21:01:07 <flaper87> #startmeeting Zaqar
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21:01:21 <flaper87> vkmc: exploreshaifali flwang1
21:01:26 <vkmc> HI
21:01:29 <exploreshaifali> hi!
21:01:34 <flaper87> hellooooooooooooooooooooooo
21:01:46 <vkmc> o/
21:01:53 <flaper87> #topic Roll Call
21:01:55 <flaper87> o/
21:01:58 <vkmc> o/
21:02:04 <exploreshaifali> o/
21:02:24 <flaper87> #topic Agenda
21:02:27 <flaper87> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Zaqar#Agenda
21:02:34 <flaper87> that's our agenda for today
21:02:46 <flaper87> I believe we don't have pending actions from last week other than reviews
21:02:54 <flaper87> so, lets get started with our topics for today
21:03:05 <flaper87> #topic Pending important reviews
21:03:12 * flaper87 checks gerrit
21:03:23 <flaper87> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/213744/
21:03:33 <flaper87> recently, auth for ws landed. That patch fixes a deauth bug
21:03:56 <flaper87> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/202374/ ( flwang1 )
21:04:07 <flaper87> That's email notifications, it still needs to be updated
21:04:14 <flwang1> o/
21:04:23 <flaper87> flwang1: morning buddy
21:04:28 <flaper87> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/212828/
21:04:30 <vkmc> flwang1, morning!
21:04:37 <flaper87> That one is a new baby but quite important too
21:04:42 <flwang1> mornings, zaqers :0
21:04:46 <flaper87> That puts us closer to running mongodb+sql
21:04:47 <exploreshaifali> morning flwang1 :)
21:05:13 <flaper87> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/195010/
21:05:21 <flaper87> That's claims for WS
21:05:26 <flaper87> vkmc has been updating it
21:05:35 <flaper87> and we kinda have to merge it to complete the ws work
21:05:41 <flaper87> we still have time so please, lets get to it
21:06:01 <flaper87> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/199824/
21:06:05 <vkmc> claims, notifications (therve's) and we are all set for ws I guess
21:06:08 <flaper87> Set unreliable to False by default
21:06:34 <flaper87> vkmc: yup, remember we'll discuss notifications+ws tomorrow at 12/13 UTC
21:06:47 <vkmc> yes :) will be there
21:06:49 <flaper87> lets see how that goes and if we can merge WS notifications in Liberty
21:06:56 <flaper87> ok, that's it from the reviews side
21:07:04 <flaper87> Great work on reviews last week
21:07:20 <flaper87> Lets keep it up and review the pending patches
21:07:32 <flaper87> btw
21:07:46 <flaper87> One note w.r.t reviews
21:07:48 <flaper87> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-August/072191.html
21:08:01 <flaper87> Ryan Brown has accepted to join the core-reviewers team
21:08:33 <vkmc> wohoooo
21:08:34 <flaper87> With full honesty, that sets us one step farther away from having a diverse team
21:08:45 <flaper87> Nonetheless, I'm very happy about it
21:09:04 <flaper87> Ryan has provided great reviews and guidance
21:09:18 <flaper87> please chime in if you've something to share/say
21:09:20 <flaper87> :D
21:09:29 <exploreshaifali> Great! yes he answer my questions :P
21:09:53 <flaper87> :D
21:09:55 <vkmc> ryansb is great, I'm really happy to have him in Zaqar
21:10:07 <flwang1> flaper87: seems all the zaqar core team members should be  redhater, right?
21:10:14 <flwang1> can you send my CV to your boss?
21:10:25 <exploreshaifali> haha
21:10:28 <flaper87> flwang1: you can just send it to me ;)
21:11:04 <vkmc> lol flwang1
21:11:39 <flwang1> ok, seriously, we need more guys from the other org
21:11:41 <flaper87> flwang1: yeah, I'm not very proud of that but that's the best we can afford from now until ametts sends back ppl from RAX :P
21:11:58 <vkmc> we need more diversity in our team, please bring more Catalyzers flwang1!
