Saturday, 2021-06-26

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fungi21.1.3 released today, should keep an eye out for breakage12:36
fungiapparently setuptools packages using just setup.cfg (without a i think?) now also require a pyproject.toml12:36
fungithat seems a bit strange to introduce in a patchlevel release12:37
fungier, i meant to say *pip* 21.1.3 released today12:37
fungiahh, the fact that they worked without it was apparently a (brief) regression in 21.1.2, according to the pr12:46
fungialso reading those discussions turned me on to
fungiinstead of `python bdist_wheel sdist` it's recommended now to install that package and run `python -m build`12:59
fungiwhich at least seems to work for one pbr-based project i tested on12:59
mordredI'll get that initial pbr support patch finished soon. Not needed for build to work, but still13:30
mordredAlso, build makes a tarball then uses the tarball to make the wheel, which is an EXCELLENT idea13:30
fungii've already experimented with converting one of my personal projects over to it15:22
fungiand compared the results to the former method15:22
fungiin unrelated news, is officially defunct. time to start looking at alternatives... there seems to be pressure to adopt, but it doesn't allow uploading third-party signatures (doesn't even allow the keyholder to upload third-party signatures of their own keys)15:27
fungii get that the ability for anyone to upload third-party signatures for other people's keys is what led the traditional keyserver network to collapse under the weight of abuse, but why not allow the keyholder to upload signatures sent to them of their own key? that's the whole idea behind caff, after all15:29
fungii guess i'll start publishing third-party signatures of my key on my personal website or something15:30
fungimordred: oh, you might be interested in this ml thread and the associated mr comments:
mordredfungi: i started reading some of it. You're doing great!15:44
fungia little worried that pabs seems so strongly against the idea15:45
fungibut... debian is built on strong opinions, after all15:45

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