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03:00:50 <hongbin> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zun#Agenda_for_2017-11-21_0300_UTC Today's agenda
03:00:56 <hongbin> #topic Roll Call
03:01:03 <kevinz> o/
03:02:03 <hongbin> hi kevinz
03:02:10 <hongbin> it looks it is two of us
03:02:21 <mkrai> o/
03:02:26 <hongbin> hi mkrai
03:02:34 <mkrai> hi hongbin kevinz
03:02:36 <hongbin> there are three people today
03:02:37 <kevinz> hi
03:02:56 <hongbin> we can do a quick update of each of us , then end the meeting shortly
03:03:08 <mkrai> Yes sounds good
03:03:08 <hongbin> kevinz: want to go first ?
03:03:12 <kevinz> ok
03:03:50 <kevinz> I'm working on cinder attach volume with capsule
03:04:08 <hongbin> cool
03:04:12 <kevinz> I have a problem
03:04:44 <kevinz> do we now can support zun run  to create a new volume and attach it to container?
03:05:09 <hongbin> yes
03:05:30 <hongbin> zun run --mount source=<volume_id>,destination=<path> <image
03:05:38 <hongbin> this is the command to do it
03:05:51 <hongbin> oh, create a new volume
03:05:55 <kevinz> if the volume don't exist,
03:05:57 <kevinz> yes
03:06:00 <hongbin> that is not supported, sorry for that
03:06:25 <kevinz> OK feel free.
03:06:31 <hongbin> any idea about that ?
03:07:17 <kevinz> maybe we can do just set the destination could create a new volume?
03:07:28 <hongbin> yes, i am open for that
03:07:32 <kevinz> zun run --mount destination=<path> <image
03:07:58 <hongbin> this might requires to extend the --mount option to support parameters for cinder create
03:08:01 <mkrai> +1 for it
03:08:09 <hongbin> e.g. size, name, ...
03:08:15 <kevinz> Yes
03:08:22 <hongbin> sure, that could be a good idea
03:08:27 <kevinz> If we agree, I will do this one
03:08:34 <hongbin> +1
03:08:52 <kevinz> Cool, thanks hongbin mkrai
03:09:03 <hongbin> thanks kevinz
03:09:35 <kevinz> my pleasure
03:09:58 <hongbin> anything else from your side kevinz ?
03:10:16 <kevinz> That all from me
03:10:25 <hongbin> ok, thanks kevinz
03:10:35 <hongbin> mkrai: you have anything to update ?
03:10:48 <mkrai> hongbin: yes a little
03:11:12 <mkrai> I update the patch for CC support in devstack to include check for virt flags
03:11:17 <mkrai> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/499534/
03:11:24 <mkrai> There is some failure in the patch
03:11:28 <hongbin> cool
03:11:31 <mkrai> So I will check it in this week
03:11:42 <hongbin> ok, the flag is good
03:11:56 <mkrai> hongbin: all CI is on VM?
03:12:17 <hongbin> mkrai: i think so
03:12:28 <mkrai> Ok that's the reason it fails
03:12:43 <mkrai> but there should be a warning not failure
03:12:47 <mkrai> So I will update the patch
03:13:07 <mkrai> hongbin: If you have time, please review :)
03:13:18 <hongbin> mkrai: ok, sure
03:13:27 <mkrai> thank you hongbin
03:13:31 <mkrai> That's all from me
03:13:37 <hongbin> thanks mkrai
03:13:41 <hongbin> from me, a short update
03:13:52 <hongbin> i am cleaning up the PCI/SR-IOV patches
03:14:04 <hongbin> there are several patches under review
03:14:35 <hongbin> and there is a patch in kuryr-libnetwork as well, which is also under review
03:14:52 <hongbin> however, i expect there is no problem to merge those patches
03:15:12 <mkrai> hongbin: I will help in merging those patches
03:15:16 <hongbin> and there is a demo in sydney based on those patches, they should work very well
03:15:18 <mkrai> Will review it
03:15:21 <hongbin> mkrai: thx
03:15:33 <hongbin> that is all from my side
03:15:48 <hongbin> all, thanks for joining the meeting today
03:15:52 <hongbin> see you next time
03:15:56 <hongbin> #endmeeting