Tuesday, 2023-12-12

clarkbI don't see any post failures currently so the ovh gra revert seems to be holding up00:00
clarkbreminder I'm traveling the next few days and we've cancelled tomorrow's meeting00:00
clarkbI'll be back Friday00:00
tonybOh yay no 6am meeting \o/00:00
*** tosky_ is now known as tosky00:25
fungioh yay one of my 5 meetings tomorrow is cancelled!00:37
SvenKieskewhere can I report/fix broken links on https://docs.openstack.org/2023.2/ (main page) again?09:38
SvenKieskethere's a link to "OpenStack Projects Release Notes" which points to https://releases.openstack.org/2023.2/index.html which is 404. https://releases.openstack.org/bobcat/index.html works instead. or is there already an open bug?09:40
tonybSvenKieske: if it isn't fixed by (my) tomorrow I'll do it.  I'm pretty sure I've fixed it before.09:53
tonybSvenKieske: You can try in the #openstack-tc channel.09:55
SvenKieskeah, thanks for the heads up :)09:56
SvenKieskeI fuzzily remember that there was some bug report some time ago regarding naming problems in URLs with the switch to the numbered release name format, maybe I'm misremembering09:57
tonybI believe it. there are probably many cases of the inconsistency being visible09:58
fricklerthis is a big messed caused by changing multiple times what the "SERIES" name of a release has to be09:59
fricklerit seems to have settled on "2023.2", but that means that the releases page is in error, not the link10:00
tonybseries/series-id is "bobcat".  release/release-id is "2023.2".  the inconsistency arises when you want a release but supply a series or vice versa10:03
fricklerso we should simply s/SERIES/RELEASED_SERIES/ in the above link?10:06
tonybfrickler: I don't exactly recall and looking it up on my phone seems slow.10:09
tonybfrickler: your suggestion sounds plausible 10:09
fricklerwe still have the same issue for 2023.1 :-( I'll push a patch in a bit10:38
SvenKieskety, happy to review it10:46
clarkbTheJulia: I had a question on https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/glean/+/899219 if oyu have time to look. I'm happy to approve that since it only affect tinycore but I didn't want to approvei t until you had a chance to check it16:33
TheJuliaclarkb: I saw your message last week, haven't gotten to gerrit yet this week16:48
TheJuliaclarkb: also, this is my "work week" of the year, I have family stuff next week and leave afterwards16:49
TheJuliaerr, last work week of the year16:51
TheJuliaclearly, trying to multiplex too many things16:51
fungii was about to express shock that you somehow had only one "work week" this year17:10
gmannSvenKieske: this is know issue since last release and doc are not yet fixed17:43
SvenKieskegmann: now it should be fixed: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/openstack-manuals/+/90349817:43
gmannI have added this in TC tracker for this cycle too so that we track this bug https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tc-2024.1-tracker17:44
gmannperfect, thanks frickler 17:44

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