Saturday, 2023-11-25

mnasiadkaHello - any reason is not merging? gate pipeline succeeded...08:27
frickler2023-11-25 07:16:18,235 DEBUG zuul.Pipeline.openstack.gate: [e: e6d6c565a03f4421b8b9e8903fcfc13e] <QueueItem c7130523284747ff9835bbb946b2f351 live for <Change 0x7fb2a0558790 openstack/kolla 886380,2> in gate> is a failing item because ['it did not merge']11:21
fricklervery helpful ;-D11:21
fricklerinfra-root: has a bit more context, I'll leave it in that state for now in case someone wants to take a deeper look11:22
fricklermnasiadka: tkajinam: usually the answer would be to rebase and try again, but leave wait with that for a bit11:22
fricklerhmm, this looks like an error in gerrit for sure. maybe a bug or some inconsistency in our db after the upgrade? java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "$Id.get()" because "this.account" is null11:29
fungifrickler: mnasiadka: it looks like maybe the committer address on patchset #1 is no longer associated with any account in gerrit (the change owner removed that address from their gerrit account). i wonder if that could be what's triggering the bug13:12
fungithough maybe not. the "author" still reflects the nonexistent address but the "owner" is associated with their current address, so the account is still the same13:15
fricklera similar patch was merged 5 days ago, so after the gerrit upgrade
Clark[m]It looks like an issue with gerrit metrics (which we don't use) and checking the change for specific user attributes. I'm not sure the author is the problem17:31
fungiokay, so unlikely to be the problem17:31
fungii missed where the metrics plugin was mentioned in the backtrace17:32
Clark[m]Line 10 and a few above it17:33
Clark[m]mnasiadka rebaser the change and it is failing in the code that counts rebaser approvals. I think maybe drop mnasiadka's votes and try to merge it again. If that works we file a bug describing the situation and workaround 17:36
opendevreviewHarry Kominos proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: feat: Add new fail2ban elemenent
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