21:12:03 <flaper87> flwang1: or you can put more resources :)
21:12:13 <vkmc> (I just invented a term to call people from Catalyst)
21:12:27 <flwang1> flaper87: i will
21:12:28 <flaper87> Catalystizers is WAY better
21:12:30 <flaper87> just sayin'
21:12:33 <vkmc> hahaha
21:12:43 <flaper87> flwang1 I'll take your word on that
21:12:44 <flaper87> :)
21:12:49 <vkmc> just repeat it 10 times non-stop
21:12:58 <vkmc> and tape yourself doing that
21:12:59 <flaper87> argh, MY HEAD!
21:13:04 <vkmc> and post it to twitter
21:13:04 <vkmc> thanks
21:13:07 <flwang1> flaper87: i will eat my words if you still don't buy a beer for me
21:13:14 <flaper87> did anyone see my last vine?
21:13:15 <flaper87> T_T
21:13:22 <vkmc> nope
21:13:23 * flaper87 keeps embarrasing himself
21:13:28 <flaper87> ok, don't go there
21:13:33 <vkmc> too late
21:13:51 <flaper87> flwang1 I'll buy you TONS of beers
21:13:57 <flaper87> with vkmc's credit card
21:14:02 <flaper87> ok, moving on
21:14:05 <flaper87> #topic OpenStack Summit (Tokyo)
21:14:08 <vkmc> flaper87, good luck with that :D haha
21:14:24 <flaper87> Not much to say there, to be honest. However, we need to start planning sessions.
21:14:38 <vkmc> yeah
21:14:41 <vkmc> I have one I have one I have one
21:14:43 <flaper87> We know what features landed in Liberty and the ones left for Mitaka
21:14:57 <flaper87> therefore, I'd like us to start brainstorming on specs on what's next in terms of features
21:15:23 <flaper87> Just like for Liberty, I think we should keep the number of features in Zaqar small and focus on having other projects consuming Zaqar
21:15:52 <flaper87> In addition to that, I believe we should have sessions for things that have a spec
21:16:23 <flaper87> Rather than going there and just do basic brainstorming, I'd like us to use that time to clear doubts and move some specs forward
21:16:32 <vkmc> so, maybe its a good moment to talk about integration with Horizon?
21:16:35 <flaper87> Although, this needs to be discussed with the next PTL as well
21:17:00 <flaper87> vkmc: what kind of integration?
21:17:22 <flaper87> vkmc: horizon consiming Zaqar? or having a Zaqar UI on horizon?
21:17:29 <vkmc> flaper87, Horizon consuming Zaqar
21:17:48 <vkmc> for the Zaqar UI... I think that one is not so urgent
21:18:01 <flaper87> vkmc: exploreshaifali is working on the UI, AFAIR
21:18:07 <exploreshaifali> yes
21:18:08 <vkmc> cool
21:18:12 <vkmc> I didn't know about it
21:18:21 <flaper87> vkmc: re horizon consuming Zaqar, it'd be really cool
21:18:32 <exploreshaifali> today only I had a littile discussion about same with one Horizon dev
21:18:32 <flaper87> However, we should also prioritize adoption efforts
21:18:45 <flaper87> This cycle we focused a lot on Heat and we had tons of help from Heat folks
21:18:46 <exploreshaifali> and he asked me to prepare a BP first
21:18:59 <vkmc> nice
21:19:15 <flaper87> Next cycle, I think we could focus on either guest-agent or user-facing notifications
21:19:51 <flaper87> At this point, I'm leaning towards the later since it's definitely a use-case that hasn't been explored enough
21:19:56 <flwang1> flaper87: any links about the integration with heat? should we invite heat folks to give/join a session?
