Sunday, 2021-06-06

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avass[m]mordred: a quick thought would be to use indentation to specify dependencies, and also specify if an entry is a ppa or otherwise a package (if needed). But there's probably reasons why it can't be that easy17:37
fungimordred: [continuing from #zuul] probably a big part of the complication in adding nonstandard package repository functionality to bindep stems from trying to take advantage of integration for declaring those repositories in different platforms (e.g. distro packages which, when installed, add new package repositories, which implies multi-stage package addition)17:38
fungiwe likely should be considering a platform-independent syntax and workflow as the first order solution17:38
avass[m]and i don't think anyone wants to support windows because of how different it is. The closest thing to a package manager that has is chocolatey17:39
fungimaybe multiple bindep invocations are acceptable... run and it tells you the list of package repositories you're missing. run again once you've fixed that17:39
fungii thought windows had an "add and remove applications" interface, accessible via powershell?17:40
fungior is that poorly supported by random things packaged for windows?17:41
fungisure it may not have an "automatically find and install this thing i want" feature, but that's not what bindep does anyway, bindep just checks what's already installed against a list of what's needed and tells you what you're missing17:41
fungii expect the bigger hurdle is that bindep is a command-line tool implemented in python, so you need a command shell and working python interpreter, and once you're there wsl is only a stone's throw away17:43
fungiwhich is why i think making bindep work in wsl is probably a much easier target there17:44
fungifor checking what's installed, i've already suggested (since yum has this feature as well) that packages could be optionally identified by the existence of a file on the filesystem or a particular executable name in the path17:45
fungiso you don't necessarily need a package manager to provide a list of what's installed, you can just check directly17:46
avass[m]I believe Wsl version 2 is practically just a hidden Linux VM so that wouldn't really solve anything. Version 1 is... Weird and I'm not sure how much access it has to the windows system. I think it's possible to check the registry to see if something is installed, but I'm not sure if chocolatey or winget uses that or does something else.17:51
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opendevreviewIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: limnoria/meetbot setup on
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opendevreviewIan Wienand proposed opendev/ master: Add

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