09:31:14 <BobBall> #startmeeting XenAPI
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09:31:38 <BobBall> johnthetubaguy: ping :)
09:31:55 <BobBall> First subject: Meeting time.
09:32:07 <BobBall> I realised that I hadn't updated the meeting room, so I have now done so
09:32:14 <BobBall> #link https://review.openstack.org/356332
09:32:26 <BobBall> Please review and comment / vote on the change.
09:32:45 <BobBall> Main issue is, of course, that the validation scripts don't check for overlapping 1h meetings, just start times
09:33:03 <BobBall> so scientific-wg changed to use the #openstack-meeting room at 0900 UTC even though we were due to use at 0930 UTC
09:33:30 <huanxie> Hi all
09:33:40 <BobBall> hi huanxie jianghuaw and huazhihao
09:33:48 <BobBall> Do we have anyone else here for the meeting today?
09:33:50 <huazhihao> Hi all
09:33:54 <jianghuaw> Morning Bob.
09:34:33 <BobBall> I could wait a very long time for an answer to that question :D
09:34:45 <jianghuaw> Bob: so will we use #openstack-meeting-alt for the future XenAPI meetings or just for this time once?
09:35:01 <BobBall> All future meetings - see proposed change at https://review.openstack.org/356332
09:35:10 <BobBall> I have also updated https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/XenAPI
09:35:22 <jianghuaw> Ok. thanks.
09:35:36 <huanxie> Thanks BobBall
09:35:48 <BobBall> OK, it seems that johnthetubaguy is not around
09:36:15 <BobBall> A few points of note - there is a tricky review up on the plugins
09:36:38 <BobBall> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/289431/
09:37:00 <BobBall> It's particularly tricky because there will be some plugin version number fudging to mean that 1.8 is the same as 2.0
09:37:31 <BobBall> Once Newton is released, we will change the plugin version to 2.0, change the requried version to 2.0 and remove the symlinked non-.py files
09:37:42 <BobBall> This is all so the plugins all end in .py so they can be run through the flake checks
09:38:00 <BobBall> Any questions on how we hope it will work?
09:38:36 <BobBall> It's the first time we have a major version bump for the plugins
09:39:22 <BobBall> OK, good
09:39:28 <jianghuaw> Bob: it makes sense.
09:39:38 <BobBall> Do please review that chnage (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/289431/) and add any comments there
09:39:48 <jianghuaw> Sure.
09:39:50 <huanxie> Sure
09:40:04 <huazhihao> Will do
09:40:33 <BobBall> OK - anything else we should talk about.
09:40:53 <BobBall> Support for Fuel 9 has now merged into our fuel-plugins-xenapi
09:41:04 <BobBall> that was a big milestone over the last 2 weeks which si good
09:41:35 <BobBall> Anything else on the fuel plugin worth highlighting?
09:42:04 <BobBall> OK
09:42:07 <BobBall> #topic Newton priorities
09:42:17 <BobBall> We currently have two items in the priorities tracking:
09:42:20 <BobBall> Spec reviews that are ready for Nova core review. Have been reviewed by subteam:
09:42:23 <BobBall> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/274045/ - XenAPI: a new VDI store via streaming
09:42:26 <BobBall> Code reviews that are ready for Nova core review.  Have been reviewed by subteam:
09:42:29 <BobBall> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/286383/ - Adds unit tests
09:42:52 <BobBall> Are there any other reviews for Nova which are ready for review but not linked in the https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-nova-priorities-tracking document?
09:43:16 <huanxie> None for me ATM
09:43:54 <BobBall> huazhihao? Any changes from you which are not in the priorities list yet?
09:45:04 <jianghuaw> I have no more beside the above two.
09:45:30 <BobBall> ok
09:45:51 <BobBall> I did actually see https://review.openstack.org/#/c/341304/ which has a comment we can discuss
09:46:10 <BobBall> The question is why does the xenapi rootwrap need a custom way to extract the return code / etc
09:46:38 <BobBall> I'm thinking that maybe it doesn't - can we move this code to the rootwrap executable itself?
09:46:54 <BobBall> and then exit the rootwrap executable with the return code extracted from the dictionary?
09:46:56 <huanxie> Let me see
09:46:58 <BobBall> thoughts?
09:47:50 <huazhihao> Maybe https://review.openstack.org/#/c/299092/ or https://review.openstack.org/#/c/333781/ ?
09:48:16 <BobBall> For exmaple, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/341304/8/bin/neutron-rootwrap-xen-dom0 line 121 could sys.exit with the return code extracted from the dictionary
09:48:19 <huazhihao> "Remove ovs_integration_bridge default value" or the device tagging
09:48:25 <huanxie> I think we have two level return, the outer is not the actuall exit code which run in dom0 conntrack command returns
09:49:05 <BobBall> huazhihao: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/299092 has an outstanding review comment from John Garbutt which you haven't dealt with
09:49:32 <BobBall> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/333781 will be -2 until Ocata; we will likely need a specless blueprint to get that change merged
09:49:35 <huazhihao> Ah yes there is
09:49:46 <BobBall> huanxie: Not sure what you mean?
09:52:39 <huanxie> BobBall: neutron-rootwrap-xen-dom0's return code is not the actually exit code of this command "conntrack"
09:53:01 <BobBall> At the moment - but the question is, could we change neutron-rootwrap-xen-dom0 to always return the exit code of the command
09:53:16 <BobBall> particularly if it failed in dom0 and we have the evidence returned through the dictionary
09:54:10 <huanxie> yes, this change is not only for conntrack, with that change, the execute command's exit code will be returned through the dict
09:54:37 <BobBall> OK - can you look into the comment and think whether that's a possibility then>
09:54:38 <huanxie> what do you mean the evidence?
09:54:42 <BobBall> It'd be good to avoid changes in utils
09:55:02 <huanxie> sure, I will look into the comments
09:55:04 <BobBall> What I meant was that if the XAPI command succeeded we will have the dictionary which is the 'evidence' that contains the exit code
09:55:32 <BobBall> ok
09:55:40 <BobBall> #topic AOB
09:55:42 <huanxie> I see
09:55:48 <BobBall> Is there anything else we should discuss today?
12:43:40 <BobBall> #endmeeting