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03:00:07 <hongbin> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zun#Agenda_for_2017-06-27_0300_UTC Today's agenda
03:00:12 <hongbin> #topic Roll Call
03:00:37 <Namrata> Namrata
03:00:47 <kevinz> o/
03:01:19 <FengShengqin> Fengshengqin
03:01:27 <diga> o/
03:01:47 <hongbin> thanks for joining the meeting Namrata kevinz FengShengqin diga
03:02:13 <hongbin> pause a few more seconds for potential attendee
03:02:14 <mkrai> Madhuri
03:02:19 <hongbin> hi mkrai
03:02:34 <hongbin> ok, let's get started
03:02:45 <hongbin> #topic Announcements
03:02:50 <hongbin> 1. Welcome Zhou Shunli to the core team
03:02:55 <hongbin> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-June/118883.html
03:03:02 <zsli_> shunli
03:03:09 <hongbin> zsli_: hey
03:03:09 <FengShengqin> welcome
03:03:14 <hongbin> zsli_: welcome to the core team
03:03:14 <zsli_> Thanks all.
03:03:19 <kevinz> welcome!!
03:03:24 <Namrata> welcome
03:03:26 <mkrai> Zsli_ congratulations
03:03:38 <diga> zsli_: congrats!
03:04:02 <zsli_> thanks all
03:04:05 <hongbin> zsli_ did a lot of coding for the scheduler, it is good to have shunli in the core team
03:04:16 <hongbin> again, welcome
03:04:21 <hongbin> 2. New BPs
03:04:29 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/auto-allocate-network Automatically allocate network if none available
03:04:35 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/multiple-networks Support connect container with multiple network
03:04:40 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/zun-api-as-container Running zun-api in a container managed by Zun
03:04:45 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/support-pcipassthroughfilter Support PciPassthroughFilter in Zun Scheduler
03:04:50 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/container-pci-device-modeling Build a data model for PCI_passthrough devices
03:04:54 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/container-sr-iov-networking support SR-IOV networking
03:05:16 <mkrai> Looks like a long list
03:05:25 <hongbin> i wanted to mention those bps because i want to make sure if you think if it is a good idea
03:05:41 <diga> it seems lot things planned for this release
03:05:43 <diga> :)
03:05:44 <hongbin> yes, there are several bps created last week
03:06:04 <hongbin> it doesn't have to fit into this release
03:06:14 <diga> okay
03:06:18 <kevinz> I see much of them are useful in NFV user cases
03:06:26 <kevinz> valuable BPs
03:06:43 <hongbin> i would leave it as a homework for everyone, so please feel free to comment on the bp's whiteboard if you have any comment
03:06:45 <diga> who is working on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/container-sr-iov-networking ?
03:07:01 <hongbin> opposing point of view are welcome
03:07:23 <hongbin> diga: i believe lakerzhou is working on it
03:07:28 <diga> okay
03:07:49 <diga> would to participate in it
03:07:54 <hongbin> diga: i think you could ping him if you interest to work with him on this bp
03:08:00 <diga> hongbin: sure
03:08:23 <hongbin> ok, any other comment so far?
03:08:33 <diga> hongbin: about cinder integration, I have pushed latest patch by resolving all the comments & modification
03:08:45 <diga> hongbin: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/429943/ did you get a chance to look at that ?
03:08:50 <hongbin> dims: ack
03:09:01 <hongbin> dims: sorry, wrong person
03:09:04 <hongbin> diga: ack
03:09:11 <diga> :)
03:09:31 <hongbin> diga: it doesn't pass the gate though
03:09:55 <diga> hongbin: yes, I need your help on that
03:10:05 <hongbin> diga: make the patch pass the gate is your next step imo
03:10:17 <hongbin> diga: ok, ping me offline for that
03:10:18 <diga> hongbin: okay
03:10:22 <diga> hongbin: sure
03:10:38 <hongbin> #topic Review Action Items
03:10:44 <hongbin> 1. lakerzhou create a bp for supporting SR-IOV usage (COMPLETE)
03:10:48 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/support-pcipassthroughfilter
03:10:53 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/container-pci-device-modeling
03:10:58 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/container-sr-iov-networking
03:11:04 <hongbin> this concludes the action items
03:11:11 <hongbin> next topic
03:11:14 <hongbin> #topic Cinder integration
03:11:19 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/direct-cinder-integration Direct Cinder integration
03:11:24 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/cinder-zun-integration Cinder integration via Fuxi
03:11:34 <hongbin> i think diga just gave an update for the fuxi part
03:11:43 <diga> yeah
03:12:02 <hongbin> in addition, i am working on the cinder part, will continue to work on it this week
03:12:22 <hongbin> any question on this topic?