21:20:20 <flaper87> flwang1: I think we should give space to other projects this time
21:20:28 <flaper87> We've had Heat sessions for 2 summits in a row
21:20:40 <flaper87> and we've gotten to the point where heat is consuming Zaqar
21:20:48 <flaper87> now we need to help other projects
21:20:49 <flwang1> flaper87: ok, cool
21:21:00 <flaper87> Also, I'd like to see a session on the client
21:21:11 <flaper87> I hope dynarro will be able to attend and prepare that session
21:21:21 <flwang1> flaper87: i vote for a GUI of zaqar in horizon and the  integration of horizon
21:21:55 <flaper87> flwang1: I'd love to have a GUI but that's at the bottom of my interests and what I believe is urgent
21:22:12 <exploreshaifali> I think I can prepare spec for zaqar GUI before summit
21:22:14 <flaper87> unless you folks think otherwise, I'd prefer to stick with that
21:22:25 <flaper87> exploreshaifali: that should be a horizon spec, though.
21:22:39 <exploreshaifali> yeah
21:22:48 <flaper87> I'd love to attend that session if it is scheduled and approved
21:23:19 <exploreshaifali> great! :)
21:23:23 <flwang1> flaper87: how about the swift notification middleware?
21:23:41 <flaper87> flwang1: that's  another exciting use-case, great thinking.
21:23:48 <flaper87> flwang1: we should also sync with them
21:24:02 <flaper87> #info sync with notmyname and swift folks about swift consuming zaqar
21:24:21 * flaper87 intentionally summoned notmyname
21:24:46 <flwang1> s/notmyname/flaper87
21:24:49 <flaper87> #info sync with folks from horizon to clarify their use-case for Zaqar now that websocket is in place
21:25:29 <flaper87> ok, anything else?
21:25:44 * notmyname will be happy to talk. is in meeting for a few more minute
21:25:57 <flaper87> Can we convert the above into action items?
21:26:12 <flaper87> flwang1 would you like to sync with ppl from swift ?
21:26:20 <flaper87> vkmc: would you like to sync with folks from horizon ?
21:26:34 <vkmc> flaper87, sure
21:26:40 <flaper87> I will sync again w/ folks from Sahara since their required feature is implemented
21:26:46 <vkmc> #action vkmc sync with folks from horizon
21:26:48 <flwang1> flaper87: yes, and what's the ppl you're talking about?
21:27:04 <flaper87> #action vkmc to sync with folks from horizon about a possible joint session for zaqar+horizon
21:27:18 <vkmc> thanks
21:27:33 <flaper87> #action flwang1 to sync with folks from swift about a possible joint session for zaqar+swift (swift notification middleware)
21:27:48 <flaper87> #action flwang1 to sync with folks from Sahara about their guest-agent use-case
21:27:51 <flaper87> damnit
21:27:52 <flaper87> #undo
21:27:52 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: <ircmeeting.items.Action object at 0x9a13cd0>
21:27:56 <flaper87> #action flaper87 to sync with folks from Sahara about their guest-agent use-case
21:28:04 <flaper87> ooooooooooooooooook
21:28:06 <flaper87> we can move on now
21:28:22 <flaper87> #topic Testing and Focus
21:28:52 <flaper87> I believe this cycle has been productive so far. We still don't have a crazy load of users but we've moved forward with steadier steps
21:29:10 <flaper87> Now is the time to test what we've done and make sure it's as rock solid as we can expect it to be
21:29:29 <flaper87> therefore, I'd like to call for a joint testing session
21:29:53 <flaper87> What day from next week would work for you ?
21:30:12 <flaper87> I'd like us to dedicate a full-day (or as much as you can from that day) to testing Zaqar
21:30:34 <flaper87> Single node, multi-node, pre-signed url, websocket, etc
21:30:41 <flaper87> V2 needs testing-love
21:30:44 <flaper87> and so on
21:30:47 <vkmc> sounds good
21:31:02 <vkmc> Thursday/Friday are usually good for me (no meetings those days)
21:31:05 <exploreshaifali> yea its exciting
21:31:16 <flaper87> flwang1: what about you?
21:31:20 <flaper87> exploreshaifali: what about you?
21:31:26 <flaper87> Thursday/Friday?
21:31:30 <flaper87> Shall we do Friday?
