03:00:30 <hongbin> #startmeeting zun
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03:02:12 <spn2> o/
03:02:21 <kiennt26> hi everyone
03:02:32 <hongbin> hi spn2 kiennt26
03:02:45 <hongbin> it looks today is chinese holiday, nobody is here
03:03:19 <hongbin> spn2: kiennt26 i guess we can briefly share a update , then close the meeting shortly
03:03:48 <hongbin> spn2: you have anything to update for hte clear container side?
03:04:42 <spn2> i am not working on the code as of now. i am setting up a demo for the presentation.
03:04:59 <hongbin> ok
03:05:07 <spn2> i have around 15 machines which am using for this
03:05:22 <hongbin> i see
03:05:48 <hongbin> spn2: thanks for sharing, look forward to your presentation
03:05:54 <spn2> thisyup
03:05:57 <spn2> thisyupyup
03:06:00 <kiennt26> hongbin: yup, due to zuulv3 migration, it's not much update last week.
03:06:05 <kiennt26> About the bp migrate-to-zuulv3, I will propose some patches but we need to wait for infra-team.
03:06:20 <kiennt26> The gate still very unstable
03:06:23 <hongbin> kiennt26: ack, thanks for working on this bp
03:06:52 <hongbin> for me, i am working on lakerzhou to get the SR-IOV support ready in kuryr side
03:07:14 <hongbin> i believe shunli is working on SR-IOV support on zun side
03:07:23 <hongbin> then, there will be a presentation at sydney summit
03:07:26 <hongbin> that is all from me
03:07:54 <hongbin> all, thanks for joining the meeting
03:08:04 <hongbin> let's have a short meeting today, see you next time
03:08:08 <spn2> sure thank you
03:08:12 <hongbin> np
03:08:15 <hongbin> #endmeeting