Thursday, 2021-12-30

clarkbfrickler: fungi: re paramiko update and ssh-rsa that will affect gerritbot and zuul I think01:34
clarkbI'm not in a good spot to do anything about it at the moment but I figured calling it out would at least avoid surprises if those processes are restarted and stop working01:34
clarkbI think we should consider running them with ed25519 keys instead of rsa rather than pinning paramiko01:34
fungiyeah, i agree with your assessment02:03
fricklerconnecting to gerrit with latest paramiko seems to work fine, since gerrit does in fact support rsa-sha2-512. the problem with cirros is that its old dropbear version does not06:25
fricklerinfra-root: 821328 seems to have broken accessbot. bit concerning that testing doesn't seem to have covered this.
opendevreviewSunyeop Lee proposed opendev/git-review master: Fix git_review.cmd.CommandFailed: <exception str() failed>
fungifrickler: yep, looks like system-config-run-eavesdrop doesn't exercise accessbot at all12:26
fungiwe use yaml.safe_load() in but that's a completely parallel codebase12:29
fungiwe'll need to put some thought into how to run accessbot from a test node, probably something like combining its --noop option with some new feature to bypass authenticating and just use a random nick12:36
fungiright now the only way i can think of to run the current state of accessbot is in production12:39
fungiso it'll need to be altered to allow for testing12:39
fungiwe should probably reimplement within accessbot somehow12:40
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/system-config master: Use yaml.safe_load() in accessbot
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/engagement master: Initial commit
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fungifeedback is being sought on a new `pip resolve` subcommand (semantics, features, functionality):

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