21:31:33 <exploreshaifali> I am ok with any day
21:31:36 <flaper87> It'd be like a hackday
21:31:37 <flwang1> Friday works for me
21:31:38 <exploreshaifali> yup Friday will work
21:31:54 <flaper87> Awesome, Friday next week it is
21:31:59 <flwang1> flaper87: i'm interested in the performance of notification
21:32:01 <exploreshaifali> :D
21:32:11 <flaper87> That should give us enough time to land the remanining patches
21:32:28 <flaper87> flwang1: yeah, same here. I'll work on a list of tasks for the test-day
21:32:39 <flaper87> Etherpad, that is.
21:32:41 <flwang1> flaper87: cool
21:32:43 <vkmc> I want to check websocket vs wsgi :o
21:33:43 <flaper87> awesome
21:33:47 <flaper87> all that sounds awesome
21:33:54 <flaper87> ok, I don't have much else on this topic
21:34:15 <flaper87> I wanted us to find a date and schedule the test-day
21:34:24 <flaper87> I'll send an email to the mailing list and then a reminder next-week
21:34:36 <vkmc> cool
21:34:40 <flaper87> anything else?
21:35:34 <flaper87> I'll take that as a no
21:35:39 <flaper87> #topic Open Discussion
21:36:05 <vkmc> I have a few things for Open Discussion
21:36:08 <vkmc> 1. Rally gate
21:36:09 <flaper87> go
21:36:09 <flwang1> i have a open question
21:36:22 <vkmc> it has been failing for a while now
21:36:24 <flwang1> yep, i saw the rally gate failure recently
21:36:28 <vkmc> and I couldn't be able to find logs on that
21:36:46 <vkmc> zaqar server seems not to be starting and there are on logs on the screens
21:36:48 <flaper87> vkmc: yeah, I was going to work on the gate today and then got side-tracked
21:36:49 <flwang1> vkmc: is there a bug?
21:36:54 <flwang1> i can work on that
21:37:05 <vkmc> flwang1, nope, I didn't file a bug
21:37:07 <flaper87> that said, I think the reason the server is not showing the logs is because of the "fork" code
21:37:17 <vkmc> oh
21:37:20 <flaper87> flwang1: how's the policy work going ?
21:37:52 <flwang1> flaper87: it works based on my test, and i'm trying to make the unit test pass
21:38:22 <flaper87> flwang1: cool, I look forward to your patch
21:38:27 <flwang1> we just need some decorators like this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/209910/1/zaqar/transport/wsgi/v2_0/queues.py
21:38:43 <flaper87> I'm heads down on fixing bugs now so, lets try to find as many as we can and fix them
21:39:09 <flwang1> flaper87: i have another topic
21:39:14 <flaper87> go
21:39:20 <flwang1> not sure if all of you guys are interested in
21:39:29 <flwang1> as we're trying to adopt zaqar
21:39:48 <flwang1> but you know, we're public cloud(though we're small), so we need to charge our customer
21:40:01 <flwang1> for zaqar, the question is how to charge our customer
21:40:41 <flwang1> you know, there is no api request statistics components in openstack, like AWS
21:40:54 <flaper87> flwang1: I'm very interested in that topic
21:41:02 <vkmc> flwang1, me too
21:41:08 <flaper87> and I'm sad we couldn't improve our story there during Liberty
21:41:15 <flwang1> so we're thinking another way to charge user based on message number
21:41:15 <flaper87> That said, I think we have some options
21:41:29 <flaper87> These options include emitting things to ceilo or statsd
21:41:31 <exploreshaifali> may be by counting/tracking the size and number of messages
21:41:34 <flwang1> but because AWS and RAX are charging based on API request
21:41:41 <flwang1> so i'm not sure if it's stupid ideae
21:41:58 <vkmc> flwang1, AWS SQS/SNS have the same charging schema?
21:42:06 <vkmc> than the rest of AWS
21:42:12 <flaper87> What if we leave that to the cloud provider? What if we limit ourselves to emit as much useful information as we can?
