Friday, 2022-04-08

ianwto avoid confusion, i'll call the volumes mirror.wheel.cent9sx64 and mount them the same as centos 800:00
ianwpending any better ideas00:00
Clark[m]I think we do ro on two servers because then you are resilient to failure of one server00:02
Clark[m]The ro path is distinct to the rw path and you won't get rw path content as fallback00:02
Clark[m]As for volume and mounting I think that works. Volume name indicates stream but fs path is implied00:03
ianwyeah, i guess these volumes have not been resilient (i didn't mean ord above, sorry -- we only replicate these to afs01/02 in dfw to keep them close)00:04
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ianwi was wondering why the stats for the focal x86 volume look wrong00:22
ianwsomehow we have two volumes named the same thing00:22
ianw      2 mirror.wheel.focalx6400:26
ianwa quick script shows this the only one that appears twice, happily00:26
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ianwi guess i'll try deleting it by id00:35
ianw$ vos remove -server -partition a -id 53687110400:37
ianwWARNING: Volume 536871104 does not exist in VLDB 00:37
ianwVolume 536871104 on partition /vicepa server deleted00:37
ianwi think that got it ...00:37
ianwi will also clear out the mirror.wheel.cent7a64 volumes00:44
ianw#status log created centos9 x86/aarch wheel volumes.  removed weird extra focal wheel volume manually, and removed unused cent7a64 volumes00:47
opendevstatusianw: finished logging00:47
ianwspring cleaning done00:48
opendevreviewIan Wienand proposed openstack/project-config master: grafana: update afs for centos 9 wheel volumes
ianwargh, that dib nodepool change -2'd01:58
ianw2022-04-07 22:05:49,403 DEBUG [nodepool.zk.ZooKeeper] ZooKeeper connection: LOST01:58
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: grafana: update afs for centos 9 wheel volumes
opendevreviewIan Wienand proposed opendev/statusbot master: twitter: send log level messages
ianwoh i almost forgot to set the permissions on those new volumes for the afs writer, let me fix that quick05:26
ianwAccess list for centos-9-x86_64 is05:28
ianwNormal rights:05:28
ianw  wheel-mirror rlidwk05:28
ianwok, should be good now05:28
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fricklerianw: ah, great, I was wondering about those focal stats a couple of times but never got round to looking close enough. though likely I wouldn't have found the issue even then ;)07:32
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opendevreviewEbbex proposed opendev/bindep master: Add AlmaLinux support
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slittle_Please ad me as a core of starlingx/SDO-rv-service14:35
slittle_group starlingx-SDO-rv-service-core14:36
fungislittle_: done!14:39
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opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed openstack/project-config master: Replace old Yoga cycle signing key with Zed
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clarkbfungi: I +2'd ^ not sure if you wantto wait until monday for extra reviews or not20:48
clarkbat this point I feel its pretty mechanical and well documented so fine to land problably20:48
fungii'll wait for monday so that i can coordinate a canary exercise with the release managers21:03
fungiif it merges sooner that's probably fine though21:03
clarkb is the current centos 9 wheel build job failure. I think that package is available in a cloud specific repo:
clarkbok y aI see it. Let me update the chagne23:16
clarkbhrm figuring out what package installs the repo with the devel package in it on centos 9 is not as easy as using an updated name from the centos 8 nodes23:21
clarkbya I don't see the extras cloud repos for cnetos 9s23:26
clarkbbut tripleo is running on centos 9 so packges must exist somwhere? I find the tons of different repos on rhel distros with names that change every release very confusing :/23:27
clarkb ok maybe I'm getting somewhere23:30
clarkb thats the only package in the yoga relase so far and while xena has more packages it does not seem to have liberasurecode23:38
clarkband I suspect that is why there isn't a centos-release-openstack-yoga (or xena) package yet on centos 923:39
clarkbside note its weird the centos 8 and 9 pakages are hosted on different domains23:39

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