Thursday, 2022-04-07

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ianwsigh, apart from spending *waaaay* too long debugging a stray :1 that screwed up all ipv6 networking, i'm back :/04:21
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hrwTB dock... I use lenovo t490s with company provided lenovo tb dock. works fine06:18
hrwianw: where can I check did centos-stream-9 images got built for aarch64? waiting for centos-9-stream-arm64 nodes ;d06:19
ianwhrw: so far the dock is fine, but my next problem now I have ipv6 back is that my monitor doesn't have a HDMI input, so I need to go find a displayport cable somewhere :)06:39
hrwhdmi as legacy ;D06:40
ianwalthough the number of extra cables going in and out of this thing over just the simple wedge the t460s used to sit in makes me wonder if we're moving forward or backwards06:40
ianwanyway, images ... :)06:40
ianwall arm64 images build on nb0306:40
ianwhence all logs @
ianw looks good06:41
ianware there more outstanding changes?  sorry i've been a bit distracted today06:43
hrw from yesterday06:43
hrwcs9 arm64 nodes, added epel to cs906:44
hrwwaiting for nodes to happen and then python wheel mirror can start building06:44
ianwi don't think i've done x86 centos-9 wheels yet.  if it can wait till tomorrow i can get both going?06:45
hrwianw: so - are nodes created on first demand (so I need to recheck to make them) or they are first made and then jobs can run?06:45
hrwianw: cs9 lacks wheels on any arch. AFS was needed (or is still needed?) and then jobs merged and started06:46
ianwthat depends on min-ready settings in nodepool, but yeah either way a recheck gets nodes going06:46
hrwstarted recheck in to see06:47
hrwcentos-9-stream-arm64 node started06:50
hrwx86-64 failed on enabling epel to isntall 'parallel'. lets see aarch6406:51
ianwohhh, yes the driver script does use that06:53
hrwimages have epel component enabled but behave like it is not there06:54
ianwhrm that install expicitly enables epel i think06:57
hrw&& "${DIB_RELEASE%-stream}" -lt '9' 06:59
hrwianw: is probably what we want07:00
opendevreviewMarcin Juszkiewicz proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: CentOS Stream 9 has EPEL now
ianwyeah i agree.  that's going to require a release and nodepool bump unfortunately 07:02
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hrwno problem07:02
hrwkolla cs9 builds work without cache too07:03
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/diskimage-builder master: CentOS Stream 9 has EPEL now
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Add ansible-collection-kolla to projects.yaml
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clarkblooks like tripleo centos 7 jobs are retry failuring on some qemu package install ?16:55
TheSovso it looks like after testing with a firend17:43
TheSovno new ssh keys work in opendev17:43
TheSovi would ask that someone else try it17:43
TheSovold keys work, new does not17:44
clarkbI think most of us lack windows to test wsl with. We do test gerrit regularly with generated keys in our testing17:44
clarkbTheSov: are they -sk keys?17:45
TheSovthey are normal ssh-keygen keys17:45
clarkbthey are new keytypes that dintegrate with security keys like yubikeys17:45
clarkbgerrit doesn't support them17:45
TheSovis it possible for you to try generating a new key, seperate from your old one to test?17:46
clarkbon linux I can17:46
fungiTheSov: what options are you passing to ssh-keygen? and what do you answer to its prompts?17:48
TheSovnone, i press enter for all17:49
TheSovno passphrase17:49
TheSovclean ubuntu install17:49
fungithat's not especially helpful without knowing what the defaults are for the prompts in your version of ssh-keygen17:49
clarkbthat will likely generate an rsa key which may no work if openssh is newer17:50
fungiyes, if you are creating an rsa key (which is probably default) then that's likely the problem17:50
clarkbI just generated a key using `ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -f ./test-new-key` and it works17:50
TheSovso no rsa keys are supported?17:50
clarkbTheSov: it depends on your client software17:50
fungissh-rsa exchages are not supported by newer versions of the openssh client17:51
TheSovlet me try your way17:51
fungiand it won't automatically try newer hashes with rsa keys, so it doesn't realize that gerrit supports them17:51
clarkband current gerrit only knows how to negotiate that. When version 3.6 arrive sit shoul dsupport rsa-sha2 variants17:51
clarkbalso remember that gerrit listens on port 29418 not the default of 2217:52
fungiyes, using an elliptic curve key instead, like ed25519, seems to be a viable workaround in those cases17:52
clarkbso when you test you have to do something like ssh -i path-to-key -p 29418 gerrit ls-projects17:52
fungiif you drop the "gerrit ls-projects" you should get a welcome banner like "****    Welcome to Gerrit Code Review    ****"17:54
TheSovmade the same type of key17:55
TheSovssh -i ~/.ssh/id_ed25519 *MYUSER*@review.opendev.org17:55
TheSovfails wrong key17:55
clarkbyou need the -p 2941817:56
TheSovoh i see17:56
TheSovok so i need to put that same port number in git-review?17:56
fungialso make sure you upload your new .ssh/ to your settings in the gerrit webui17:56
TheSovalready did that17:56
clarkbno git review should know that gerrit is on port 2941817:56
TheSovit worked on the new port17:56
fungiTheSov: git-review looks at a .gitreview file in the repository which already specifies that port number17:57
TheSovhow do i specify a new key to git-review, would you know by any chance?17:57
TheSovI just want to thank both of you, you are both amazing!17:58
fungiyou can edit your ~/.ssh/config and add something like:17:58
fungiHost review.opendev.org17:58
clarkbya git just uses your normal ssh configs17:58
fungiIdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_ed2551917:58
clarkbI load a couple of keys into my agent and it tries them17:58
fungibut yes, ssh will try all the keys it knows about in your ~/.ssh/ directory17:59
fungiand git uses ssh, and git-review uses git (and ssh)18:00
clarkbas noted before we expect gerrit version 3.6 to fix the rsa problems18:01
clarkbbut that release hasn't happened yet and we have to get onto 3.5 first18:01
clarkblooks lik we can make a dib 3.20.2 release now. The only two changes since 3.20.1 are ubuntu imgae downloads with https and the epel 9 fixup18:16
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ianwclarkb: cool, yep did you do a release?20:41
funginot yet it doesn't appear20:45
Clark[m]Sorry no20:47
Clark[m]I got distracted by food20:48
ianwno probs, i can push on that20:48
ianwpushed tag, i'll look at moving that through and the cs9 wheel builds today20:49
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clarkbianw: we need to push a nodepool image update to pick that up?21:38
fungireqs bump yeah21:39
clarkbI'll push that21:39
clarkbremote: Update DIB to version 3.20.221:42
opendevreviewTim Burke proposed opendev/git-review master: Treat ^C as "no" at confirmation prompt
ianwwhy do we create ro replicas of afs replicas on the same server as the rw volume?  i notice the extant centos8 volumes don't have it.  i forget who set these up, it was probably me23:56
ianwi wonder if it means that /afs/* have only been being served by the ord server?23:59
ianw(as opposed to /afs/.openstack/...)23:59
ianwwe've got ourselves into a tangle with the naming conventions now23:59

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