21:42:36 <flwang1> First 1 million Amazon SQS Requests per month are free             $0.50 per 1 million Amazon SQS Requests  per month thereafter ($0.00000050 per SQS Request)
21:42:39 <flaper87> Once the cloud provider has info to reason about, it'll be easy to find compeating plans
21:42:43 <flwang1> vkmc: ^
21:42:53 <flaper87> flwang1: requests or messages?
21:42:58 <vkmc> I see
21:42:58 <flaper87> What about bulk requests ?
21:42:59 <vkmc> requests
21:43:05 <flaper87> erm, bulk inserts
21:43:09 <flwang1> request
21:43:10 <vkmc> A single request can have from 1 to 10 messages, up to a maximum total payload of 256KB.
21:43:11 <flwang1> api request
21:43:18 <flaper87> ok
21:43:24 <flaper87> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenteresting
21:43:44 <flaper87> so yeah, I think the best thing we can do is not to start reasoning about what metrics we can emit
21:43:51 <flaper87> Then ask for feedback to OPs
21:44:00 <vkmc> yup
21:44:01 <flaper87> and start emitting a sub-set of those metrics
21:44:11 <flwang1> flaper87: i was thinking we can create another pipeline plugin like the notifications plugin to count the message numbers for billing
21:44:28 <flwang1> but i'm not sure if that's the correct direction
21:44:29 <vkmc> would it make sense to consume Ceilometer for this?
21:44:50 <flwang1> like i mentioned above, because AWS and RAX didn't go for that
21:44:52 <flaper87> flwang1: mmh, I think we already have that info in the transport layer but we'll figure that out later
21:45:12 <flwang1> brb in 5 mins
21:45:14 <flaper87> vkmc: yup, I'd say ceilo or statsd
21:45:26 <vkmc> flaper87, never heard of statsd
21:45:37 <vkmc> cool
21:45:43 <flaper87> I just don't like the idea of working on some specific metrics and say: "This is how you should bill"
21:45:56 <vkmc> but we can collect metrics
21:46:00 <vkmc> and the cloud provider decides
21:46:04 <flaper87> I'd rather have a set of metrics and say: "This is what you have for billing, you figure it out"
21:46:12 <vkmc> "ok, I'll charge on no of queues... no of messages... no of requests.."
21:46:15 <vkmc> yeah
21:46:34 <vkmc> charge for all the things
21:47:10 <flaper87> "You've been breathing a lot today, Sir. We'll charge you 0.01 for each breath you took"
21:47:21 <vkmc> haha
21:47:41 <flaper87> lets give flwang1 a couple of mins to come back and comment, otherwise, we'll call it
21:47:46 <vkmc> sure
21:47:48 <vkmc> in the meantime
21:47:57 <vkmc> I want to gently remind
21:47:59 <vkmc> 2. docs
21:48:11 <vkmc> we don't have docs whatsoever for api v2.0
21:48:25 <vkmc> I'll document websocket, but we also need some love for the other features
21:48:37 <vkmc> well, ws is for v1.1
21:48:38 <flaper87> True that, I'll do my part on pre-signed URLs
21:48:49 <vkmc> let's say, new features
21:49:00 <vkmc> 3. client and cli
21:49:12 <vkmc> we need to catch up with reviews there as well
21:49:28 <vkmc> we have implementations for pools and flavors for the cli, and support for v2 for several endpoints
21:49:45 <flaper87> yup yup
21:49:58 <flaper87> I'm hoping we can do a zaqarclient release soon
21:50:03 <vkmc> yeah me too
21:50:10 <flaper87> I'd like to work on pre-signed urls first
21:50:10 <vkmc> dynarro has been working a lot on that
21:50:21 <flaper87> niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
21:50:28 <vkmc> and we also have some contributions diga and exploreshaifali did
21:51:01 <flaper87> +1
21:51:08 <flaper87> ok, lets call it!
21:51:16 <vkmc> sweet
21:51:17 <flaper87> flwang1: we can keep talking in #os-zaqar
21:51:22 <flaper87> THANKS FOLKS!
21:51:28 <flaper87> great meeting and lets keep it up
21:51:32 <flaper87> #endmeeting