her behalf to talk Sydney!
20:08:06 <ekhugen_alt_> Hi Erin!
20:08:25 <Erindisney_> Hi! Long time no chat :)
20:08:44 <ekhugen_alt_> I know!  How are you?
20:09:02 <Erindisney_> Good! Just landed in SF for OpenDev tmrw. You?
20:09:56 <ekhugen_alt_> nice!  it’s been rainy and coldish in the northeast, but I guess SF might be like that right now too
20:10:09 <spotz> o/
20:10:16 <ekhugen_alt_> Hi Amy!
20:10:50 <spotz> I've email introduced Jessica and Amrith in prep for Sydney
20:11:05 <ekhugen_alt_> so Erin, Kendall mentioned last week that we might be able to have a speed mentoring session even if we don’t get sponsorship
20:11:27 <ekhugen_alt_> so are there any ways that it would have to change?  like could it still be an hourlong session over lunch?
20:11:47 <Erindisney_> Yes! We obviously value this program and even though we didn't get a sponsor this time want to make it work.
20:12:09 <ekhugen_alt_> that’s awesome of the foundation, thank you!
20:12:29 <Erindisney_> I was able to find a room on Monday during lunch. Everyone will need to grab their own lunch from around the corner on their way in.
20:12:56 <Erindisney_> But otherwise will be similar set up to what you've done in the past.
20:13:19 <ekhugen_alt_> oh cool, so a room with like 15-20 round tables, basically?
20:13:25 <Erindisney_> Only issue is the room is set up classroom style. Do you think we can make that work?
20:14:17 <Erindisney_> it's set for roughly 100 people, but with rows of tables/chairs versus rounds
20:14:23 <ekhugen_alt_> are the chairs like bolted in place?  I’m just thinking it would work fine as long as we can turn some chairs around
20:14:38 <spotz> Can we maneuver so that the mentor is at the end and folks flip chairs so they're on each side of a table?
20:14:43 <Erindisney_> Chairs will not be bolted, can definitely be moved around
20:14:48 <spotz> hehe
20:14:51 <ekhugen_alt_> +1 spotz that’s just waht I was thinking
20:14:53 <Erindisney_> Absolutely, that's a great idea
20:14:58 <ekhugen_alt_> what*
20:16:00 <spotz> Sweet
20:16:39 <ekhugen_alt_> do you know erin if there’s any AV equipment in there (projector/microphone)?
20:20:03 <ekhugen_alt_> Erindisney_^
20:21:14 <Erindisney_> Hey sorry just got to our Airbnb. There will be projector for sure, let me triple check on mic
20:21:20 <spotz> I'll go out on a limb and say if it's set for a classroom yes
20:22:06 <Erindisney_> Assume there will be a mic and I'll let you know if not
20:22:25 <ekhugen_alt_> okay, awesome, I think those are the usual questions about the room
20:22:32 <ekhugen_alt_> I’ll let amrith know
20:22:59 <ekhugen_alt_> that’s all the questions I had, Amy, Erin, any others?
20:23:26 <Erindisney_> Will he be our main contact onsite or will either of you be joining us? Anything you need from me?
20:24:08 <Erindisney_> Going to make session live on the schedule later today
20:24:23 <Erindisney_> Unless you want me to wait so we can include sign up of some kind
20:24:42 <ekhugen_alt_> Amrith is going to run the session, so he’ll be the main contact
20:25:17 <ekhugen_alt_> I think it worked well to have a signup where people could say “mentor or mentee”, “career or technical” and put their email for any questions
20:27:13 <Erindisney_> We will hold on publishing until someone sends me more info
20:27:20 <spotz> I'm still holding out hope to be there, but I'll need to pull myself off my talks soon:(
20:28:15 <ekhugen_alt_> yeah, unfortunately I don’t have funding for Sydney, but I am involved with the Open Mainframe Project and they’re sponsoring a booth and sending some interns
20:28:37 <ekhugen_alt_> okay, erin, I’ll copy you on the note to amrith and ask if he wants any more info in the singup
20:31:04 <spotz> And I'll put it on the next WoO meeting agenda once I make the etherpad
20:31:16 <ekhugen_alt_> awesome, thanks!
20:31:52 <Erindisney_> Cool. Gotta run, hit me up with any questions. Looking forward to it, thanks all!
20:32:14 <ekhugen_alt_> thanks so much everyone!  enjoy SF Erin!
20:32:19 <ekhugen_alt_> #endmeeting