Sunday, 2021-09-19

yuriysclarkb, fungi I confirmed on our network devices that when I added two more blocks to your cloud after I added the initial three, it didn't append, but overwrote the 3. So just confirming the issue of those IP blocks not routing from the error above. Will solve today (hopefully), no action needed on your side, once it's fixed on the core switch side, it will just work as intended.12:19
fungiyuriys: thanks for the heads up, obviously it's no rush, nodepool will just keep trying to reach things it boots in there and won't actually hand them off to zuul for running jobs until they're actually usable13:00
fungiso it's not doing any harm other than heating the planet a bit more by constantly booting and deleting server instances13:00
yuriysfungi issues is resolved now, provisioned an instance to test with ip which belongs to the previous network block that timed out and it now pings.13:31
fungiyuriys: awesome, thanks again! i'll keep an eye on the launch failures graph and see if we end up with any other issues, but that's probably done it13:33

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