21:03:52 <flaper87> #startmeeting Zaqar
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21:04:08 <ryansb> hey folks
21:04:18 <flaper87> w00h000
21:04:19 <flaper87> people
21:04:21 <flaper87> :D
21:04:21 <njohnston> o/
21:04:32 <vkmc> o/
21:04:36 <flaper87> #topic Agenda
21:04:38 <flaper87> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Zaqar#Agenda
21:04:47 <flaper87> That's our agenda for today, short!
21:04:55 <flaper87> #topic Pending important reviews
21:05:09 <flaper87> To keep our traditions, lets review our pending reviews
21:05:15 <flaper87> (pun intended)
21:05:50 <flaper87> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/221068/ (approved  but still hasn't merged) Gate
21:06:12 <ryansb> that's a just-wait-longer deal right?
21:06:17 <flaper87> #link https://review.openstack.org/206080 Websocket notifications
21:06:17 <ryansb> zuul says it's going
21:06:28 <flaper87> ryansb: yeah, it hopefully won't fail
21:06:37 <flaper87> but if it does, a recheck is appreciated
21:07:02 <flaper87> flwang: submitted a bunch of great bug fixes
21:07:28 <flaper87> #link https://launchpad.net/zaqar/+milestone/liberty-rc1
21:07:41 <flaper87> Check that link and look at things that are In Progress
21:07:44 <flaper87> We want them in
21:07:51 <flaper87> (before Sept 18)
21:08:16 <flaper87> That's all I have for this topic
21:08:24 <flaper87> Any reviews that should be prioritized ?
21:08:39 <flaper87> all patches should be reviewed but if you've limited time, use the above as reference
21:08:58 <ryansb> noted. 18 is the rc1 freeze, yes?
21:09:09 <flaper87> ryansb: correct
21:09:23 <flaper87> moving on
21:09:30 <flaper87> #topic  Mitaka Summit preparations
21:09:37 <flaper87> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Mitaka-Zaqar
21:09:50 <flaper87> still no topics proposed there and I can hardly believe you don't have any
21:09:52 <flaper87> :)
21:10:08 <flaper87> Please, take some time in the next couple of days to write down topics you'd like to discuss
21:10:16 <flaper87> It's important to do this with time
21:11:00 <flaper87> if you haven't read my non-candidacy email, please do. It contains some of the things that I believe would be great to have
21:11:10 <flaper87> of course, those are just my thoughts
21:11:15 <flaper87> use yours and propose things
21:11:21 <flaper87> but take some time
21:11:29 <flaper87> The next PTL will thank you :)
21:11:39 <flaper87> Any comments? Questions?
21:11:49 <flaper87> There will be some joint sessions this time as well (I hope)
21:12:27 <flwang> o/
21:12:33 <flaper87> flwang: heeeeeey :D
21:12:40 <flwang> sorry for the late, i was called by my manager
21:12:47 <flaper87> flwang: we're almost at the end unless you have other topics
21:13:08 <ryansb> I'm not sure this needs a session, but it would be nice to talk about where we want to go with our CLI client
21:13:18 <vkmc> ryansb++
21:13:20 <flaper87> flwang: tell your manager that, if no other candidacy is sent, he won't be able to bother you on tuesday mornings anymore
21:13:21 <ryansb> e.g. do we want to be an openstackclient plugin
21:13:50 <flaper87> ryansb: as of now, we are an openstackclient plugin and I believe that's the way we want to go
21:13:54 <flwang> ryansb: + 1 for the client topic
21:13:56 <ryansb> and what need do we hope the CLI to fill. Is it for scripts?
21:14:00 <ryansb> is it for admins?
21:14:04 <flaper87> or at least, that was the way last time we talked about it
21:14:04 <flwang> flaper87: that's the thing i want to talk with you as well
21:14:16 <flaper87> ryansb: it's for everyone
21:14:19 <flaper87> and it's incomplete
21:14:20 <flaper87> :D
21:14:37 <ryansb> yeah, well what are the priorities, and what has to change to meet them
21:14:50 <ryansb> flaper87: all software is incomplete
21:14:54 <flwang> flaper87: my question is if it's necessary to have a zaqar shell
21:15:12 <flaper87> ryansb: :D
21:15:33 <flaper87> ryansb: we were really good at asking implementors of server APIs to update the client
21:15:40 <flaper87> then things happened
21:15:53 <flaper87> IMHO, the client should become a priority in liberty
21:16:00 <flaper87> CLI and library both
21:16:14 <flaper87> flwang: not sure about a shell, tbh.
