Saturday, 2021-01-23

artomclarkb, aha, thanks :) I guess the next question would be - how legit is my proposal to generate PEM-formatted keys? But we can discuss that on Monday...00:01
clarkbartom: I think its fine, but that will be a discussion for #zuul or zuul-discuss@lists.zuul-ci.org00:01
clarkbits the most compatible thing so I personally have no objection to it00:01
clarkbbut I want to say this has come up before and others had other opinions?00:01
artomYeah, but it's a pretty basic thing, so I'm weary... I wonder if I can work around it in my project's jobs somehow...00:02
artomI guess a pre-run playbook to convert it?00:02
clarkbya you can run a pre-run playbook in your job that happens after that prerun playbook that does the conversion00:02
artomBleah, that's a task for Monday artom00:05
artomOh, I think I got it!00:09
artomWhen I previously tried the pre-run conversion thing, I was converting ~/.ssh/id_rsa... but paramiko was configured to use /etc/nodepool/id_rsa, which is copied by openstack-zuul-jobs from ~/.ssh/id_rsa *before* project pre-run is executed00:09
artomSo my conversion had no effect on /etc/nodepool/id_rsa00:10
* artom submits new revision, finishes beer, and starts (continues?) the weekend00:14
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corvusclarkb, mordred: for some reason i find that i'm not cooking for large groups of people these days, but my appetite for bbq is undiminished.  so i got a brisket, and smoked the center third of it, then used the fatty third for chili and the lean third for hamburgers and braises.21:39
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* fungi drools21:59
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