03:12:46 <diga> will go through the BP & spec
03:12:58 <hongbin> diga: ack
03:13:02 <hongbin> #topic Introduce container composition (kevinz)
03:13:12 <hongbin> kevinz: ^^
03:13:17 <kevinz> hi hongbin
03:13:40 <kevinz> Thix week I'm working about a WIP patch to support "zun capsule create"
03:14:22 <kevinz> Now the Object and data models is finished, continue working on capsule create process
03:14:43 <kevinz> I hope to give a WIP patch to gerrit this week
03:14:50 <hongbin> kevinz: sounds like a good progress
03:15:39 <kevinz> hongbin: first I reuse zun-api and add a /capsules/ method
03:16:13 <kevinz> hongbin: Then after finish zun capsule create  ,will move to zun-capsule-api
03:16:44 <hongbin> kevinz: got that, it sounds like a good approach for incremental improvement
03:17:37 <kevinz> hongbin: yes :-)
03:18:15 <hongbin> for others, a bit of the context, we are going to have a new api called zun-capsule-api, that run in parallel with zun-api
03:18:40 <zsli_> why do we need separate api?
03:18:48 <hongbin> the discussion started from the last meeting, and we think this would be the less confusing option for end-user point of view
03:19:10 <hongbin> zsli_: because the "capsule" api would be somehow duplicate with the "container" api
03:19:15 <mkrai> hongbin I have some questions related to two api servers
03:19:27 <zsli_> ack
03:19:27 <hongbin> mkrai: go ahead
03:19:51 <mkrai> Both would be running listening on different port. Right?
03:20:04 <hongbin> mkrai: i think yes
03:20:38 <mkrai> If yes, user would have to know the ports where the apis are available
03:21:03 <hongbin> mkrai: one option is to advertise it at the keystone service catalog
03:21:22 <mkrai> Or is there other way so that user don't have to worry about which port they should send request?
03:22:23 <mkrai> Hongbin: ack. Also what are the other advantages having two api servers?
03:22:34 <hongbin> the usual approach for service discovery is using keystone service catalog, inofrmation like ip address / port of each api service will be available there
03:23:09 <mkrai> hongbin: ack
03:23:13 <zsli_> +1 for what other advantages
03:23:40 <FengShengqin> how to manage resource for two apis?
03:24:19 <hongbin> for the question of advantages, i stated what i can think of, kevinz might want to add more
03:25:02 <hongbin> 1. both "container" and "capsule" can create container, users might find it confusing for which one to use
03:25:21 <diga> hongbin: mkrai : what use case we are going to achieve by introducing two apis services for zun ?
03:25:42 <hongbin> some want to use "container", others want to use "capsule", both are doing the same thing (create containers). then it looks confused to have two in the same api
03:26:08 <kevinz> diga: we treat two apis just like "docker" and "swarm"
03:26:20 <diga> okay
03:26:46 <hongbin> 2. it could make "capsule" funtionality as an optional deployment for operators (for those who just wanted "container", they don't have to deploy the capsule part, so save their operational efforts)
03:27:19 <hongbin> kevinz: do you have more?
03:27:23 <diga> hongbin: okay
03:27:26 <zsli_> seems 2 make sense
03:28:11 <hongbin> zsli_: ack
03:28:35 <kevinz> I have one, two apis will low the cost of capsule and container bottleneck in API server.
03:29:10 <mkrai> Sorry got dc
03:29:26 <zsli_> kevinz: i think low the load of api does not make sense.
03:29:57 <zsli_> i think apis all run for many workers
03:31:50 <kevinz> zsli_: ack, it is just my un mature thought:-)
03:31:56 <hongbin> ok, any other comment for this topic?
03:32:18 <hongbin> (good questions so far)
03:32:25 <zsli_> still wondering if it's a good idea to have two separate apis
03:32:31 <diga> hongbin: just 1 question - how many operators use capsule for container deployment ?
03:33:31 <hongbin> zsli_: another option is to have them in the same process, but treat "capsule" as an api extension
03:34:01 <hongbin> zsli_: then have a config to disable/enable the extension (like neutron)
03:34:14 <zsli_> my concern is same as shengqin, there maybe resource sync problem for two apis.
03:35:20 <hongbin> zsli_: both apis are stateless i assume?
03:35:29 <zsli_> the advantage #2 also make sense, so it's a hard choice.
03:36:29 <hongbin> zsli_: ok, we could discuss it further offline if you have a chance
03:36:54 <zsli_> sure
03:36:55 <hongbin> diga: for your question, i don't know yet
03:37:09 <mkrai> Please include me as well in discussion
03:37:12 <zsli_> let me think it for sometime.
