21:03:27 <flwang1> #startmeeting zaqar
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21:03:37 <flwang1> sorry, too rush :)
21:03:46 <Eva-i> it's okay
21:04:41 <flwang1> #topic RC2
21:04:47 <flwang1> is flaper87 around?
21:05:52 <flwang1> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/294545/   warning for v1 and v1.1 api in favor of deprecating them in newton
21:06:37 <flwang1> #link https://review.openstack.org/292702   validate PUT metadata for v1 and v1.1
21:06:37 <ryansb> so that needs to be in rc2 then?
21:06:55 <vkmc> o/
21:07:01 <flwang1> ryansb: they're candidates, we need to discuss
21:07:06 <flwang1> vkmc: i miss you
21:07:14 <vkmc> flwang1, I'm finally back from all the things :)
21:07:18 <flaper87> o/
21:07:23 <ryansb> ah, gotcha
21:07:30 <flwang1> flaper87: i can't believe my eyes
21:07:35 <flaper87> flwang1: ;)
21:07:38 <flwang1> flaper87: welcome, stranger :)
21:07:44 <flaper87> told you I was going to get back to speed
21:07:47 <flaper87> :D
21:08:00 <flwang1> flaper87: lovely lovely lovely
21:08:21 <flwang1> vkmc: flaper87: we're discussing the RC2 candidate patches
21:08:27 <flwang1> (10:05:52) flwang1: #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/294545/   warning for v1 and v1.1 api in favor of deprecating them in newton
21:08:27 <flwang1> (10:06:37) flwang1: #link https://review.openstack.org/292702   validate PUT metadata for v1 and v1.1
21:08:55 <flwang1> above two are on the list now
21:09:54 <flwang1> anything else?
21:10:23 <flaper87> nothing I can think of
21:10:29 <flwang1> TBH, i'm still hesitating to get  https://review.openstack.org/292702  in
21:10:33 <vkmc> me neither... going through the review queue though
21:10:34 <Eva-i> flwang1: nothing for zaqar server
21:10:36 <flwang1> ryansb: vkmc: ^
21:10:45 <flaper87> RC2 is *only* for the server
21:11:06 <flaper87> client library has been released already and there shouldn't been other releases in mitaka for it
21:11:11 <flaper87> until newton starts
21:11:21 <Eva-i> oh =/
21:11:22 <flaper87> or better, the next client release for mitaka will be cut from the stable branch
21:12:32 <flwang1> flaper87: based on my understanding, we have to release another client version for newton and backport commits back to mitaka
21:12:45 <flaper87> flwang1: right
21:12:59 <flwang1> flaper87: ok
21:13:15 <flwang1> anything we need to discuss against this topic?
21:13:29 <vkmc> not from me, the list looks good
21:13:55 <flwang1> #topic summit topics
21:14:21 <flwang1> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-zaqar-summit-planning
21:14:47 <flwang1> i have created a pad to track the topics
21:15:06 <ryansb> neat
21:15:27 <flwang1> basically, my main focus for Newton will be the notification part and the redis driver
21:15:40 <ryansb> notification as in websockets?
21:16:03 <flwang1> notification for everthing :)
21:16:23 <ryansb> heh
21:16:31 <flwang1> ok, subscription confirm and a mobile notification driver
21:16:53 <flwang1> guys, pls feel free add more topics
21:16:53 <flaper87> I think we should have websocket support in zaqarclient too
21:17:00 * flaper87 will write a spec for that
21:17:07 <ryansb> how would you feel about making that optional
21:17:08 <flwang1> flaper87: yes, that's a good point
21:17:12 <flaper87> TripleO mentioned an interesting use case for that
21:17:23 <ryansb> e.g. "websockets can be used, but only if you install this extra  lib"
21:17:31 <flwang1> flaper87: it you can drive it, it would be awesome
21:17:34 <ryansb> don't know if we want to add a hard dep on websocket lib
21:17:37 <flaper87> ryansb: oh, I meant that to be optional
21:17:50 <flaper87> just have it in extras
21:18:10 <flaper87> but even though, I don't think a dependency on websocket lib is a big deal
21:18:15 <flaper87> it's a pure python lib, afaik
21:19:05 <flwang1> we can discuss the details offline
21:19:28 <ryansb> or better, on the spec
21:19:51 <flwang1> flaper87: do you think we still take sqlalchemy as an important part?
