03:00:10 <mkrai> #startmeeting zun
03:00:10 <mkrai> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zun#Agenda_for_2017-12-12_0300_UTC Today's agenda
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03:00:11 <mkrai> #topic Roll Call
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03:00:28 <mkrai> #topic Roll Call
03:01:11 <kevinz> o/
03:01:23 <mkrai> Hi kevinz
03:01:28 <kevinz> Hi mkrai
03:01:38 <mkrai> I was wondering if anyone would join
03:01:43 <mkrai> Thank you joining the meeting kevinz
03:02:05 <mkrai> #topic Announcements
03:02:13 <mkrai> Hongbin is on vacation between Dec 11 - 31. Madhuri will cover the PTL role during this time.
03:02:30 <kevinz> Thanks mkrai
03:02:45 <mkrai> Pleasure is all mine :)
03:03:00 <mkrai> Do you have any announcement?
03:03:12 <kevinz> I don't have
03:03:18 <mkrai> Ok
03:03:20 <mkrai> #topic Review Action Items
03:03:21 <mkrai> None
03:03:36 <mkrai> #topic Open discussion
03:03:51 <mkrai> I think we both can update about our task and finish the meeting early
03:03:58 <kevinz> OK
03:04:02 <mkrai> kevinz: Would you like to go first?
03:04:05 <kevinz> sure
03:04:13 <mkrai> Thank you
03:04:51 <kevinz> I tried cinder multiple attach feature, and ask cinder upstream
03:05:25 <kevinz> They don't have a volume driver that support multiple attach now until Nova finish multiple attach BP
03:05:33 <kevinz> This BP I will track more
03:06:07 <mkrai> Have you already written the code?
03:06:12 <mkrai> Or was it just a PoC?
03:06:46 <kevinz> Just a POC, I find it hard to write the code. Will ask Cinder upstream for more help
03:07:11 <mkrai> Ok do you the link for the blueprint?
03:07:18 <mkrai> in nova or cinder ?
03:07:43 <kevinz> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zun/+spec/cinder-volume-multi-attach
03:07:48 <kevinz> hongbin has created one
03:07:56 <kevinz> He put some links in the BP
03:08:13 <mkrai> Ok I will see it
03:08:16 <mkrai> Thanks for the link
03:08:28 <mkrai> Anything else you want to update?
03:08:47 <kevinz> Now for Capsule volume attach, I consider to use "--volume-from" to as interim method
03:09:05 <kevinz> I will do the volume attach for  capsule this week
03:09:14 <kevinz> That's all from my side :-)
03:09:23 <mkrai> Sounds good
03:09:28 <mkrai> Thank you for working on it
03:09:41 <kevinz> my pleasure mkrai
03:09:53 <mkrai> I will now give a short update as I haven't worked much last week :)
03:10:06 <mkrai> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/499534/
03:10:24 <mkrai> I was working on adding the Clear COntainer support in Zun
03:10:31 <mkrai> The patch is now ready to be merged
03:10:44 <kevinz> Cool. I will try it
03:10:44 <mkrai> But I see Hongbin's comment about the kata containers
03:11:18 <mkrai> kevinz: kata containers will replace clear containers
03:11:37 <mkrai> So hongbin's concern is whether we should merge this or not
03:11:38 <kevinz> mkrai: yeah, congratulations to Kata and CC
03:11:46 <mkrai> kevinz: WDYT about it ?
03:11:51 <mkrai> kevinz: Thank you :)
03:12:36 <kevinz> Actually It attract more attention for OpenStack foundation
03:12:36 <mkrai> I think that we can merge this for now as kata containers will take time to be ready to use
03:12:52 <mkrai> Yes I agree
03:12:59 <mkrai> And then later we can update to use Kata directly
03:13:03 <mkrai> Not CC
03:13:04 <kevinz> Yeah, do you and hyper plan to merge the runtime code?
03:13:37 <mkrai> are you asking about the Zun code?
03:13:39 <kevinz> Or just leave runtime code separately and add one same layer as interface
03:13:41 <mkrai> Or kata container code?
03:13:46 <kevinz> kata container code
03:14:01 <mkrai> Ok the idea is to merge them
03:14:10 <mkrai> But I haven't seen the code yet
03:14:11 <kevinz> I think it will take long time?
03:14:20 <mkrai> Yes I also think so
03:14:35 <mkrai> I will do the research and post my comment on the patch
03:14:56 <kevinz> So IMO I think we could merge CC in Zun and waiting for Kata ready and then replace
03:15:07 <mkrai> Yes agree
03:15:21 <kevinz> As we are not sure when Kata will ready
03:15:28 <mkrai> Ok I will post our decision on the patch
03:15:37 <mkrai> Thanks kevinz
03:15:38 <kevinz> mkrai: Thanks
03:15:48 <kevinz> :-)
03:15:55 <mkrai> Do you have anything else to discuss?
03:16:06 <kevinz> That's all from me
03:16:21 <mkrai> Ok thanks kevinz for joining the meeting
03:16:24 <mkrai> See you next week
03:16:27 <kevinz> see you
03:16:30 <mkrai> #endmeeting