Friday, 2023-10-20

mnasiadkaclarkb: added07:31
mnasiadkaclarkb: feel free to rephrase if needed07:32
opendevreviewAndrey Kurilin proposed openstack/project-config master: [rally] Grant IRC op permissions to andreykurilin
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: [rally] Grant IRC op permissions to andreykurilin
fungimailman 3.3.9 is now available, python 3.11 is recommended, uncertain if it will work on 3.12 yet:
fungii'll get to work on upgrades once we have the old listserv cleanup done (so hopefully early next week)14:19
fungirelease hasn't been completed for the web components yet, just mailman-core, so we can't/shouldn't upgrade immediately anyway14:25
clarkbfungi: I doubt those container images will have python3.12 at this point either.15:11
clarkbI think they are 3.10?15:11
clarkb is the next step in our container efforts then both should be easy reviews15:13
clarkbmnasiadka: I wrote an alternative paragraph to try and tie it back to the hardware more if you have ac hance to take a look.15:25
mnasiadkaclarkb: fantastic, thanks :)15:29
mnasiadkaby the way - I noticed openstack/kayobe has an old branch called feature/zookeeper - how do I delete this?15:30
clarkbmnasiadka: openstack projects hae the delete branch delegated to the release team. They should be able to help if kayobe is part of the openstack meta project acl tree15:31
clarkbyup it has the inheritfrom line in its config so the release team should be able to help15:33
clarkbkevinz responded and says he will fix the cert. Doesn't seem to haev happend yet but I think it is also the weekend in that part of the world15:38
clarkbI'm starting to collect gerrit 3.8 upgrade notes here:
clarkbThis upgrade should be much simpler than the last one.16:42
clarkbone thign we need to do is update our commentlinks. cc fungi I think you last touched though16:42
clarkb*last touched those16:42
clarkbI've got a number of todos on there. I think the first thing to tackle is the commentlink stuff though as it looks like we can apply those updates to 3.7 first16:45
clarkbOnce that is done we can modify our upgrade test to more closely mimic the documented process for this particular upgrade as well as hold a 3.8 node and downgrade it16:45
fungithank diffie, the "assigned to" field is going away16:50
fungitoo bad they're also taking away the option to disable the attention set feature16:51
clarkbI think maybe only one of our commentlinks needs updating because it is the only one that sets an html value?16:53
fungiyes, that's my read as well. the gitsha commentlink16:54
clarkbthe others just need to drop the `html =` config because html is no longer a valid option then rely on defaults16:54
fungii'd honestly be fine dropping the gitsha commentlink anyway, it's not even linking to an outside system16:54
fungiand it only matches full 40-digit hashes in the first place16:55
clarkbya that is one easy option16:55
clarkbI'm going to pop out shortly for a bike ride (probably longer than usual to take advantage of weather before witner arrives). When I get back I'll send the works on arm email resposne and followup more on commentlinks16:57
fungii'm working on addressing comments on the old mailman server cleanup change now17:00
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/system-config master: Remove the old mailing list server
clarkbfungi: ^ I left a clarifying comment on ^ but +2'd maybe you can ack that that is the reason those addresses went back to the values they have?20:40
fungiclarkb: it looks like our equivalent of that account is named "OpenStack Project Creator" and has no e-mail address. i'm not sure if modern gerrit will allow us to leave out that --email option, but maybe?20:57
fungiand yeah, if you look in inventory/service/host_vars/ you'll see we do forward that old address to the openstack-discuss ml20:58
fungimy bigger concern with using public mailing lists as contact addresses for services is in case they have a password reset function, but for our gerrit configuration that's less of a concern20:58
fungier, contact addresses for accounts in our services i mean20:59
fungianyway, i just dropped all my edits for doc/source/gerrit.rst because they were at best tangential cleanup\20:59
fungiand if we want to go about fixing addresses and names on gerrit accounts we should do that as its own thing21:00
clarkbso ya I think we can land that whenever hyou are ready21:00
funginow seems as good a time as any21:02
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Convert commentlinks to new no html system
clarkbconverting the one commentlink ended up being easy as it already followed the form of prefix, link, text, suffix21:06
clarkbhas anyone else had struggles with element in firefox?21:10
clarkbI'm about to manually kill my firefox process for the second time today and it seems to be element that causes the problem :/21:10
fungii have issues with element in firefox from time to time, but not all that often21:11
clarkbit doesn't even really cause firefox to eat all the cpu, but firefox stops rendering when I switch windows/workspaces21:16
clarkbvery likely a firefox bug that element is tripping21:16
fungioh, huh yeah i've seen that happen though it eventually seems to clear itself up if i switch tabs a couple of times21:59
clarkbit doesn't render anything so I can't do that. At least not easily22:05
clarkbfungi: if you are still around did you see the latest update to the works on arm email draft?22:06
clarkbI'm about to send it and figured I'd make sure you were comfortable with that if you have seen it22:07
clarkbfungi: oh I interpreted your "now seems as good a time as any" to mean you would approve teh change22:17
clarkbmeh we can approve it when you are arround next (iirc you'll miss the start of the ptg)22:17
clarkbemail sent to the woa folks22:31
fungithanks, sorry stepped away to make some hummus22:35
fungiand yeah, i can self-approve the inventory removal i guess. i'm still around for a few hours22:36
clarkblooking at the calendar I'm out November 10-13 (thats a long weekend friday to monday) then thanksgiving is November 23 so figure out 23-26. Means November 17 or 30 are possible days for the Gerrit upgrade?22:37
fungii'm good with either of those, yep22:37
fungimaybe we'll be able to do a mailman upgrade on the other22:37
clarkbsounds good. Lets see where I get with prep work next week and if its slow we can aim for the 30th and if quick shoot for the 17th22:38
clarkboh sorry it would be December 1 if doing a Friday22:38
fungialso wfm22:39
clarkbI believe the gerrit 3.9 relase will occur mid to late novemeber as well so that will keep us up to date at one release behind :)22:44
clarkbthere seem to be fewer bugs this way so works well for us22:45
opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Remove the old mailing list server

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