16:59:00 <johngarbutt> #startmeeting XenAPI
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16:59:44 <bobba> starting a minute early!
16:59:51 <bobba> :)
16:59:54 <johngarbutt> Hi everyone!
16:59:58 <johngarbutt> happy new year!
17:00:13 <johngarbutt> I guess my local clock is getting a bit fast :-)
17:00:19 <johngarbutt> keeps me on time
17:00:48 <bobba> Happy new year to you too.
17:00:52 <johngarbutt> Just a quick role call
17:01:09 <johngarbutt> can anyone shout out if they are around and have anything they want to raise, before we go through the agenda
17:01:37 <bobba> I'm here, but nothing to raise for me.
17:02:46 <johngarbutt> I guess it is close to the holidays, and I have not sent the usual reminder email
17:03:03 <johngarbutt> I don't really have any more updates
17:03:43 <bobba> Very close to the holidays - I imagine a good proportion of people are still on holiday, and the rest are slowly getting back into the stride of things
17:04:14 <johngarbutt> #help it would be good to get this review looked at: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/15022/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/15023/
17:04:25 <johngarbutt> other than that, nothing from me
17:05:04 <johngarbutt> OK, I will still hold this next week in the hope of some #blueprint updates
17:05:15 <johngarbutt> #endmeeting