Sunday, 2021-01-24

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* zbr needs new round of smoking16:49
fungicorvus: you can still cook for large groups of people who are just you and li at multiple points in time. this weekend alone christine made ~8 liters of marinara and i made ~12 liters of chili. just need lots of containers and a large freezer (or jars and a pressure canner)19:21
fungiwe find it easier to cook in bulk, then open or thaw appropriate portions to save on cooking effort19:23
corvusfungi: that's true! we had 3 servings of the brisket (2 served typically, 1 serving of burnt-end tacos) and then 3 more went into the freezer, vacuum packed.  got about 3.5L of chili.19:27
corvusif i had a chest freezer..... :)19:28
fungiwhen we lost our chest freezer in a flood we got a large upright freezer to replace it19:30
fungimore convenient since christine doesn't have to risk more back injuries bending over to lift things out of the freezer19:31
fungiplus i like having the extra room to cold-treat my bulk orders of sprouted flour and grains/legumes19:37
corvusfungi: i just pulled some bagels out of the oven, which i previously boiled in lye.19:38
corvus(first time using lye; last time was sodium carbonate)19:39
fungiooh, yeah i've only done sodium bicarb + sea salt and a bit of golden syrup20:02
fungifor my bagel boil20:02
fungialways meant to try lye20:10
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