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03:00:06 <mkrai> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zun#Agenda_for_2016-07-12_0300_UTC Today's agenda
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03:00:17 <mkrai> #topic Roll Call
03:00:21 <kiennt26> hi o/
03:00:44 <lakerzhou> lakerzhou
03:01:07 <mkrai> Thank you for joining kiennt26 lakerzhou the meeting
03:01:21 <mkrai> Let's wait for a min for other potential attendees
03:01:36 <Shunli> :)
03:01:52 <mkrai> Hi Shunli
03:02:02 <Shunli> hi mkrai
03:02:03 <mkrai> Seems we have very few people joining in  today
03:02:12 <mkrai> #topic Announcements
03:02:13 <mkrai> hongbin is not available today so madhuri will chair this meeting.
03:02:26 <mkrai> Do anyone have any announcement?
03:02:55 <mkrai> Seems none
03:03:04 <mkrai> #topic Review Action Items
03:03:05 <mkrai> None
03:03:25 <mkrai> #topic  Cinder integration (hongbin)
03:03:57 <mkrai> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/direct-cinder-integration
03:04:29 <mkrai> So hongbin is not present today, I went to see the patches are pending for review
03:04:44 <mkrai> So team if you get chance please do review this
03:04:59 <mkrai> kiennt26: I remember you were testing this patch, right?
03:05:15 <kiennt26> mkrai: yeah
03:05:28 <mkrai> Did you have any findings?
03:05:30 <kiennt26> i almost finished testing
03:05:47 <kiennt26> seems these patches works pretty well
03:06:14 <mkrai> That's great, so we can try to merge this patches soon
03:06:21 <mkrai> Thanks kiennt26 for your effort in testing :)
03:06:35 <mkrai> Any other comments on this bp?
03:07:02 <mkrai> #topic  Introduce container composition (kevinz)
03:07:12 <mkrai> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/introduce-compose
03:07:34 <mkrai> I saw a document is up for review explaining the capsule usage
03:07:52 <mkrai> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/502461/
03:08:27 <mkrai> Please take a look at the doc if you get time
03:08:31 <kevinz> sorry
03:08:42 <kevinz> I'm in a meeting just now
03:08:42 <mkrai> Hi kevinz
03:08:46 <kevinz> Hi mkrai
03:08:51 <mkrai> We are discussing the capsule topic
03:08:59 <mkrai> Would you like to provide an update?
03:09:11 <mkrai> kevinz: Oh no problem
03:10:02 <mkrai> Any questions on this topic?
03:10:03 <kevinz> Last week I'm on holiday for one week, this week I'll work on modify the capsule document
03:10:17 <kevinz> And also about the k8s-connector
03:10:25 <mkrai> kevinz: Look forward to the doc
03:10:37 <kevinz> mkrai: Thanks
03:10:48 <mkrai> kevinz: Are you planning to submit a spec or etherpad for the k8s-connector findings?
03:11:32 <kevinz> mkrai: Plan to, but still need some investigation and put it to our team meeting to discuss
03:12:02 <mkrai> kevinz: cool. This will be a very good feature :)
03:12:08 <mkrai> Thank you for working on this
03:12:33 <kevinz> mkrai: My pleasure. It is a very interesting features
03:12:44 <mkrai> Yes it is
03:12:47 <mkrai> Ok, let's move to next topic
03:12:57 <mkrai> #topic  Add support for clear container (mkrai)
03:13:06 <mkrai> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/support-secure-container
03:13:40 <mkrai> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/499534/
03:13:50 <mkrai> I was not able to post update to the patch last week
03:14:20 <mkrai> I am working on installing Clear Container with devstack in devstack-plugin-container
03:14:35 <mkrai> The patch has some issues which I will try to fix this week
03:15:01 <mkrai> Anyone have any questions on this topic?
03:15:21 <kiennt26> none from me
03:15:32 <kevinz> Look forward to try the CC with zun
03:15:34 <mkrai> Ok let's move to next topic then
03:15:51 <mkrai> kevinz: Thank you
03:15:57 <mkrai> #topic  NFV use cases (lakerzhou, Shunli)
03:16:07 <mkrai> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/zun-nfv-use-cases
03:16:23 <mkrai> lakerzhou: Shunli Would like to take the stage now? :)
03:16:51 <lakerzhou> I worked with hongbin last week, tested his changes in kuryr
03:17:20 <Shunli> pci stats patch is under reviewing.
03:17:38 <Shunli> pci_tracker is debuging the code.
03:17:40 <lakerzhou> now we can use kuryr driver to start docker container bound to Neutron SRIOV port
03:17:53 <mkrai> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/zun+branch:master+topic:bp/support-pcipassthroughfilter
03:18:08 <mkrai> lakerzhou: Can you share the patch link?
03:18:19 <mkrai> Shunli: ack
03:18:24 <lakerzhou> sure
03:19:10 <Shunli> maybe this week the pci_tracker can be ready for review.
03:19:51 <mkrai> Shunli: Great, look forward to it
03:19:58 <mkrai> Shunli: The code is from Nova right?
03:20:30 <Shunli> mkrai:the basic framework is from nova.
03:20:48 <lakerzhou> sriov related kuryr patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/500436/
03:21:15 <Shunli> just changed the behavior that nova gather pci info from libvirt. zun just get pci info by shell command.
03:21:27 <lakerzhou> additional kuryr patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/500420/
03:21:54 <mkrai> lakerzhou: Thanks, looks like we are waiting on the patch for kuryr-lib release
03:22:29 <mkrai> lakerzhou: Shunli Thanks for your effort on this
03:22:47 <Shunli> my pleasure,:)
03:22:54 <mkrai> I don't have much knowledge on this feature so can't discuss more :)
03:23:10 <mkrai> Anything else to discuss on this bp?
03:23:52 <mkrai> Ok let's move on to open discussion
03:24:02 <mkrai> #topic Open Discussion
03:24:07 <lakerzhou> thanks Shunli for the help of PCI-passthrough work. When do you think we can start integration testing
03:24:39 <Shunli> lakerzhou: after the pci tracker merged.
03:24:54 <Shunli> there still need to add some pci request code.
03:25:25 <Shunli> maybe integration test can be done when pci request patch submitted.
03:25:25 <lakerzhou> Sorry, I have been working on some other task, and totally not involved in the review
03:26:27 <lakerzhou> I will followup more closely, once the coding is done, I will start integration
03:26:29 <mkrai> We still have a good progress on this bp :)
03:26:37 <mkrai> Anything else to discuss ?
03:26:41 <Shunli> sorry, also need the pci scheduler code ready.
03:27:03 <lakerzhou> thanks mkrai, nothing from me
03:27:26 <mkrai> Ok so we can end meeting early today I guess
03:27:29 <Shunli> pci request code will parse zun create request and get pci request info and pass to scheduler.
03:27:54 <Shunli> the scheduler select the correct node, then will pass pci info to the kuryr.
03:28:33 <mkrai> Shunli: ack
03:28:51 <Shunli> nothing from me
03:28:54 <mkrai> Lot of work is still needed to start the integration test
03:29:00 <lakerzhou> sounds great shunli. Scheduler testing can be independent
03:29:07 <mkrai> Thanks Shunli lakerzhou
03:30:21 <mkrai> Thank you everyone for joining the meeting today. See you all next week.
03:30:24 <mkrai> #endmeeting