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03:00:32 <hongbin> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zun#Agenda_for_2017-11-28_0300_UTC Today's agenda
03:00:33 <hongbin> #topic Roll Call
03:00:47 <kevinz> o/
03:01:04 <mkrai> o/
03:01:49 <hongbin> hi kevinz mkrai
03:02:09 <mkrai> hi hongbin kevinz
03:02:10 <hongbin> it looks it is three of us today, we could have a short update for each other, then end the meeting shortly
03:02:28 <mkrai> ok
03:02:34 <hongbin> kevinz: want to go first ?
03:02:40 <kevinz> hongbin: OK
03:03:12 <kevinz> Last meeting I referred that add support for run container with create new volume
03:03:33 <kevinz> This patch has finished, I will push to review in 5 minutes
03:03:40 <hongbin> awesome
03:03:48 <kevinz> Also, I've checked kuryr-kubernetes
03:04:07 <kevinz> Plan to refer it first to do the POC of the connector-k8s
03:04:32 <hongbin> why refer kuryr-kubernetes ?
03:04:55 <kevinz> Kuryr-kuberbetes has some same implementation do things as a intermediary
03:05:19 <hongbin> oh i remembered, you mentioned the watch framework in async
03:05:27 <kevinz> For kuryr-k8s, it need to talk with k8s api server and neutron client
03:05:44 <kevinz> So for us, it need to talk with k8s api server and zun client
03:05:44 <hongbin> yes
03:05:52 <kevinz> So the framework is the same
03:05:58 <hongbin> i see
03:06:08 <hongbin> sounds good
03:06:44 <hongbin> anything else from your side ?
03:06:48 <kevinz> The aci-connector-k8s use timer task, I find it is not very good solution for production env
03:07:02 <kevinz> Just a "demo" I think
03:07:04 <hongbin> what is timer task ?
03:07:52 <kevinz> aci-connector-k8s will talk with K8s api server every several seconds
03:08:02 <hongbin> oh i see
03:08:13 <kevinz> just like polling
03:08:24 <hongbin> it is definitely not ideal since we k8s api is watchable
03:08:51 <kevinz> yes i think so
03:09:27 <kevinz> So move to kuryr-k8s framework
03:10:44 <kevinz> that's all from my side
03:10:44 <hongbin> ok, thanks kevinz for the update
03:10:56 <hongbin> mkrai: want to go next ?
03:11:04 <mkrai> yes sure
03:11:26 <mkrai> I posted update on my patch on including Clear Container as new runtime
03:11:31 <mkrai> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/499534/
03:11:36 <mkrai> But it didn't work
03:12:02 <mkrai> I will post another patch today
03:12:02 <hongbin> need any help for that ?
03:12:18 <hongbin> ok
03:12:43 <mkrai> I will try it today and if it doesn't work, will ask for help :)
03:12:48 <mkrai> hongbin: Thank you :)
03:12:48 <mkrai> That's all from me
03:12:57 <hongbin> mkrai: thanks madhuri
03:13:11 <hongbin> then, i will give a short update from my side
03:13:26 <hongbin> last week, i am cleaning up the sriov patches
03:13:45 <hongbin> most of the patches were merged, thanks all for reviewing
03:14:07 <hongbin> in addition, i am opening a new track for the package manager
03:14:25 <hongbin> there is a WIP spec up for review
03:14:34 <hongbin> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/zun-app-package-manager
03:15:03 <mkrai> I saw the spec. I will review the spec and post my comment there
03:15:16 <mkrai> This will be a great feature.
03:15:18 <hongbin> this feature is targeted for application deployer, and make them easier to deploy zun applicaiton
03:15:24 <kevinz> Does the file stored in DB or local directory?
03:16:03 <hongbin> it is like k8s helm, it could be stored in a github repo
03:16:21 <hongbin> or it can be local
03:16:26 <kevinz> sorry, I mean the "helm chart file"
03:17:21 <hongbin> i think there are two options: local and github
03:17:58 <hongbin> we could maintain a github repository for storing package that is for sharing (like docker hub for docker image)
03:18:10 <kevinz> OK thanks hongbin
03:18:17 <hongbin> by default, chart is pulled from github
03:18:35 <hongbin> however, there is another option to upload local 'chart'
03:18:46 <hongbin> i will write down the details in the spec
03:19:01 <kevinz> I have one more question, I don't like heat :-) Do we support other more friendly deployment tools?
03:19:38 <kevinz> Maybe a not proper question, haha
03:19:47 <mkrai> :D
03:19:54 <mkrai> We don't use heat now
03:19:57 <hongbin> i am thinking how to answer it :)
03:20:18 <mkrai> Where it will be used kevinz  ?
03:20:18 <hongbin> kevinz: if we don't use heat, any other options available ?
03:21:05 <kevinz> mkrai: use heat template to deploy the container from the spec
03:21:40 <mkrai> ok you mean container orchestration?
03:22:09 <kevinz> hongbin: I'm thinking also. I suspect user may don't like to learn more complex heat template
03:22:29 <hongbin> kevinz: ack
03:23:08 <kevinz> mkrai: Yeah, deploy server container to realize a function. That need orchestration
03:24:19 <kevinz> mkrai: Just like here in line 89 https://review.openstack.org/#/c/523009/2/specs/zun-package-manager.rst
03:24:57 <mkrai> kevinz: Thanks for the link
03:24:59 <mkrai> I will have a look
03:26:17 <hongbin> kevinz: could you leave your comment in the spec, i will think about it
03:26:31 <hongbin> kevinz: about the heat alternative idea
03:26:36 <kevinz> hongbin: Sure, I will
03:26:39 <kevinz> thanks hongbin
03:26:42 <hongbin> kevinz: thanks
03:27:02 <hongbin> ok, all, thanks for joining hte meeting
03:27:14 <hongbin> if there is nothing else, i will end the meeting shortly
03:27:16 <mkrai> Thanks everyone
03:27:39 <hongbin> #endmeeting