Sunday, 2023-11-26

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fricklerhmm, this looks like it is the fix for our issue already
fricklerI haven't really ever done java, but to me it looks like that patch should be backportable, not sure if we'd want to do that ourselves or wait for upstream. anyway to confirm I'll drop mnasiadka's approval and +3 myself08:32
tkajinamfrickler, thanks for looking into it :-)08:42
tkajinamwondering if anyone else is facing problems with build results in zuul. For example when I open py311 job in it shows "something went wrong." error08:43
tkajinamI tried some other results but see the same situation it seems08:44
fricklerI can confirm that, browser console says: TypeError: ne.utc(...).tz is not a function09:50
fricklerseems we are running a new zuul version since yesterday morning09:51
fricklerinfra-root: buildsets are also affected, other item still work. looking at I see three three month old held nodes, that do not show up in autoholds however. seems related to a database reset that happened?12:10
fricklerregarding the gerrit issue it seems that my procedure did not help
fricklertkajinam: maybe you can do a --reset-author with your current email? that would be my next idea13:24
tkajinamfrickler, done.15:12
tkajinamIf this works then I might need to update number of patches in the same situation...15:14
opendevreviewMerged openstack/diskimage-builder master: feat: Add new fail2ban elemenent

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