21:19:55 <vkmc> if we are talking about autobahn lib, it's pure python
21:19:58 <vkmc> so I don't see a problem
21:20:09 <flaper87> flwang1: it's an important part for the control plane
21:20:14 <flwang1> flaper87: i asked because i'm thinking if we still want to support migration for it
21:20:23 <flaper87> we should, yes!
21:20:24 <ryansb> yeah, probably
21:20:25 <flaper87> I believe
21:20:39 <flwang1> flaper87: yep, TBH, we(catalyst IT) is facing the case
21:21:00 <flwang1> our operations guys don't not want to maintain two mongo clusters
21:21:26 <flwang1> so we're thinking if we could use sql as the mgmt db and use mongo/redis as the msg db
21:21:30 <flwang1> that's the context
21:21:36 <flaper87> yes yes
21:21:41 <flaper87> that's the whole point behind it
21:21:42 <flaper87> YES!
21:21:46 <flaper87> I like that
21:21:46 <ryansb> yeah, that's an intended use
21:21:54 <flaper87> you (Catalist IT) are my best friends
21:22:08 <flaper87> That's a one time, not infinite, offer
21:22:18 <flwang1> flaper87: haha
21:22:34 <flwang1> i need the community support to make zaqar run on our cloud
21:22:52 * vkmc remembers she said she was going to work on migrations for sqlalchemy and she didn't
21:22:53 <vkmc> *sad panda*
21:22:56 <flaper87> the community needs Catalyst's support too
21:22:59 <flaper87> :P
21:23:02 <flaper87> vkmc: LIAR!!!!!
21:23:11 <vkmc> SORRY
21:23:20 <flaper87> vkmc: LIAR!!!!!
21:23:23 <vkmc> ahahahaha
21:23:27 <vkmc> bo :(
21:24:15 * Eva-i pats vkmc
21:24:59 <vkmc> ok so we want migrations for sqlalchemy and we would need to define if we do them with alembic or sqlalchemy-migrate
21:25:08 <vkmc> afaik the recommendation is to use alembic
21:25:12 <ryansb> yeah
21:25:14 * Eva-i added two additional proposals for summit
21:25:29 <ryansb> alembic is the recommendation going forward
21:25:31 <vkmc> so I'll go down that patch
21:25:33 <flaper87> alembic
21:25:33 <vkmc> yes
21:25:37 <vkmc> ok
21:25:40 <flaper87> vkmc: ALEMBIC
21:25:47 <vkmc> flaper87, A-LEM-BIC
21:25:58 * flaper87 stuf
21:26:02 <flaper87> stfu, even
21:26:04 <vkmc> good, we have an understanding
21:26:56 <flwang1> vkmc: btw, we may also need to switch to oslo_db
21:27:23 <vkmc> yeah... that I saw
21:27:28 <flwang1> vkmc: cool
21:27:34 <vkmc> that was probably the reason I didn't keep on going with migrations impl
21:28:03 <flwang1> flaper87: another topic i would like to highlight is the 'queue'/'topic'
21:28:32 <ryansb> just standardizing on the name, then?
21:28:34 <flwang1> the #3 topic
21:28:37 <flaper87> flwang1: do you really want to know my opinion about that?
21:28:39 <flaper87> :P
21:28:46 <flwang1> flaper87: i don't actually
21:28:52 <flaper87> good boy
21:28:54 <flaper87> :D
21:29:18 <flwang1> flaper87: i will keep queue in Newton, and you or the next PTL can remove it in O release
21:29:29 <flaper87> hahahahhahahahahah
21:29:32 <flaper87> That's fine!
