Sunday, 2021-06-27

opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/base-jobs master: base-test: Correct filter on Zuul var YAML export
fungii doubt anyone's around at the moment, so i'm going to self-approve that as it's testing a temporary workaround related to zuul 4.6.015:33
opendevreviewMerged opendev/base-jobs master: base-test: Correct filter on Zuul var YAML export
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: log-inventory: log zuul vars
TheJuliafungi: random question, and please don't answer until sometime tomorrow. Where would I look for the stylesheet or template that gets wrapped around pages on Specifically, I went to print out for the board packet and did a doubletake a few times at the drastic printed version differences. :\17:38
fungiTheJulia: unfortunately, according to "view page source" in my browser anyway, it looks like much of the css embedded in that page is served from so maybe
fungii don't think we serve any css directly from opendev servers for that, though i'll admit i didn't look super closely17:53
fungirule of thumb, if it's served from the site it's either in that openstackweb repo, part of the third-party web framework for o.o (maybe still silverstripe?), or stored in the o.o cms database17:54
TheJuliafungi: so, it looks like my browser did some of it....18:02
TheJuliabut still feels... weird.18:02
TheJuliaanyway, thanks!18:02
fungiTheJulia: but also, thanks for sending the meeting announcement, i've been prodding folks for a week hoping someone would send out meeting details18:02
TheJuliafungi: oh jeeze, yeah, sorry, it has been my turn to do it and I didn't get one of the items for the board until after 5PM pacific on Friday18:03
TheJulia(and then promptly got sick)18:03
fungioh, no worries, i was mainly just wanting to know the bridge info, more than the agenda. hope you're starting to feel better!18:04
TheJuliafungi: Ahh, that never really changes :)18:06
TheJuliaAt least, I don't think it has changed since I joined the board18:06
fungineed to brew myself some coffee so i'll be awake for it18:06
TheJuliaYeah, it will be late :(18:06
funginot too bad... midnight to 2am local here18:06
TheJuliaYeah, I feel like people in the EU may have it worst off if they are not really morning people18:09
TheJuliaAnd by morning people, I mean people who normally wake up around 0430. :)18:09
fungiso, basically dirt farmers18:10
fungiactually, folks who work in bakeries probably have to be awake that early too18:10
TheJuliaYes, I do remember getting up at 0500 and walking to a bakery near my hotel in Berlin and having deliciousness18:11

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