Sunday, 2020-12-06

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openstackgerritAlbin Vass proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Enable installing nimble siblings
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ianwo/ ... back from bouncer issues23:32
fungiwelcome back!23:40
fungiianw: if you want some light fun, i seem to have gotten the gerrit theme plugin working here:
ianwfungi: cool!23:43
ianw ... should we serve that from gerrit static files?23:43
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fungithat could be a good improvement yeah23:51
ianwhard to review as the documentation is fairly incomplete.  however, it looks good in sample, and i hope to figure out the better initalisation during gate test so we can test the improvements a bit better23:52
fungiwell, per my comments it's also loaded on review-test at the moment23:53
ianwyep thanks for that; that's what i've based my verification on, rather than ... 100% understanding the code :)23:53

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