21:29:38 <flwang1> i'm kidding
21:29:48 <flaper87> TBH, I think it's a bit late to even consider renaming/removing it
21:30:01 <flwang1> but seriously, let's keep it
21:30:07 <vkmc> yeah... it's a tricky move
21:30:11 <vkmc> it was already when we started to discuss it
21:30:12 <flaper87> But I'm open to discussions since I'm one of those (or probably the only one) that prefer topics over queues
21:30:25 <flwang1> before we really know where we want to
21:30:25 <flaper87> so, I'm fine either way
21:30:34 <vkmc> I prefer topics too
21:30:44 <flaper87> I'll bring it up every cycle but really, I'm fine
21:30:56 <flaper87> I'll send you weekly emails about this but really, I'm fine
21:31:04 <flwang1> i'm bring it again so that you have some special food in summit
21:31:04 <flaper87> I'll text you the link to the spec but really, I'm fine
21:31:27 <flwang1> the spec link is hanging on my screen
21:31:41 <flwang1> ;)
21:31:47 <flaper87> I want it on every screen you have
21:31:50 <flwang1> we can discuss it offline
21:31:52 <flwang1> haha
21:31:55 <flaper87> phone, monitor, window, playstation, everything
21:31:59 <flaper87> sure
21:32:01 <flwang1> another topic maybe interesting is
21:32:02 * flaper87 stfu
21:32:04 <Eva-i> flwang1:do you want to rename queue to topic?
21:32:09 <flwang1> pool, pool group and flavor
21:32:13 <flaper87> Eva-i: it's more than that
21:32:16 * flaper87 gets the link
21:32:27 <flaper87> Am I still the owner of that spec ?
21:32:30 <flaper87> or did it land?
21:32:32 <flwang1> Eva-i: flaper87 is the fan of topic, since he is still a young boy
21:32:38 <flaper87> here
21:32:40 <flaper87> Eva-i: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/134015/
21:32:44 <flwang1> but i'm old, so i'm trying to keep some old stuff
21:33:04 <Eva-i> flaper87: thank you
21:33:09 <flwang1> flaper87: not landed because there is a -1 from me :D
21:33:11 <flaper87> Eva-i: http://blog.flaper87.com/post/people-dont-like-to-queue-up/
21:33:19 <flaper87> yeah, just found it
21:33:21 <flwang1> Eva-i: don't read that blog
21:33:33 <flaper87> Eva-i: don't read flwang1's messages
21:33:52 <Eva-i> hey, let's act more gentle to each other
21:34:07 <flaper87> Eva-i: LOL, we're obviously joking ;)
21:34:20 <flwang1> Eva-i: though  i have read each blog from the hole
21:34:22 * flaper87 takes Eva-i's keyboard
21:34:53 <flwang1> Eva-i: we're joking for sure
21:35:26 <flwang1> ok ok ok
21:35:45 <flwang1> let's be clam so that we won't fear the little girl
21:36:41 <flwang1> flaper87: are we still on the same page for removing pool group?
21:37:51 <flaper87> flwang1: mmh, good question
21:37:53 <flaper87> I think we are
21:38:07 <flaper87> but It'd be better if I read again the whole issue
21:38:55 <flwang1> flaper87: the short story is    pool(N)<--> poolgroup(1) <--> flavor(1)
21:39:02 <anteaya> I sure hope the use of "little girl" in this context is not meant as degrogatory towards women
21:39:12 <flwang1> so basically, we dont' really need pool group
21:39:50 <flwang1> anteaya: oh, yep, since Eva-i is still a student
21:39:51 <Eva-i> okay, I'll read the blog entry and spec for "topic" and then will tell you my opinion.
21:40:11 <anteaya> well I think we can do better than little girl
21:40:19 <anteaya> which I personally find very condesending
21:40:32 <anteaya> and would hope we were better than that
21:40:40 <flwang1> anteaya: oh, thanks for the reminding
21:41:31 <anteaya> I will continue to do so
21:41:33 <Eva-i> anteaya: "little girl" sounded good in the context. Also I don't get upset if I called like that. So no problem for me.
