Friday, 2023-01-27

opendevreviewMerged openstack/diskimage-builder master: Reduce thin pool by one more extent
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opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/ master: Dummy mailman hostname to house the list of lists
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fungiokay, so i think this is the reason the magic domain guessing change for mm3 is failing:
fungiValueError: The database backend does not accept 0 as a value for AutoField.14:28
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yadnesh|awayhello, a few tempest jobs are failing with missing rust compiler, is this a known issue 15:17
yadnesh|awaythey all fail with "error: can't find Rust compiler"15:18
fungiyadnesh|away: you want the #openstack-qa channel, they're the ones who take care of openstack's test jobs and they're also aware of and working on a fix for that problem, so please confer with them15:24
yadnesh|awayfungi, sure, thank you15:30
fungilooks like the plan i had a month ago was to have the deploy playbook check for the existence of a flagfile somewhere and if it's not present then set SITE_ID=1 temporarily in, do an initial db migration run, revert the SITE_ID override, and create the flagfile so that operation is skipped in the future15:33
fungisans the flagfile part, the change right now is doing lineinfile to replace that setting temporarily before running migrations. ara report says the config was successfully updated and then the migrations break anyway:15:38
fungimaybe i need to ` makemigrations` like the output says15:40
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/system-config master: Use magic domain guessing in Mailman 3
fungiif the in-test prototype works, i'll move it into the deployment playbook with the flagfile guard15:43
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clarkbfungi: looks like it is stillfailing16:59
fungidifferent error this time though:17:21
fungiError response from daemon: Container f8afa4f701856e154bda9b49d95484da5bc9253d01a23d6b5f99182b119ee7b2 is restarting, wait until the container is running17:21
fungihow do we normally tackle that?17:22
fungior maybe the restarting state is indicative of a different problem17:22
clarkbI would look at the container logs for that container. It may be in a restart loop due to an error17:23
fungiyeah, still the same underlying error17:23
fungiValueError: The database backend does not accept 0 as a value for AutoField.17:24
fungimaybe i need to restart the mailman-web container after editing settings.py17:24
clarkbis it possible that they've restricted the value of that column now and 0 is no longer valid?17:26
fungiwell, it was valid when i tested on a held node, still the same versions of components at the moment17:32
fungithe upgrade change is completely separate from that series17:33
clarkbit does seem like this is a db constraint that has been around in django for a long time?17:34
clarkbI dunno why it would have worked in the past. maybe you didn't migrate afterwards so it couldn't complain or doing it by hand produces different behavior?17:34
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clarkbfungi: is it failing on the intiail deployment or in the test playbook when you try to flip it back to 0? I wonder if it just isn't valid for the initial deployment and we have to flip it to 0 afterwards17:53
clarkbfungi: essentially do 1 ->0 rather than 0 -> 1 -> 017:53
fungithat's a good point, maybe i need to just go ahead and move the setup steps into the deployment playbook now because the container simply isn't starting initially and we're not catching that earlier17:57
fungii don't think i need to invert the flag edits, just do them earlier in the job17:57
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/system-config master: Use magic domain guessing in Mailman 3
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fungiensure-pip: Install backport pip21:44
fungifailed to fetch PPA information, error was: HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable21:44
fungi mentions one of the fastly locations in europe is under maintenance21:45
fungioh, that's xenial, we install it from ppa:openstack-ci-core/python-pip21:48
clarkbya we do that because its 8.0 and we need at least 9.0 for sanity or something21:49
fungithe good news is system-config-run-lists3 passed!21:50
clarkbso 1 -> 0 did address it?21:50
clarkbthe issue with the db at least21:50
fungiyeah, i mean we still need to create the additional site mappings, but it seems to be able to run21:51
fungithe screenshots of course still show in the corner of the postorius and hyperkitty pages21:52
fungii'll get the dnm change rebased onto it and an autohold set21:53
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/system-config master: DNM force mm3 failure to hold the node

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