Monday, 2023-10-23

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frickler#status log restored kolla ptg etherpad to the previous version as all content had been deleted06:47
opendevstatusfrickler: finished logging06:47
clarkb#status log Issued and deployed a new ssl cert for the arm64 linaro cloud13:24
opendevstatusclarkb: finished logging13:24
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opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Convert commentlinks to new no html system
clarkbWorks on Arm seems happy with my response and the ssl cert should be fixed now. \o/14:22
clarkbfrickler: is meetpad working well for kolla? /me is trying to keep on top of that this PTG15:10
fricklerclarkb: I didn't notice any issue, but then we also went voice-only for most of the time. mnasiadka did you notice any issue?15:13
clarkbfungi: `Change 358954: Check permissions when resolving accounts by secondary emails` is one that you probably want to cross check against election scripts. I made a note int he etherpad for that too no rush15:32
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SvenKieskeclarkb: the only "issue" I had, that I couldn't switch - or didn't know how to - between the etherpad overlay and the video, without hiding the overlay completely, is that possible? I never used the etherpad overlay before15:48
SvenKieskemight be that this is just not technically possible?15:48
SvenKieskeso the overlay, well overlayed the video, when I switched the video to grid mode, I would have expected grid mode to override the etherpad overlay.15:49
SvenKieskeif that makes sense :D15:49
clarkbSvenKieske: you can have the videos in the small icon setup display on the right hand with the etherpad. But you can't have the etherpad and the large format video at the same time15:49
SvenKieskeah, thought so.15:49
clarkboh for that you need to disable the document15:49
clarkbwhich will show only the videos15:49
SvenKieskewould be nice if it would be possible to minimize the document on a per user basis. is that a jitsi plugin or how does it even work? I don't know about the tech behind this.15:50
clarkbSvenKieske: the shared document system is built into jitsi meet. We configured things to auto load the etherpad that maps directly to the jitsi meet room15:51
clarkbbasically made the built in thing automatic rather than forcing you to add a document after the meeting starts15:51
clarkbyou can minimize it in your browser if that is what you mean by per user basis15:52
clarkbyou click the three dot menu in the bottom control panel then select "close shared document"15:52
clarkbto bring it back you click "open shared document"15:52
SvenKieskeah, cool, yeah I was afraid that would close it to all participants :D15:52
clarkbno, that is just your client15:52
SvenKieskeit's a really convenient feature imho, the shared document stuff15:53
clarkbyes, I personally find it much nicer than sharing desktop of an etherpad. Allows everyone to edit while staying within the meeting context15:53
SvenKieskeyeah, took me a minute to realize I can directly edit there and that it's not a video stream.15:55
zigoOh oh... 404 ...
clarkbzigo: you'll need to go track down the jobs that ran for puppet-nova when it was tagged20:46
clarkbwork backward from that. Chances are the job failed20:46
clarkbI'm going to take the openmetal agenda item off of the meeting agenda as we seem to be happy waiting for updates on their side first so not urgent right now21:53
opendevreviewClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: DNM Forced fail on Gerrit to test commentlinks and 3.8 upgrade

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