03:37:19 <hongbin> mkrai: sure
03:37:21 <kevinz> +1
03:37:25 <diga> hongbin: NP, will go through capsule docs
03:37:48 <hongbin> ok, next topic
03:38:20 <hongbin> i have the nfv topic in the agenda, but lakerzhou is not here so i propose to skip it
03:38:45 <hongbin> the next one is the retry filter
03:38:50 <hongbin> #topic Add Retry filter (Shunli)
03:38:55 <hongbin> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/476299/
03:39:18 <hongbin> zsli_: you want to start to introduce this topic?
03:39:27 <zsli_> sure
03:39:45 <zsli_> the idea is simple like nova to introduce the retry to zun.
03:40:16 <zsli_> when one compute host failed, then we can retry other host to boot the container.
03:41:02 <zsli_> there are somes obstacles to implement this BP.
03:41:49 <hongbin> the major concern i have is nova is going to get rid of the retry filter, i am not sure if it still make sense to implement it in zun
03:42:05 <zsli_> 1, the nova plan to move the resource claim to scheduler, then retry will not be needed.
03:42:27 <mkrai> Hongbin is nova going to replace with placement api or something else?
03:42:35 <zsli_> 2, zun do not have the separate scheduler and conductor service to reschedule the request.
03:43:20 <hongbin> mkrai: yes the nova-scheduler will be replaced by the placement api
03:44:09 <zsli_> I'm also not sure if we can works well without retry filter?
03:44:24 <mkrai> I think we can also reuse the placement api
03:44:51 <zsli_> would like to know you guys opinion.
03:45:13 <mkrai> Adding scheduler service would be extra overhead imo
03:46:06 <zsli_> mkrai: ack.
03:46:31 <zsli_> without the scheduler service, all works well so far.
03:46:59 <hongbin> zsli_: do you think if it is a good idea to move claim to scheduler as well (like what nova planned)
03:47:01 <zsli_> seems no need to add scheduler service now.
03:47:30 <zsli_> hongbin:yes
03:47:52 <zsli_> I need to investigate the nova implementation first.
03:47:53 <hongbin> zsli_: if this is the goal, then the retry filter doesn't make sense imo
03:48:26 <mkrai> hongbin (IRC): agree
03:48:30 <hongbin> zsli_: because we don't need to retry if we calimed on scheduler
03:48:32 <zsli_> hongbin: ok.
03:49:08 <zsli_> hongbin: i will abandon the patch.
03:49:36 <hongbin> zsli_: ack, thanks for bringing up this topic, it is a good discussion
03:49:39 <zsli_> and investigate the nova implementation, to see if we can implement like nova.
03:49:58 <hongbin> sounds good
03:50:26 <hongbin> any other comment on this topic?
03:50:59 <hongbin> ok, next one
03:51:07 <hongbin> #topic Add Zun Resources to Heat
03:51:13 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/heat-plugin-zun
03:51:20 <hongbin> Namrata: there?
03:51:27 <Namrata> yes hongbin
03:51:34 <Namrata> thanks for updating the patch
03:51:44 <hongbin> Namrata: want to give a brief update for this topic?
03:51:48 <hongbin> Namrata: np
03:51:52 <hongbin> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/437810/
03:52:38 <Namrata> we have got +2 on the patch
03:52:47 <Namrata> waiting for approval
03:52:50 <hongbin> yes, 2 +2 so far
03:53:10 <Namrata> i guess will be merged this week
03:53:20 <zsli_> thanks namrata for the grate work.
03:53:28 <Namrata> thanks hongbin
03:53:36 <Namrata> thanks zsli_
03:53:37 <zsli_> I think this patch is great feature for zun.
03:53:48 <hongbin> zsli_: +1
03:54:19 <hongbin> ok, let's get into open discussion
03:54:37 <hongbin> thanks Namrata for the great patch
03:54:38 <hongbin> #topic Open Discussion
03:54:52 <hongbin> anyone has topic to bring up?
03:55:18 <zsli_> hongbin: did your kuryr work with zun now?
03:55:44 <hongbin> zsli_: i think yes
03:55:57 <zsli_> my devstack broken for someday, seems kuryrlib-network bug.
03:56:09 <mkrai> No
03:56:09 <zsli_> ping you offline about the problem
03:56:36 <hongbin> mkrai: your env doesn't work either?
03:56:56 <mkrai> It worked on weekend
03:57:08 <hongbin> mkrai: ack
03:57:11 <mkrai> But I was facing some issue with docker
03:57:51 <hongbin> mkrai: zsli_ ok, let's work those out at the zun channel
03:58:09 <hongbin> all, thanks for joining the meeting
03:58:17 <hongbin> have a good day
03:58:18 <zsli_> my problem is that seems kuryrlib-network add tag to networks failed in neturon.
03:58:28 <hongbin> #endmeeting