21:41:36 <anteaya> Eva-i: welcome to openstack
21:41:47 <anteaya> well it is a problem for me
21:42:00 <anteaya> I'm not going to put up with that
21:42:01 <flaper87> flwang1: so, I think we're still on the same page there
21:42:09 <anteaya> and wouldn't expect others to
21:42:11 <flwang1> flaper87: cool
21:42:17 <anteaya> anyway sorry to intterupt
21:42:22 <flaper87> flwang1: is that topic for the summit ?
21:42:30 <flwang1> flaper87: i'm putting it on the pad
21:42:35 <flaper87> flwang1: thanks
21:42:47 <flaper87> Eva-i: I don't recall if you're attending the summit
21:42:50 <flaper87> Eva-i: are you?
21:42:55 <flwang1> she will
21:43:13 <ryansb> big ol' in-person zaqar party
21:43:18 <flwang1> flaper87: oh, btw, can you take the ptl hat on summit?
21:43:26 <flwang1> given i won't be there
21:43:35 <flaper87> flwang1: I think I can do that... Need to check the schedule
21:43:59 <flwang1> and vkmc or ryansb as the backup?
21:44:03 <Eva-i> flaper87: yes, I will =)
21:44:11 <flaper87> Eva-i: super glad to hear that!
21:44:15 <ryansb> kk
21:44:23 <flwang1> thank you guys
21:44:31 <flaper87> flwang1: we'll send you the bill
21:44:45 <flwang1> flaper87: i have your credit card number, body
21:44:50 <Eva-i> flaper87: I would like to meet you too ;)
21:45:18 <flaper87> flwang1: wait, what? When did I.. ? goddammit, you tricked me again
21:45:54 <flaper87> I think Zaqar's summit will be busy again
21:45:57 <flwang1> you owe me too many beer, so you told me your card number so that i can service myself
21:46:11 <flaper87> not sure how many folks will attend sessions but we'll take the most out of them
21:46:18 <flaper87> flwang1: oh, that explains it
21:46:19 <flaper87> yup
21:46:33 <flaper87> good thing I gave you vkmc's
21:46:35 <flwang1> flaper87: vkmc: be sure we have a zaqar lunch or dinner
21:46:40 <flwang1> at austin
21:46:46 <vkmc> YES!
21:46:52 <flwang1> sorry again, i can't make it
21:46:52 <flaper87> I'll make sure both happen
21:46:55 <flaper87> lunch AND dinner
21:46:58 <flaper87> :D
21:47:00 <vkmc> :D :D
21:48:00 <flwang1> thank you
21:48:16 <flwang1> anything else we should discuss today?
21:48:34 <vkmc> not that I think of...
21:48:36 <flwang1> oh, btw, you guys may need to meet with tqtran to discuss about zaqar UI
21:48:42 <vkmc> yp
21:48:44 <flwang1> at summit
21:48:45 <flaper87> yup
21:48:50 <flaper87> sounds good
21:49:03 <flwang1> cool, i'm good now.
21:49:09 <Eva-i> flwang1: I think we should make a reminder to review client patches.
21:49:11 <flwang1> anything else?
21:49:19 <flwang1> Eva-i: oh, yes
21:49:21 <Eva-i> so... review the client patches.
21:49:32 <flwang1> it's always on my list
21:49:41 <Eva-i> I'll do it after meeting.
21:50:33 <vkmc> and... review client patches
21:51:07 <flwang1> coooooooool
21:51:24 <flwang1> flaper87: let's back to zaqar channel to fight for the queue and topic
21:51:58 <flwang1> do we need a open discussion? we have 10 mins
21:52:19 <ryansb> I don't have new topics
21:52:25 <Eva-i> me too
21:52:26 <ryansb> just review patches, get ++
21:52:33 <flwang1> awesome
21:52:41 <flwang1> thank you guys
21:52:45 <flwang1> #endmeeting