Wednesday, 2021-12-29

prometheanfireis it possible to get a git-review release so the rebase-merges fix is in a tag (packaging git-review)?03:19
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fungiwill that suffice?04:49
prometheanfirefungi: it does, I missed that 2.2.0 wasn't in
prometheanfireI thought I remembered it being discussed around that time, so was confused :D04:51
fungiyeah, the docs only get republished after a change merges, and we haven't merged any new changes since that tag was pushed04:51
fungiwe could try to address that by making it safe to also run the docs job on tag events04:52
* prometheanfire shrugs, 2.2.0 in tree now (packaged)04:54
prometheanfireI packaged 9999 (git master in the mean time)04:54
prometheanfirepull.ff behavour in git changed too, not possible for me to do pull.ff=only when I used to04:54
fungi`git pull --ff-only` has ceased working?04:57
prometheanfireseems like it, I wonder if it's because of signed commits05:00
prometheanfirewill have to test that next05:00
prometheanfireit's not like gentoo's tree actually has merge commits05:01
prometheanfirelooks like is what I hit05:25
opendevreviewSunyeop Lee proposed opendev/git-review master: Fix CommandFailed.__str__
opendevreviewSunyeop Lee proposed opendev/git-review master: Fix CommandFailed.__str__
ykarelprometheanfire, hi08:32
ykarelcan u check
ykareli also commented on other patch about the issue
ykarelmay be u can suggest how to clear it with devstack patch failing08:34
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ykarelif cores around, need reviews on to clear gates12:52
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opendevreviewDr. Jens Harbott proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: Remove extra if/then/else construct in pip element
prometheanfireykarel: I see the first merged, so that's good, do you know of an upstream bug to track for paramiko breakages?16:43
ykarelprometheanfire, frickler created
prometheanfirecool, thanks16:43
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fricklermore release fun, tox 3.24.5 just out and seemingly failing jobs
fungioh neat20:02
fricklerlikely also a bug from neutron/devstack to just install tox without enforcing a sensible lower version20:04
fungitox.ConfigError: ConfigError: substitution 'env:UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE:': 'UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE:' not found in environment20:04
fricklerfungi: yes, seems that is what you get from tox 1.11.0 instead anything recentish20:07
fungiahh, so something is causing newer versions to fail to install and pip winds up settling on an older one instead?20:07
fungithe changelog for the new release is just "Fixed an issue where usedevelop would cause an invocation error if does not exist."20:09
fricklerfungi: yes, see the first matches for "tox" in that log. starting with + lib/neutron_plugins/ovn_agent:install_ovn:361 :   pip_install tox20:09
fungicould it be the new setuptools (60.1.1)?20:11
fungi#2980: Bypass distutils loader when setuptools module is no longer available on sys.path.20:12
fungiaha! virtualenv 20.11.2 Released: about 9 hours ago20:13
fungi20.11.1 was also released today20:15
fungi20.11.0 yesterday20:15
fungiwhich upped the vendored copy of setuptools from 58.x to 60.x20:15
fungii have a feeling that's it20:15
fungiv60.0.0 Breaking Changes: Setuptools once again makes its local copy of distutils the default. To override, set SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS=stdlib.20:16
fungiv59.0.0 Breaking Changes: Started failing on invalid inline description with line breaks ValueError20:17
eanderssonNot able to easily reproduce it locally20:26
fricklerthere are also jobs passing that installed tox 3.24.5 successfully, so I still think our mirrors are involved20:28
fricklerhopefully this will resolve itself once the 1h cache timeout is reached20:29
fungioh, suspecting we got served a fallback view of pypi in some places which was missing some necessary recent dependency for it?20:38
fricklerfungi: yes, in the log pip downloads the correct tox wheel, starts working through the dependencies, has a few comments about needing some time, and finally goes down through all tox versions until it finds one that has next to no dependencies20:50
fricklerin the end it is just "Successfully installed py-1.11.0 tox-1.1"20:51

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