21:16:20 <flaper87> but that's just my thought
21:16:29 <flaper87> (assuming you intended shell as a python shell)
21:16:43 <ryansb> ok, sounds like we have enough opinions for a session in that case
21:16:58 <flwang> flaper87: yep, a python shell
21:17:00 <flaper87> ryansb: ++
21:17:24 <flaper87> flwang: it's always nice to play with, not sure that's a priority
21:17:28 <flaper87> :D
21:17:42 <flaper87> ryansb: I think a 20mins session would be great
21:17:43 <flaper87> +1
21:17:43 <flwang> flaper87: but i reckon to put cli/client on our priority list in Mikata
21:17:56 * ryansb adds to etherpad
21:18:16 <flwang> flaper87: as for the summit session, should i give a live demo for notifications?
21:18:17 <flaper87> flwang: assuming time will allow me, I'd be happy to contribute to Zaqarclient during mitaka
21:18:27 <flaper87> sounds more reasonable time-wise
21:18:37 <flwang> flaper87: based on the mail from dhellmann, you will be busy, man
21:18:38 <flaper87> if I'm not elected Glance PTL, I'll have time for more
21:19:34 <flaper87> ok, anything else on this topic?
21:19:51 <flaper87> I take that as a no
21:19:53 <flaper87> moving on
21:19:59 <flaper87> #topic Open Discussions
21:20:09 <flaper87> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-September/074212.html
21:20:22 <flaper87> As you know, I'm not running for the PTL position next cycle
21:20:41 <flaper87> I'd like to thank you all for the trust, support and for allowing me to work with you on making Zaqar better
21:20:57 <flaper87> We were really close to shut this show down but we came out well this cycle
21:21:02 <flaper87> and I'm proud of the hard work
21:21:11 <flwang> flaper87: you did a great job, and don't run away even if you're select for glance
21:21:32 <vkmc> thanks for all your guidance this last couple of cycles flaper87
21:21:38 <ryansb> yeah, that's part of the PTL fine print. You're never allowed to totally leave ;)
21:21:40 <flaper87> There's a lot more to do and I tried to show some of the focus points in my email but I also highlighted the things we did great
21:21:52 <flaper87> because I believe, this cycle, the team deserves to party like crazy
21:22:00 <vkmc> if you leave... remember we all know where you are based
21:22:08 <flaper87> now, lets keep our feet on the ground and good luck to the next PTL!
21:22:10 <vkmc> just sayin'
21:22:18 <flaper87> oh, I'm not leaving
21:22:21 <flaper87> fuck no
21:22:22 <vkmc> GOOD
21:22:28 <flaper87> you'll still have tu support me
21:22:38 <flaper87> and, since I'm not the PTL now, I can missbehave
21:22:40 <flaper87> MAUAHAHHAA
21:22:40 <flwang> flaper87: remember, you owe me a lot of beer
21:22:44 <flaper87> and eat more gummybears
21:22:59 <flaper87> flwang: I'll pay you w/ the beers other people owe me
21:23:00 <flaper87> :P
21:23:40 <flaper87> I've people that now owe me full bottles of Whiskey, sake and well, beer
21:23:42 <flaper87> :D
21:23:46 <flwang> flaper87: with vkmc's credit card
21:23:50 <flwang> ?
21:23:53 <flaper87> flwang: oh yeah!
21:23:59 <flaper87> I still have the number
21:24:03 <flaper87> cvc
21:24:07 <flaper87> expiration date
21:24:14 <flaper87> muahaha
21:24:19 <flaper87> ok, that's all I have!
21:24:26 <flaper87> anything else?
21:24:36 <flwang> card owner's name :)
21:24:44 <flwang> vkmc doesn't work, i just tried
21:24:52 <flwang> thanks for sharing the card info
21:24:53 <vkmc> hahaha
21:24:56 <flaper87> :D
21:25:23 <flaper87> ok, short meeting!
21:25:25 <flaper87> take care folks
21:25:31 <vkmc> nothing else from me... I was digging on some apps idea for the websocket preso
21:25:40 <vkmc> take care flaper87, thanks o/
21:25:43 <vkmc> thanks all
21:25:46 <flaper87> #endmeeting