Saturday, 2021-09-18

opendevreviewOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/project-config master: Normalize projects.yaml
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Normalize projects.yaml
opendevreviewMerged zuul/zuul-jobs master: Pin protobuf<3.18 for Python<3.6
fungiclarkb: if you're around at some point, looks like yuriys is ready for approval on (i can check in on the status after it deploys to see if things seem to be working as anticipated)14:12
yuriysI can watch cloud state as well.14:17
Clark[m]fungi if you want to approve it that is fine with me. Will be a little bit before I can sit down and approve it myself. Today is drive through flu vaccines for the whole family so trying to get out the door15:01
yuriysIt's also totally a Saturday!15:13
yuriysIt can wait till Monday if it needs to fungi, no rush.15:14
fungino sweat, it's a trivial change, just wanted to give Clark[m] a chance to veto. approving it now, should hopefully not take too long to deploy the config update15:21
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Scaling up Inmotion Cloud workloads.
fungilooks like the deploy reported success at 15:40:18 so it's been about 45 minutes, we should see some nodes in use16:28
fungidefinitely see the quota bump, but i expect we're populating images first before we'll have nodes booting:
fungiwell, no, we have images there in a ready state from earlier16:31
fungiaha, zuul is simply a ghost town right now. there are a handful of changes in openstack's check pipeline, and nothing else going on at the moment in any other tenants:
fungiyep, just confirmed, no errors in the nl02 log, the inmotion-iad3-main poolworker simply hasn't had an opportunity to grab a node request yet16:35
yuriysAwesome. No worries.16:35
yuriysIt's also Saturday! haha.16:36
fungiwell, i was just passing time while waiting for a cake to finish baking16:38
Clark[m]The problem with demand based scheduling is without demand we don't see it in action :)16:51
fungii demand action!17:06
fungiwell, that didn't work ;)17:06
fungi2021-09-18 17:04:31,373 ERROR nodepool.NodeLauncher: [e: d6fd0aea8bec4dee83a23a455a32f63f] [node_request: 900-0015464128] [node: 0026559417] Launch failed for node ubuntu-bionic-inmotion-iad3-0026559417:17:15
funginodepool.exceptions.ConnectionTimeoutException: Timeout waiting for connection to on port 2217:15
fungiso we may have connectivity issues, or we may have nodes booting too slowly, hard to say just from the timeout exception alone17:15
fungii assume nothing changed with our standard allow all security group17:19
Clark[m]It shouldn't have. And we added the new subnets to the existing External network.17:28
Clark[m]I wonder if the subnets aren't routed properly for some reason17:28
fungithat would be one of the simplest explanations, sure17:32

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