Saturday, 2023-10-21

fungideploy failed on infra-prod-base and so skipped all the rest00:02
fungitask failures for gitea12, jvb01, mirror01.ord.rax, ze02, zuul-lb0100:04
fungiTASK [base/timezone : Set timezone to Etc/UTC] "rc": -1300:04
fungithat's... odd00:05
fungiand unexpected00:06
fungiclarkb: if you're still around, i don't suppose you have any clue what could lead to that?00:06
fungiit should run again in the periodic pipeline in about 2 hours, so maybe we can just see if it remains broken00:09
Clark[m]Maybe a network failure?00:30
Clark[m]But no not sure. We use the time zone Ansible module so maybe something specific to it
Clark[m]The certcheck list building errors also made no sense. I was ready to attribute them to Ansible which is why I pushed a change to upgrade Ansible but that will have to be a next week activity 00:37
fungiinfra-prod-base ran successfully a few hours later in periodic11:56
fungiso whatever the problem was seems to have been temporary11:57
fungithe only opendev/system-config job to fail in the last periodic buildset was infra-prod-run-cloud-launcher and it's been failing consistently since the end of last year11:59
fungiTASK [cloud-launcher : Processing keypair infra-root-keys for openstackci-ovh BHS1] Incompatible openstacksdk library found: Version MUST be >=0.36 and <=0.98.999, but 2.0.0 is larger than maximum version 0.98.999.12:01
fungiit's coming from ansible-collections-openstack12:07
fungiugh, i think this may be unsatisfyable12:14
fungiwe install openstacksdk>=0.103 with the comment "Minimum to work with clouds like RAX that don't take network:auto"12:14
fungibut ansible-collections-openstack insists on having an openstacksdk<=0.98.99912:15
fungiaha, ansible-collections-openstack v2 is supposed to work with the v1 sdk12:16
fungiit's not immediately clear to me how or where we're installing ansible-collections-openstack though12:19
Clark[m]fungi: we install `ansible` from pypi which bundles a number of common collections for us including the openstack collection I think.13:00
Clark[m]My proposal to upgrade to Ansible 8 may fix this as I think it includes the necessary version based on concerns when we updated the zuul Ansible version 13:01
Clark[m]At the very least we shouldn't try to resolve the depression solver problem until after we do that upgrade.13:02
fungiagreed. will just keep an eye on it in that case13:05
Clark[m]I just noticed my phone autocorrected dep solver for me13:09
fricklerdependencies sure are depressing at times. and yes, ansible 8 will have a-c-o 2 and work with/depend on sdk >=114:12
fungiwfm, thanks for confirming!16:22
fungimaybe we'll be able to get that job passing again after the ansible update16:23
funginew Postorius, Hyperkitty, Django-mailman3 and Mailman-web releases are available now too18:59

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