03:00:19 <hongbin> #startmeeting zun
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03:00:24 <hongbin> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zun#Agenda_for_2017-10-31_0300_UTC Today's agenda
03:00:28 <hongbin> #topic Roll Call
03:00:38 <kevinz> o/
03:01:26 <kiennt26> o/
03:01:49 <hongbin> thanks for joining kevinz kiennt26
03:01:54 <hongbin> let's have a short meeting
03:02:02 <hongbin> #topic Cinder integration (hongbin)
03:02:14 <Shunli> o/
03:02:25 <hongbin> this BP is completed, thanks kevinz kiennt26 for reviewing the patches
03:02:28 <hongbin> hi Shunli
03:02:40 <hongbin> #topic Introduce container composition (kevinz)
03:02:47 <hongbin> kevinz: ^^
03:02:57 <kevinz> Hi
03:03:48 <kevinz> I don't get so much time working on this last week. But I still do some investigation and write a code for python to binding K8s
03:04:06 <kevinz> https://github.com/kevin-zhaoshuai/openstack-k8s-connector
03:04:15 <hongbin> wow
03:04:30 <kevinz> Now node register and change node status is OK. I will try to follow how to sync with Zun
03:04:50 <hongbin> kevinz: awesome
03:05:06 <hongbin> kevinz: thanks kevinz , will check out the repo
03:05:31 <kevinz> hongbin: I find that the cinder integration is finished. So now capsule can add the Volume
03:05:47 <hongbin> kevinz: yes, it can
03:05:51 <kevinz> hongbin: Will implement this this week
03:06:08 <kiennt26> kevinz: cool :) Could you update README, installation and how to apply/run the code?
03:06:24 <hongbin> kevinz: great! this will be a useful feature
03:06:47 <kevinz> kiennt26: For the connector? OK, I will update it after it become a "can work" project:-)
03:07:14 <kiennt26> kevinz: great!
03:07:33 <kevinz> kiennt26: hongbin: Thanks~
03:07:45 <hongbin> thanks kevinz
03:07:48 <hongbin> #topic NFV use cases (lakerzhou, Shunli)
03:07:54 <hongbin> Shunli: ^^
03:08:13 <Shunli> i didn't get much time work on this bp last week
03:08:42 <Shunli> Still the pci tracker and request patch are under reviewing and need review.
03:09:07 <hongbin> yes, those two patches are big, so expect some delay on reviewing :)
03:09:15 <Shunli> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/508025/
03:09:25 <Shunli> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/512230/
03:10:16 <hongbin> thanks Shunli
03:10:17 <Shunli> the bp is almost done, no further update for me
03:10:31 <hongbin> ok
03:10:37 <hongbin> #topic Open Discussion
03:10:55 <kevinz> hongbin: next week you will go to SYD?
03:10:56 <hongbin> btw, there is no meeting next week due to openstack summit
03:11:03 <hongbin> kevinz: yes, i will
03:11:19 <hongbin> i will present the work you guys are doing
03:11:37 <kevinz> hongbin: Great! lakerzhou will also be there?
03:11:43 <hongbin> kevinz: check out my slide later, i will mention you and shunli in the presentation
03:12:05 <Shunli> ^_^
03:12:12 <hongbin> lakerzhou cannot go there, his colleage from lenovo china will present it with me
03:12:12 <kevinz> hongbin: Thanks a lot ^_^
03:12:56 <kevinz> hongbin: ok, wish you have a safe and good journey in Austria
03:13:05 <hongbin> kevinz: thanks
03:13:47 <hongbin> kiennt26: hi kien, i saw your patches are ready for shared network support, unfortunetely, i am busy with summit presentation this week, don't have too much time to review
03:14:10 <kiennt26> hongbin: np :D
03:14:10 <hongbin> kiennt26: will go through your patches once i have some time available
03:14:22 <kiennt26> hongbin: thanks
03:14:27 <hongbin> kiennt26: welcome
03:14:39 <hongbin> all, anything else you want to bring up for discussion ?
03:15:00 <kiennt26> no, nothing from me
03:15:15 <hongbin> ok
03:15:29 <kevinz> that's all from me
03:15:30 <hongbin> all, thanks for joining the meeting, see you at the next meeting
03:15:36 <kevinz> see you
03:15:36 <hongbin> #endmeeting